Xiaomi launches a new modular fitness set. It is suitable for home use

The company Xiaomi still continues to surprise with their new products. This time, through crowdfunding and its own Xiaomi YouPin network, it brings a new strength set.

It is also modular and also suitable for domestic use. Sales currently start only on the domestic, Chinese market. Its official sales in Europe have not yet been confirmed.

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Xiaomi fitness set

The new fitness set produces a brand called FED, which specializes in fitness products. Ergonomics, high-quality workmanship and easy assembly are the main benefits for possible strengthening without leaving home.

The set consists of a total of three bars, two of which are short with the standard dumbbell function and the third is long, upholstered with the possibility of extension for strengthening with both hands.

This interesting kit contains various weights of weights of 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 and 3 kg. This allows you to perform basic exercises weighing from 10 kg, but also more demanding exercises with a maximum weight of up to 40 kg (depending on the version purchased).

In addition, there are two handles in the package, which allow you to anchor several weights under one another and create a so-called. kettlebell.

The price of this product is very pleasant. Several weight versions are available, so everyone can choose. The price of the basic 10 kg version on the Xiaomi Youpin platform starts at 118 yuan, which is equivalent to 15 € / 399 CZK .

15 kg version costs 188 yuan (24 € ), 20 kg version comes on 218 yuan (28 € ), 30 kg version costs 288 yuan (37 €) and the highest 40 kg version costs 348 yuan, which is approximately 45 euros / 1200 CZK .

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