Xiaomi 90FUN Waterproof Rainy Sunny Umbrella Offered For Just $14.99

The fashion industry is a land that is not unknown to the Xiaomi brand, under its 90 sub-brand they have already presented sportswear and casual wear for the user’s day-to-day, now the Asian brand presents its new umbrella, with dimensions that will allow protecting more than one person from the rain. The new umbrella is available in two colors, gray and black, and the umbrella has a first-class, durable design thanks to its UPF + 40 solar and water protection certification. 

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In the construction materials of the new umbrella we find that the fabric that used in the making of the product is Taiwan FONEWR type, an ultralight fabric of high-density 210T, being resistant and at the same time a light material, its certification guarantees a resistance to the water of up to 4 levels, and thanks to its non-stick material, you can get rid of the water on the surface by simply shaking it gently.

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The umbrella has 6 aluminum rods that support its surface, while its coccyx is made of nylon and fiberglass materials, making it a durable, resistant and top quality umbrella for sunny and rainy seasons. One of the great virtues of Xiaomi’s umbrella is its size, the product allows to protect more than one person from the sun or rain thanks to its dimensions of 115cm x 66cm, besides, its weight of 330 grams makes it a light product, ideal for any member of the household at the time of leaving home.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi 90FUN Waterproof Rainy Sunny Umbrella

The Xiaomi 90FUN Waterproof Rainy Sunny Umbrella is currently available on Banggood for $14.99.

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