Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun/Pistol Pro Review: A Portable Handheld Gun

The Yunmai Pro Basic is a portable device to deal with muscle massage activities altogether. It is a unique handheld gun-shaped product, currently appearing under the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding program for just Yuan 499 for the first 22k units. Today, we will navigate its features and specifications in this dedicated review article. Beyond the predefined sales units, the Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro will retail at Yuan 899 or 115 Euros.

To recall, a few months ago, Xiaomi released the Slim Chic Model in the same category. Now, the new massager gun is the upgraded edition of the same with some highlighting improvements in the pack. As we know, Xiaomi always strives to consign its 100% for the well-being of its fans. It is always avid to back up its users with innovative consumer goods in different fashions of life. The current invention focuses on health and fitness, especially for sportspersons and gym lovers.

Yunmai Massage Gun Pro

When it comes to creativity, Xiaomi prefers to bring portable and straight-forward electronic products in the portfolio. It allocates high-end techniques to combine industry-based patterns for maximum autonomy and potential. The new Yunmai Pro Basic massage gun is poised to deliver healthier massage modules to relief the pain scientifically. It principally emphasizes the to massage the fasciae as well as the layer of connective tissues.

The in-hand device maintains better adhesion between the muscles and massage the fasciae with effective and high-speed vibrations. Ultimately, it lowers the chances of any possible injury that is most likely to occur during the traditional way of massaging. So, no time to waste anymore, let’s proceed further to float out the detailed review of Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic massage gun.

Yunmai Pro Basic Gun Review: What are the Features and Specifications?

At first, we will pay a glance at its physical appearance and build and then dive through the technical specifications under the respective headings. Let’s start.

Design and Construction

Going physically, the Yunmai Pro Basic massager comes in a gun shape that offers easy and convenient application approach. It is a handheld portable device with skin-friendly and high-grade plastic material overall. At the prima facie, it looks like a pistol with 4 different types of adjustable massage heads in the package.

Moreover, on both sides, you will find a strap, mentioning the brand name in white colour alphabets. The top side has a circular plastic protrusion to take care of the internally-assembled mechanism. The in-hand part provides a robust grip helpful in applying the machine at almost every join or muscle of the body.

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Yunmai Massage Gun Pro deal

The black colour texture offers an elegant and sleek surface with a glossy matte finish. Its ultra-portable physique combines well-managed aesthetics that also allow you to carry it to your gym or traveling. Internally, it hosts a 60W brushless motor with higher frequency at lower operational noise. Overall, it weighs only 1 KG to set you to thinking of traveling around with it in the backpack.

Brushless Motor

Xiaomi manages to infuse a robust power-generation system in its smart electronic devices. And the latest massage gun is not beyond the concept. To justify the teased performance, the Yunmai Pro Basic gun covers the highly-potent vibration with 3200 shifts/minute stimulation that can penetrate deeper into the texture for better results.

Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro coupon

It runs the powerful 60W brushless motor to generate a high torque frequency of 106nm. It can achieve up to 3200 RPM speed to further facilitate the machine to go up to 12mm deeper in muscles.

At the same time, the overall functionality will be quite calm at 45 dB low-noise. It will not disturb the persons sleeping nearby you. You can run the machine at 3 different speed modes as per your requirements. Further, it also works well in convergence with the 4 different massage heads.

mi Muscle relaxer


If the Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic massage gun can be carried outside, then it is only because of its inbuilt 2600 mAh battery. It is a lithium-polymer battery with a good production time per charge. On applying the machine for 10 minutes a day, you can gain the autonomy of up to 80 days. Therefore, users are free to carry it outside in the gym or playground for an instant application on the injury.

Xiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro features

Ultra-Silent Whisper Approach

Well, the electronic massager also provides a quiet working environment regardless of the high-power brushless motor. It builds up the self-developed Whisper noise reduction technology to keep the noise level as low as 45 dB like whispering in the ear.

Likewise, it is all possible due to the unique structure and appearance of the new design. It comes with original double bearing transmission structure that creates a special ‘Honeycomb’ process by compressing the size of the vestibule and the central wing of the gun.

mi Muscle relaxer

3 Usage Levels and 4 Massage Heads

The YXiaomi Yunmai Massage Gun Pro provides 3 different scientific modes of operations suitable for different body muscles and bone theory. 3 vibration modes are well-examined via a large number of experiments to bring safer, convenient and effective equipment to use for massage.

Similarly, Xiaomi also provides the electronic massager with 4 types of massage heads for a specific application. The optimized set of 4 heads ensures comfortable massage experience using the skin-friendly food-grade silica gel.


As per the price figures, the Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic Massage Pistol comes with a crowdfunding price of only Yuan 499 as depicted above. But however, the same price tag is no more available as it was only for the first 22000 units under the program. Now, you can’t order the same product under the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding campaign.

As defined by the brand, the post crowdfunding price will be Yuan 899. Currently, the massage gun is not open for the global market yet, and you will have to head towards any of some online Chinese stores. Against competitors, the new Xiaomi massage gun is safer and effective at a quite affordable price range.

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