TWS Wireless bluetooth 5.0 Wrist Earphone offered for $41.59

Wireless headphones are usually in a box that you can put in your pocket if there is no obstacle. If you have one, you will come with a wrist-free wireless headset,like the TWS wrist Earphone which is not necessarily more expensive than the rest.

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sound Quality

The sound is simple and clear ,the balance is good ,the sound is never too sharp or blunt ,high, the mid and low frequency energy is evenly distributed between ,the bands, smooth, sudden and rough transitions, the high frequency extension is ,fine and flexible. ”


This headset can be used in pairs or just one that can be left and right. It also has a microphone, so you can use it for calls and of course both earphones have 1 to 1 touch buttons that have the usual functions of switching between numbers, volume, answering a call, etc.

Battery life

6 hours of battery life is supposed to come with a charge, but your charger is also an external battery, so you can charge it even when you’re not near power. You only need to plug the headphones into the charger to charge.

Where to buy The TWS Wireless bluetooth 5.0 Wrist Earphone

The TWS Wireless bluetooth 5.0 Wrist Earphone is available on Banggood for just $41.59.

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