BUY Tronsmart Onyx Ace New Earbuds For just $29.79 in Flash Sale For Limited Time

In October 2019, the Tronsmart released wireless Bluetooth headset Spunky Beat. Very quickly became one of the most successful TWS Bluetooth headset models, making thousands of sales. Today, Tronsmart presents a new model of wireless headphones, the Onyx Ace. Tronsmart Onyx Ace Earbuds are ergonomically designed and offer a better user experience since there pushing all our ear when we wear. They have an advanced system with four microphones, processor Qualcomm ® and high-quality speakers. The Onyx Ace can deliver excellent quality calls, HiFi sound, and very comfortable listening experience.

The Tronsmart Onyx Ace is designed to penetrate the ear only half, offering great comfort in use, pop in our ear. To achieve maximum comfort in headphones lice that invade our ear, we must choose the appropriate size eartips. Unlike the Onyx Ace with its unique, stylish and lightweight design, perfectly fit every ear, providing comfort in use, without any pressure. We can use whichever you want headphones for mono listening or both for stereo.

Dual microphones cooperate well with the Environmental Noise Cancellation technology to ensure crystal clear calls, recognizing our voices and intelligently filtering out ambient noise. Unlike other models with a microphone only fail to strengthen our voice during a phone call, in places with a lot of noise. The advanced model with four microphones ensures that our voice will be heard crystal clear, even in a very noisy environment. With the use of Qualcomm’s original processor ®, the Onyx Ace ensure a more stable connection with our phone, while providing faster audio transmission with minimum delay and low power consumption. While these headphones deliver outstanding performance with the continuous audio stream, without any interruptions.

The Tronsmart Onyx Ace differ from usual market handsets are compatible only with the SBC audio technology, since it is equipped with audio Qualcomm® aptX technology ™. Still have enlarged 13mm diameter speakers ensure high quality sound without any loss, as long as our Android device is compatible with aptX ™ standard. As for iOS devices, these headphones can produce high-fidelity audio using the AAC standard. Thanks to the low power consumption of the processor Qualcomm ®, the Onyx Ace provide up to 5 hours sync a single charge and up to 24 hours using the charge casing (the sound level of 50%). Using the USB Type-C charging port ensures a more stable and faster charging of the headset.

The Tronsmart Onyx Ace is equipped with optical sensors on both handsets, providing automatic control of audio, allowing the headphones to stop just out of the ear and continue the music just get back to our ears. With a light touch, we get access to all functions, including adjusting the volume of starting and stopping playback, the answer or call rejection and activation of the voice assistant, without having to use our mobile. If looking for a pair of headphones with a clever design that offers free use pressure in your ears, with an advanced microphone system ensures clearer sound and more stable and faster connection, the Bluetooth headset Tronsmart Onyx Ace is the perfect choice for you.

For such a great product, the original price is $ 59.98, but for the weekend 10 and March 11, 2020, we can obtain the only $ 31.79, the official store of Tronsmart on AliExpressWith the use of available coupons on the purchase page, we can take the honor at 29.79 $. During this promotion will be available and 1,000 commemorative gift packages of Tronsmart Onyx Ace ! (For gift packages come first served).

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