ILIFE X750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

At present, the concept of smart home is extremely popular, which has led to the rapid development of home smart products, and sweeping cleaning in home life is an indispensable need. Smart cleaning robots have therefore become the hottest part of home smart products, and the corresponding market is extremely popular.
At present, the more common brands on the market are irobot, Xiaomi, ILIFE and other brands.

I have experienced several of these sweeping robot products. Fairly speaking, each product has its own advantages. It is difficult to evaluate with a simple “good” or “bad”, but for a lazy person, the function of the product is “big”. In terms of sex and practicability, we prefers the ILIFE X750 Vacuum Cleaner.

Packaging and Product Appearance

The packaging box is white in color with very simple graphics and strong packaging. It is very suitable for gifts to relatives, friends, and parents.

When unpacked, the X750 is similar to similar products in a beautiful round shape, with an iron gray overall. With an aluminum alloy panel, it is extremely textured in terms of visual and tactile sensations, and has a deep sense of technology. A classic with a high face value and a high profile.

There is only one text on the panel, which is the “ILIFE” logo, the other is an inverted triangle dust box switch icon, and a small LED display on the center and five convenient function keys. The design follows the simple tone of the outer packaging.

There is a small switch button and a wired charging hole on the side of the fuselage. In order not to affect the aesthetics, these two places are designed to be more exquisite and compact. You need to look carefully to find them.


The most prominent on the back of the fuselage is the two large off-road climbing wheels, which allow the robot to easily climb through some small obstacles at home and continue cleaning. In addition, you can also see two extended side brushes, a direction wheel, two silver-white charging docking poles, a vacuum suction port, and dust enters the dust box of the sweeper through this suction port.


Second, the function and corresponding parameters of such a simple and atmospheric product, what features does it have, and what are the corresponding parameters? Let’s take a look below.
The first is to talk about the “gyro navigation” function. Many previous similar products were unplanned, and many missed scans were repeated. It is difficult to achieve effective cleaning. The “gyro navigation” function allows the robot to follow the plan. A good path bow-shaped sweep, the missed area can be made up and re-scanned, so that cleaning is really in place.


Secondly, to say that his “big” mainly includes a large dust box, a fourth-generation i-Dropping intelligent large water tank, long battery life, and powerful power.


750ml dust box, the gospel of lazy people, only use one time to pour dust in seven days; 300ml water tank, electronic valve controls its dripping water at a constant speed, can mop the floor for about 80 minutes. Come to add water; 2600mA battery, battery life is up to 120min, it is really a fighter in the sweeper; nidec (Nidec) brushless motor can generate 1200pa suction, which is much higher than similar products, leaving the home clean.

In addition, ILIFE X750 also has voice prompts, automatic recharge, 7 * 24 hours automatic scheduled cleaning, sweep and drag interchange, light-sensing technology, anti-drop and anti-impact, and other personalized practical functions, so users can have better use Experience.
Third, some use function description The sweeping function is very simple, turn on the side switch, and then press the start button on the panel to complete the sweeping function.
Some friends may not use the mopping function. The author introduces it here take the mop box water tank in the packaging box and install the mop on the water tank; add fresh water to the water tank and put the water tank into the machine. Then follow the normal sweeping operation to use the mopping function.

ILIFE X750It should be noted that mopping is only suitable for hard floors. Do not use mopping on carpets, and do not add detergent in clean water.
In addition to mopping the floor, the appointment function is relatively difficult. Here are some introductions:
Turn on the main switch on the side of the machine, and then turn on the switch on the panel, you will hear a “drop”, indicating that the machine is already in the sweeping state; press and hold the appointment (time icon) button on the machine for two seconds to enter the appointment interface; press up The icon button switches from Monday to Sunday. Press the time icon button to switch between hours and minutes. It should be reminded that the machine will exit the reservation interface if you do not operate for 15 seconds in a row. After making a reservation, press the start button and hear a “drop”. Indicates that the appointment was successful. If you want to cancel the appointment, restart or set the time to 0.


It is worth noting that after the appointment is successful, the robot must be always on, and do not put it in the water tank while it is being charged or reserved.


In summary, ILIFE X750 has the functional highlights of almost all similar products. At the same time, it has developed many humanized and practical functions such as voice alarm prompts, smart appointments 24 hours a day, and sweep and swap, which make the product extremely useful. Features.
In addition, the main breaking point of this product is reflected in the “big”, “great accomplishment”, not only the large dust box, large water tank, long battery life, strong power, but also the scene that will really be used in sweeping In the real, thorough and perfect cleaning will be perfect

Where to buy ILIFE X750 Vacuum Cleaner?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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