Grab The Xiaomi Aqara Intelligent Curtain Motor For $76.99

Xaiomi known for the production of top-notch devices has and is still producing devices that makes life much easier.  when it comes to house chores, Xiaomi has handled almost all aspect with different devices which always stand the test of time.  It has also come up with many automatized solutions for our rest and relaxation. Now, Xiaomi adds the Aqara Intelligent Curtain Motor to its numerous devices that tend to make life easy for us.  Aqara Smart Curtain Controller allows you to have a full control over how much shade you want to have in your room. It is managed through an app on your smartphone or with a press of a button on a remote control from other smart Xiaomi devices.The gadget works on Zigbee curtains and blinds.


The Aqara Smart Curtain motor/controller utilizes low-power ZigBee communication protocol via the Mi multi-functional Smart home gateway or Aqara air-conditioning pathway to connect to the smart home network. Thus, the home curtains can be controlled via the Mi App. Also, the Smart gadget allows the homeowner to also set the timer in the Mi app to when the blinds are expected to open and close and the blinds respond automatically when it gets to the set time.

The curtain controller comes with a powerful but quiet motor. You don’t have to worry about the sound, as some people feel while this curtain controller is working it would produce lots of sounds, But it generates almost no noise (30dB). One good thing about this devices is the ability to avoid damages to the curtain fabric, that is If the curtain gets stuck the motor will stop to prevent the damages. The rollers operate smoothly and at the same speed to provide perfect alignment.

In addition, there is a wireless switch which can alternatively be used to open and close the blinds with just a gentle tap. The gadget also connects with the Mi home sensor such that when the user goes to the window, the home sensor will automatically trigger the opening of the blinds and as soon as the user leaves, the blinds close. How else can we describe a connected smart home gadget? Further, the Aqara Smart curtain motor has a touch start function, such that with just a light pull, the motor starts opening the blinds automatically. It also stops when it encounters a resistance or obstruction while opening or closing.

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