Aerlang H6 Electric Scooter is now available for just $459.99| Best Offer

The electric scooter industry presents another reliable vehicle for teenagers and adults for fun and commuting. The latest Aerlang H6 Electric Scooter is now propounded for the presale orders on various online shopping platforms. For instance, the vehicle is available for preorders for 739.69 US dollars after 9% off on the Banggood store. Want to know more? Continue to the text.

When it comes to the electric scooter fold, we have multiple options to save on fuel and cost. Most importantly, it helps to keep the environment neat and clean because of the no-smoke policy. The Aerlang H6 scooter follows the same ideology and offers intelligent commuting prospects to users. Here is the detailed summary of its various qualities and strengths.

Aerlang H6 Features and Specifications

Design and Build

Like most electric vehicles in the lot, the Aerlang H6 also brings foldable and easy-to-operate mechanism overall. The aircraft-grade aluminum alloy material makes it a lightweight assembling, weighing only 20KG to rest you with the comfortable maintenance. Most of the colour is black, but red is also executed smartly to draw arresting design. The maximum weight bearing capacity is 120KG.

Aerlang H6 Electric scooter

Furthermore, the electric scooter features brake levers on the handlebar along with the electric bell, LED flashlight, accelerator and switch on/off button. The 10” tires are sturdy with dual-disc brake approach. The folding and unfolding state measures 1175x200x480 mm and 1175x200x1275 mm, respectively. It also comes with an IP54 water-repellent certification.

Aerlang H6 Motor

Well, the Aerlang H6 electric bike installs a 500W wheel motor to generate enough power to push the machine. It can produce up to 45 km/h of speed and can climb up to 15-degree of a gradient. You can ride the vehicle in Energy Saving Mode, Standard Mode, and Sports Mode.

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Aerlang H6 Electric scooter price


Similarly, the electric bike hosts a 48V 17.5Ah battery to let you enjoy 50 to 60 km mileage per charge.

Aerlang H6 Braking System

To be the prominent concern, the company provides the dual-disc braking with E-ABS in the Aerlang H6 scooter. It also offers super suspension system on the front and rear wheel.

Aerlang H6 Electric scooter review

Aerlang H6 Tires

The bottom side captures 10-inch wear-resistant tubeless tires. The pair comes with high-elasticity, adhesion and heat dissipation property to give you a safer and joyful ride.

Other Features

Additionally, the Aerlang H6 electric scooter boasts LED safety lights on the front and rear, detachable storage rack, a side stand, a hook on the handlebar, adjustable seat, and some other useful values.

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