Buy Ticwatch Pro Innovative Dual-Screen Smartwatch For Just $180.99 (Coupon Deal)

Ticwatch Pro is a smartwatch that contains all the elements you would expect from a smartwatch: 2 modern touch screens + extreme battery life. This unique combination will give the user an unmatched experience. Cases of  Ticwatch Pro is made from carbon fiber reinforced nylon makes it ruggedness and extreme reliability. Elegant design with Italian leather exterior and silicone leather interior. It provides a comfortable, breathable and free from sweat.

Coupon Code: GKB20REG32

GeekbuyingBuy Ticwatch Pro Smartwatch From GeekBuying

If you’ve ever loved Casio’s unique dual screen, you will not be disappointed at Ticwatch Pro. Due to its built-in LCD compensated Super Twisted Nematic (FSTN) monitor,  the TicWatch Pro smartwatch helps you see clearly on the screen even in bright sunlight. The more dazzling the sun, the stronger the contrast, the worse the fear of using smartwatch under the sun.

You can freely choose between two modes: Intelligent Wear OS to use all features of TicWatch Pro and “Essential Mode” to maximize battery life on the FSTN LCD screen. The transparent FSTN LCD screen has the same interface as traditional smartwatches. But of course, it has more modern, smarter features. When the smart mode is off (or when the main screen is off), heartbeat counting, footage measurement and more will be displayed on the LCD screen.

In just a glance, you can know the current time, step counts went and heart rate was measured. This is actually a saving mode that maximizes your needs without having to turn on full smart mode. At the same time, the combination of Essential Mode will help extend the battery life up to 30 days for a single charge.

2-30 days on a single charge is achieved by Layered Display technology and two functioning modes. Smart Mode will get you 2 days of battery life and Essential Mode will net 30 days of battery life. If auto-switch to Essential Mode is turned on, then 5 days of battery life is possible. When outdoors with GPS tracking running the entire time, you can get 10 hours of battery life before recharging.

Ticwatch Pro’s Smart Wear OS

  • Experience thousands of smart apps from the Play Store and download them directly to your smartwatch. Now the world is at your fingertips. Be free to express your personality through tons of interface ready for you to change as you like.
  • NFC Connect: Now you can enjoy using Google Pay. The LTE-enabled version will be available in the near future.
  • Google Assistant: smart notes, automatic reminders, directions, … just use voice and you do not need to touch the clock. Let your smart assistants do all the work for you.
  • Battery life: 2 days in smart mode and up to 30 days in Essential Mode. You can freely switch between these two modes whenever you want, with a lifetime of about 5 – 30 days.


  • The device has the ability to automatically detect when you are not using it to turn off the OLED screen and display electronic screens. When you interact with the watch, this screen layer automatically shuts down and turns on the OLED screen.
  • Google Play Store apps:  Allows you to personalize the interface with thousands of watch faces available on Google Play.
  • Google Assistant: A  smart assistant on your wrist will announce important weather, reminder, and help improve your fitness.
  • NFC payments:  Paying through Google Pay is easier than ever.
  • Workout tracking:  heart rate monitor, accelerometer, gyroscope, footprint count and blood calcification are all built into TicWatch Pro.
  • Mix your favorite tunes with the ability to listen to music online on Google Play Music, Spotify, and more.
  • Includes  speaker and mic to  help you easily talk anywhere

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Coupon Code: GKB20REG32

GeekbuyingBuy Ticwatch Pro Smartwatch From GeekBuying

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