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This is the full guide to help you in finding the best Chinese smartwatches 2020 to buy under $50. In the present scenario, smartwatches are great to décor your daily fashion with stylish outlook and decent technicalities under the hood. It takes enough time to find the best and affordable smartwatch deal with better feature-price ratio. But this article is dedicated to reducing your burden by compiling the best 8 Chinese smartwatches under $50 to buy in 2020.

The wrist wearables are now fully capable of handling your smartphone functions to make your life more convenient and joyful. Further, the devices come with lots of advanced tools, arresting exteriors and good battery life to amaze your life at all fronts. If you find it confusing to choose the best alternative for you, make sure to go through the text piece to smooth the process.

Chinese smartwatches often attract buyers because of their quality-over-price philosophy. You will find numerous wrist wearable manufacturers in the industry like Xiaomi, Amazfit, Kospet, Bilikay, Alfawise, and more. They all tend to assemble well-nurtured devices, saddled with sports and fitness sensors, waterproofness, phone calling and other tracking specifications. On the other hand, these wrist products are no just affordable but useful too in daily lives.

Best Chinese Smartwatches 2020 Under $50

The soothing fact is that the products we enlisted here are below $50 price-wise. So, let’s drive through the list to check the magical offerings.

Kospet Probe: The Ultimate Solution for Enthusiasts

The Kospet Probe smartwatch attains the top spot in our list of the best Chinese watches to buy under $50. It comes in the black colour skin and circular dial design to offer premium outlook. The chassis is crafted fantastically with the zinc magnesium alloy material to keep the weight as low as possible.

Editor’s Choice: Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE Drone is now available for just $449.99

Kospet Probe Smartwatch

Further, the IP68 rating protects it against water, dust etc. The front side features a 1.3” touchscreen with 240×240 resolution and glass protection on top. Internally, the wristwatch provides heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, along with 8 sports modes. The power station is specked with 250 mAh battery to run the machine for 15 days in power mode and 60 days on standby.

Price: $26.99 (Gearbest)

Alfawise Watch 6 Smartwatch

Next on the list is another round dial design smartwatch to fall under $50. It is the Alfawise Watch 6 to come with zinc alloy metal chassis and black colour option. In fact, it offers dual usage modes to users – Sports and Professional. The leather (black and brown) straps are detachable to adjust as per tour daily fashion. On the right side, you will find a sole crown for controls.

Alfawise Watch 6

The 1.3” TFT display looks crazy and features IP67 waterproof rating to withstand dust and drown in water up to 1m for 30 minutes. Moreover, the 280 mAh battery strives for 10 days on regular use, 15 days on basic watch mode and 30 days on standby. What makes it occupy the place in our best Chinese smartwatches 2020 list is multiple sports and fitness sensors besides incredible build quality.

Price: $37.99 (Gearbest)

Bilikay L8 Smartwatch

Well, Bilikay also contributes significantly to the market with quality-rich devices at affordable prices. The Bilikay L8 is a prominent example of it, which is well-equipped with lots of productive features. It brings a 1.2-inch circular dial design and aluminum alloy body to be lightweight and sturdy contemporaneously.

bilikay L8

Likewise, the smartwatch offers three colour (black, red, yellow) selections along with the static black colour body. When it comes to the internals, the Bilikay installs the Norway Nordic NRF52832 chip, 9 sports modes, health sensors, IP68 waterproof, and 320 mAh battery. The advanced ECG monitor is the factor behind why it is in the list of best Chinese smartwatches 2020.

Price: $28.99 (Gearbest)

Zeblaze Vibe 5 Pro Smartwatch

With 1.3” IPS display panel, zinc alloy frame and 8 sports modes, the Zeblaze Vibe 5 Pro smartwatchfeatures as one of the best Chinese smartwatches under $50. It provides black, blue and grey colour options with 14.7mm thickness and 65g of weight.

Zeblade VIBE 5 PRO

Furthermore, the watch bears the IP67 waterproof rating to counter dust and light rain. Technically, it configures the step counting, calories, sedentary reminder, heart rate sensor, sleep sensor, and 8 types of sports modes to be the top-end model. For power, the wrist equipment hosts a 180 mAh battery to enjoy 7 days working on standby mode.

Ultimately, the Zeblaze Vibe 5 Pro looks incredibly astounding smartwatch with a high-grade build and top-notch technicalities.

Price: $33.92 (Gearbest)

Lenovo E1 Smartwatch

Externally, the Lenovo E1 wristwatch features 1.33” TFT (240x240p) square dial design to glimpse like the Apple Watch stature. You can opt any of the four colour options with straps only. The silicone straps are detachable to obtain a snug fit on your wrist. The chassis is designed beautifully in the black colour finish.

Lenovo E1 smartwatch

On the top, the watch wears the 2.5D glass protection but misses physical buttons. When it comes to elaborating on the internal technicalities, it installs 7 sports modes, GPS, heart rate monitor, sedentary reminder, sleep tracker, Bluetooth, and IP67 rating. Moreover, the 25 days of battery endurance places it among the best Chinese wristwatches 2020 to buy under $50.

Price: $29.99 (Gearbest)

DT No. 1 DT99 Smartwatch

It is another alternative to consider while investigating the best and cheap Chinese smartwatches in 2020.The DT NO. 1 DT99 smartwatch consumes the stainless-steel chassis along with leather straps to build a premium outlook. It has a 1.2” screen with 240x240p resolution and two physical buttons on the right side. Moreover, it provides four different combinations and excellent build material. It measures 10.8mm of thickness and weighs around 59g.

DT No. 1 DT99

As per the technical features, the DT No. 1 DT99 watch acknowledges sleep tracker, blood oxygen monitor, heart rate monitor, IP68 waterproof rating, as well as ECG monitor. With 165 mAh battery, you will get 5-7-day endurance.

Price: $35.99 (Gearbest)

Zeblaze Neo Smartwatch

The Zeblaze Neo is spruced up with tones of specifications to hit the list of best Chinese smart wristwatches under $50. It concludes 1.3” circular display and 12mm thickness. You can choose any of the black and silver colours besides the black colour static body. The chassis is drafted with zinc-aluminum alloy convergence plus hybrid leather straps.

zeblade neo

Furthermore, the wristwatch is water-repellent with an IP67 rating and also offers h Band App connectivity. In terms of technical specs, it hosts sleep tracker, heart rate, blood pressure, 180 mAh battery and various other value-added utilities as well.

Price: $38.99 (Gearbest)

Kospet Magic Smartwatch

With only $14.99 price figure, the Kospet Magic is the cheapest smartwatch in our list. It comes with 1.3-inch TFT display in the circular dial shape. The high-grade build material is executed superbly to come in three colour selections – Black, Blue-Grey and Rose. It also supports iOS and Android devices.

Kospet Magic

The 10mm thickness and 45g of weight make the Kospet Magic watch slim and ultra-lightweight. Technical features include sleep tracker, blood oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate monitor, and some others. Given the price tag, 15-day battery life looks crazy to consider it among the best Chinese smartwatches 2020 to buy under $50.

Price: $14.99 (Gearbest)

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