Oclean One Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

Speaking of the current market of electric toothbrushes, the market is still quite chaotic. The prices of thousands of dollars for high-end products of international brands such as Philips and Oral B are indeed too expensive, let alone some low-end or domestic products. Not only the battery life is short, but the cleaning effect It was also not satisfactory. Some time ago, it was said that Xiaomi Ecological Chain, which has always created new products with high quality and low prices, will launch an electric tooth refresh product, the Oclean One smart sonic electric toothbrush, which is very exciting.

Oclean One


Oclean One

The package length of this electric toothbrush product is a bit too long, and the outer package size reaches 320mm * 110mm * 58mm. Oclean One

Now many products to be sold through the Internet will be set up inside the double-layer packaging plus cushioning packaging materials, so that express delivery logistics can be safe.

Oclean One

Oclean One smart sonic electric toothbrush packaging uses the pure white minimalist design that Xiaomi related products have always adopted. The entire lid is the product picture of Oclean One smart sonic electric toothbrush, plus the bright silver logo on both ends of Oclean. It is still very comfortable to look at Do n’t tell me that you can see the packaging style of Apple products. The packaging itself is quite long, the whole size is 305mm * 71mm * 58mm.Oclean One

Oclean One smart sonic electric toothbrush packing box has product parameters and smart application APP download QR code on the bottom.

Oclean One Details

Oclean One

After opening the box, I found that the Oclean One smart sonic electric toothbrush installed in a transparent plastic travel case is indeed not short in size. It adopts a body-to-brush design drawn from arcs of different diameters. At the same time of battery life, the product has a more slim and minimalist aesthetic appearance.

Underneath the Oclean One Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush Travel Case is a paper box with an electric toothbrush charging base, user manual and quick operation guide.

Oclean One

The USB interface of the Oclean One smart sonic electric toothbrush. The magnetic charging base of one end uses a disc-shaped magnetic four-contact base. The power cord uses a white noodle cord with the same main color. Covered and double-sided USB plug design, this is much better than Apple’s charging data cable, easy to use should be more durable. The bottom box of the travel box adopts the positioning injection molding design, and the two ends are also designed with bayonets, which will not shake when the electric toothbrush is installed, which is convenient to carry.

Oclean One

The USB interface of the Oclean One smart sonic electric toothbrush. The magnetic charging base and the bottom of the toothbrush handle are magnetic. When you need to charge, connect the base to a power source and put the electric toothbrush directly on it to charge. The four-contact charging base and toothbrush. The ring contact at the bottom of the handle is connected smoothly. There are many small holes in the middle are the horn of the Oclean One smart sonic electric toothbrush. When the toothbrush is turned on, the key operation mode is switched and the voice prompt through custom settings is broadcast from here.

Oclean One

The charging speed is still relatively fast compared to friends’ products. It can be fully charged in more than 3 hours. The official standard for full battery life can be used for about 60 days, which is still very good, but the charging base design is lighter, and then the electric toothbrush is removed. If you do not hold down the base, it will be taken away. This will feel better if you can improve it.

Oclean One

The replaceable brush head and handle are connected by a metal rod, similar to Philips, but the metal rod joint is not the same. The brush head and the handle can be directly inserted after being aligned with the direction.


Oclean One

It is very convenient to use, charge, and replace the brush head without having to connect to the app. The key point of the intensity of sonic vibration is to let the toothbrush make a splash effect.

It can be seen that the frequency of this Oclean One intelligent sonic electric toothbrush motor is as high as 42,000 times / minute, and the effect is very good in the fourth gear intensity mode, which is more than the nominal frequency of 31,000 times / minute of the Philips 9 Series High, in fact, it is the same with hand use, and the smart sonic electric toothbrush launched by a recent domestic brand that I just mentioned is not on the order of magnitude.


This Oclean One smart sonic electric toothbrush is very good in both design and product ease of use, as well as product performance. One-button operation switching function and high-quality voice prompts feel very good, and just mentioned Friends of the company ’s products are superior in all aspects. Of course, the price of this Oclean One smart sonic electric toothbrush has not yet been publicly announced. The price of the white diamond product Jingdong I used in the Philips 9 series is 1999RMB, compared to the above. The smart sonic electric toothbrush launched by a domestic brand is 199. Although it is not known what the final price of Oclean One will be, but in terms of other products launched by Xiaomi EcoChain, the price should also be very anticipating.

In general, this Oclean One smart sonic electric product is still a highly recommended product. If the price is appropriate, it will be even better. I look forward to more and better products in the Xiaomi Eco-Chain.

Where to buy Oclean One smart sonic electric toothbrush?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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