Yunmi Pulsator Washing Machine 8KG Premium Edition launched

The Chinese technology giant Xiaomi strives again to bring another electronic home product under its ecological chain system. It is the latest Yunmi Smart Pulsator Xiaomi Yunmi Pulsator Washing Machine 8KG Premium Edition that carries the price tag of Yuan 899 ($129). While comparing the new washing machine (899 Yuan) with the Redmi Washing machine (Yuan 799), price-wise, it is 100 Yuan costlier, but yet affordable.

Features of Xiaomi Yunmi Pulsator Washing Machine:

Xiaomi is a well-recognized brand in the consumer electronic goods of all sorts. Starting with the smartphone venture, the brand now patents thousands of trademarks to assist users across the globe. The latest washing machine is another productive equipment with help homemakers in washing clothes.

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Furthermore, the new machine by Xiaomi is quite convenient and easy-to-use than other machines available in the market. We usually find various complicated program selections on many pulsator washing machines. For example, we have to set the washing mode, washing time, water amount and other essential parameters. All these make the work cumbersome to happen.

Well, the Xiaomi Smart Washing Machine offers a smart single-button operating system. Once you put the laundry inside the machine, it sets the water level automatically. Similarly, other washing modes get set automatically without any human interference to make the operations smoother.

All it happens due to the presence of Black Technology. Xiaomi Smart Washing Machine integrates a total of four sensors such as water level perception, weight perception, clothing perception and state perception. Using these four algorithms, the Yunmi Smart Washing machine automatically conceive the state of clothing and delivers more scientific and smart laundry selections.

Moreover, the latest Xiaomi Smart Washing Machine comes with 12 washing modes along with 8 water levels. Performance-wise, it reaches 470W, while the dehydration power attains the mark of 350W to make the process more efficient.

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