Xiaomi SOOCAS X3U Electric Toothbrush is Official Under Youpin Platform

The China-based tech company Xiaomi has leaned forward to expose the latest electric toothbrush, the Xiaomi SOOCAS X3U Sonic, under the Youpin platform. It is the upgraded edition of the previous SOOCAS X3 that manages to come with enhanced specifications. In terms of price, the electric toothbrush will cost you Yuan 329 ($47). Whereas the regular edition was priced at Yuan 249 ($35). Therefore, the new piece is slightly costlier against improved features.

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When it comes to the external appearance, the brand-new Xiaomi SOOCAS X3U Sonic toothbrush retains the same design and physique as the regular version. However, internal configurations have been upgraded to ensure better functionality and durability. The cherry on the cake is the wireless charging facility along with the low-noise operations, bootsplash protection, and a standard travel case.

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The motor of the SOOCAS X3U Sonic brush is a true magnetic levitation acoustic wave motor. It deliver smoother performance at all pressure levels. Its vibration frequency has uplift to 39600 per minute from 38600 per minute. Moreover, it gives even stronger performance after increasing the tactile pressure on the brush.

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Internally, Xiaomi’s SOOCAS X3U Sonic electric toothbrush boasts a 1000 mAh battery onboard, which further supports wireless charging. The Type-C charging port is also there to make the power filling process even faster. The electric toothbrush is capable of withstanding water and dust on the ground of IPX7 certification.

Some of the other improvements Xiaomi has brought on the latest edition are that Xiaomi SOOCAS X3U now includes two extra brush heads. Now, the total number of brush heads is 3. These three brush heads are a soft bristle brush head. A copper-free whitening brush head, and a deep polishing brush head. Also, the product provides multiple colour choices, as well.

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