Hisense 8K pro Tv (85U9E TV) launched, world first Dual screen TV

Hisense, which is always known for the best tech products in the market. As we are experiencing the 4K TVs from different companies from last 2 years and now this is the perfect time to upgrade our TVs. On 18th March 2020, Hisense launched the first Dual screen 85-inch 8K Pro TV. This is a premium product by the company which gives the 8K resolution display. The price of the Hisense 8K Pro Tv will be around 79,999 Yuan which comes out to $11,392.

Features of Hisense 8K Pro TV:

8K as we know is the best and the new feature that is to highlight. The 8K TV will support the 120Hz high refresh rate. This new TV boasts an ultra-high-density partitioned backlight control technology. Which also supports the AL computing power and HDR algorithm. We can say that the TV is able to learn all the actions you use, the software helps you in giving you the best viewing experience.

Hisense will now provide you the 8K MEMC compensation technology which will support the 120Hz display panel. As we know the movies are not filmed on 60fps or 120fps capture rates, but when you get the high-resolution movies, you will not have to upgrade the Tv.

The 85U9E TV from Hisense comes with the 113 independent backlight chip which easily controls the 1,694-backlight partition.

As we have already talked about the AI technology, the Hisense 8K Pro Tv will help you to make a scene -model. Hisense also claims that they have surpassed iPhone 11 in terms of color and redefined the 8K TV segments.

In terms of brightness, the Hisense 85U9E TV will provide you the 4,096 nits of maximum brightness.

The best part we need to talk about the Hisense 8K TV Pro is that the Tv comes with the dual screen. The first screen is 85-inch and the other one is 28-inch which will right under it.

The small display 28-inch helps in voice commands and this also helps in providing the notifications of other smart products connected synced with the TV.

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