Realme Band vs Huawei Band 4 vs Honor Band 5: Which is best?

This is to compare the Huawei Band 4 vs Realme Band vs Honor Band 5 wristbands. This comparison guide will let you know the various differences between these well-nurtured wrist wearables. Which is the best for you? Which one should you buy? We will try to find soothing answers to all these queries. So, let’s proceed to find more.

During recent years, wrist smart band industry has grown rapidly. We have plenty of wristband manufacturers out there in the market to serve their users with quality wrist wearables at budget. Well, these smart bands also possess numerous benefits as these are capable of handling various smart functions that a smartphone can do. That’s why their demand is ever-growing among the fitness lovers, sportspersons, and other professional enthusiasts.

realme band comparison

What are the Differences Between Honor Band 5 Vs Realme Band Vs Huawei Band 4?

Today, we have three such wrist equipment to compare, which have lured the audience right from their launch. The Honor Band 5, which enters the market as a successor to the Honor Band 4, combines multiple advanced specifications for the current age. It retains almost the same design as the previous offerings by the brand. Further, it is in the direct competition with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with the Rs. 2,299 price tag.

Furthermore, the Realme Band reached India recently with decent features. This fitness tracker comes with a price tag of Rs. 1,499 in India and Yellow, Green and Black strap colour options. The company loads the product with a special Cricket Mode, given the game’s popularity in the country.

Realme Band design

When it comes to the Huawei Band 4, it was released in China in October 2018 and reached India in January 2020. It is also a good pack of smart tools like 0.96” colour display, 5ATM waterproof along with many smart fitness and sports sensors. In India, it costs at Rs. 1,999.

Therefore, the trio accumulates top-end industry features to put down their competitors in the real market scene. Physically, all of them look almost similar to each other but having slight differences in terms of both physically and technically. So, let’s drive through the comparison to filter the best one.

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Realme Band Vs Honor Band 5 Vs Huawei Band 4: A Detailed Comparison

Now is the time to know various similarities and differences between these three wrist bracelets in detail. Let’s kick off with the design and external appearance.

Design and Construction

While comparing the Honor Band 5, Huawei Band 4 and Realme Band physically, we find them almost similar with the same build and chassis. All of them come in the single-piece design with a rectangular-shaped display on the front.

The Honor Band 5 wrist wearable offers multi-colour silicone straps that are detachable from the main body. You will get three colour options – Pink, Navy and Black. Further, it also has a watch-style clasp to make the wearing easier and comfortable over the long-wearing time.

Huawei Band 4 vs Realme Band

It features the 0.95” AMOLED touch display along with the Home button on the face. On the back, it portrays sensors and two-pin charging module.

On the Realme Band side, it also comes with three strap colour options – Black Yellow and Green. Physically, it is a straight bracelet with the 0.96” display embedded in the strap. The wearing is comfortable for a long time.

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The Huawei Band 4 provides the sole Graphite Black colour option and hosts the 0.96” TFT screen on top. Further, it gives a smoother wearing thanks to only 24g of weight and 56×18.5×12.5 mm physical parameters.

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Overall, all the three wrist wearables deliver an elegant design and glossy finish to meet your daily (usual and professional) needs affectionately.


The display wing is also similar in size while comparing the Honor Band 5 vs Realme Band vs Huawei Band 4. The Realme Band and Huawei Band 4 share the same 0.96-inch screen dimensions. They have TFT colourful displays, which are good in visuality in the daytime as well. Both share 160×80 pixels resolution as well.

Realme Band features

On the other face, the Honor Band 5 houses a bit smaller rectangular 0.95” AMOLED panel with rounded edges. It serves with 240×120 pixels resolution and great visuals as you can choose among five different brightness levels.


This is among the extreme concepts as we often need to connect the smart band with external gadgets. First, all the wrist wearable bracelets have the Bluetooth 4.2 BLE module to connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones.

Huawei band 4

Additionally, the Honor Band 5 and Realme Band both support the mobile app, the Huawei Health app and the Realme Link app, respectively. However, the Huawei Band 4 misses this feature, sadly. None of them supports the GPS configuration.

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Fitness and Sports Sensors

To be the true fitness tracker and health monitor, the Realme Band, Honor Band 5 and Huawei Band 4 bracelets configure multiple sports and fitness trackers inside.

honor band 5

Users will get a total of nine sports modes such as walking, running, rowing, cycling and more in both the Realme Band and Huawei Band 4. On the other side, the Honor Band 5 includes 10 sports modes to lead the segment.

Realme Band price

As per health monitors, all the contenders share almost the same health tracking algorithms like sleep tracker, heart-rate monitor, sedentary reminder, SpO2 level tester (except Realme Band) etc.


In terms of the power management, the Honor Band 5 is the one with the biggest power storage capacity among the trio. It boasts a 100 mAh battery to run for 14 days per charge. It uses 2 pogo pins to refill the device.

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On the opposite side, the Realme Band and Huawei Band 4 captures the 90 mAh and 91 mAh batteries inside, respectively. Both have an inbuilt USB for invigoration.

Other Specifications

Well, the Honor Band 5 vs Realme Band vs Huawei Band 4 also share lots of other technical features like Android 4.4 and iOS 9.0 OS support, phone notifications, weather forecast, exercise track, remote camera, phone locator, dial center, phone unlocking and some others.

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