Buy Proscenic 800T Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Just $152.99 (Flash Deal)

Forget about wasting your time vacuuming thanks to Proscenic 800T Robot Vacuum Cleaner, the vacuuming robot that will help you defeat dirt quickly and efficiently. Thanks to its powerful suction power and its control through the APP, Proscenic 800T can clean what you order with a few taps on your phone. In addition, it has a water tank with an ideal capacity to scrub your whole house. To keep your home clean according to its characteristics and circumstances, the Procenic 800T has three speeds of suction. The normal speed is perfect for vacuuming up animal hair, dust and dirt quickly and efficiently. If you are not convinced by the result, you can always go to the maximum speed to absorb the remaining dirt as well as to do a deep cleaning on the carpets.

Well, yes! The Proscenic 800T is highly recommended if you have carpets because, in addition to being able to clean them thoroughly, you can also climb on them. In fact, it can climb up to 15 millimeters of unevenness in the floor, and can easily move over all kinds of floors. But it won’t just leave you a house that’s swept clean, because… the Proscenic 800T also scrubs! It has a 350ml water tank, an ideal capacity for scrubbing large houses. In addition, this tank has an innovative electronic control system that allows you to indicate the amount of water to be used according to your cleaning needs, being able to select up to three levels. Finally, this same electric control prevents water from infiltrating when the vacuum cleaner is in its charging base.

And, to make it much more comfortable and easy for you to choose all those sweeps and scrub parameters, download the Proscenic home mobile application. With it, you can program your 800T vacuum cleaner from anywhere and without any effort. With just one click, you can assign your vacuum cleaner to an area to be clean. But that’s not all. Proscenic 800T is compatible with Alexa, Amazon’s assistant, and can give you commands to operate your vacuum cleaner if you have a compatible device.

Of course, the Proscenic 800T not only cleans effectively but also safely. The integrated intelligent detection sensors enable our robot to identify obstacles and prevent it from falling down stairs or colliding with objects and furniture. Also, this small robot vacuum cleaner will always be ready when you need it, as it has a large 2500 mAh battery, capable of offering us about 100 minutes of autonomy (depending on certain factors such as the chosen suction level, water level or type of soil). Once the battery has run out, don’t worry because the Proscenic 800T will return to its base of charge on its own so that it will be available when you need it again.

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