Buy Auglamour AT-1 Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Earphone For Just $45.99 (Coupon Deal)

Recently Auglamour launched TWS earbuds its newest named Auglamour AT-1 with many impressive features and attractive, giving users the best experience. Different from many similar products in the same price range, the Auglamour AT-1 shows very good care with very careful and meticulous canning, especially printed images that are very sharp and modern. Inside the box, we will have Auglamour AT-1, a charging cable, ear cushions, and a small user book.

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Regarding the design of the housing, with my personal assessment, Auglamour AT-1 owns a quite beautiful housing, exquisite and equally luxurious. Housing is designed with a long-form that looks a bit like Apple’s Airpods but will be an in-ear instead of an earbud like Airpods. The skin of the Auglamour AT-1 will be finished mostly from plastic to optimize the weight in the best way, creating a lightness when worn for a long time, but besides that, we will have needle details. The type is quite unique, creating a luxurious and glossy headset, especially the logo in the middle that helps the Auglamour AT-1 increase its attractiveness.

Not only has the beautiful housing, but even the Auglamour AT-1 charging box is not lacking in appeal. Auglamour AT-1 charging box has a round shape, slightly flattened to create a good grip effect, and the curves are also best used to create a hug when used. The box of Auglamour AT-1 will be equipped with a magnet, which helps open and closes the lid to become more advanced, and will also help the headset stay firmly in the box when stored. To create a light accent for the charging box, the Auglamour logo has been added to the exterior with premium and attractive yellow tones.

In terms of features, Auglamour AT-1 owns all the features and best technology available today. We will have a standard Bluetooth 5.0 connection which, according to, will minimize the delay of listening while also ensuring the smoothest audio transmission. The battery life of the Auglamour AT-1 is also quite impressed with the ability to play music continuously for 5 hours and will have an additional 20 hours with its charging box. To ensure the durability and maneuverability of the headset, Auglamour AT-1 is equipped with an IPX5 waterproof standard, fully able to survive the rain. Besides, the control of Auglamour AT-1 It’s also made easy by the gentle touch gestures, you can control and customize the sound and connect with virtual assistants on your phone.

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Coupon Code: 4EWVQJTI

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