XGIMI H3 vs XGIMI N20 : Which one is better? The detailed comparison tells you!

XGIMI N20 is currently priced at $799, XGIMI H3 is priced at $1139. Many people have such questions. Why is XGIMI H3 more expensive than XGIMI N20 by nearly $500? Where is it expensive? Which one is more cost effective? I have prepared a comparison of the parameters of the two models for everyone, let us find out:


Model Name XGIMI N20 XGIMI H3
Product Type Home Projector Home Projector
Projector Characteristics Smart, 3D 3D
Projection Technology DLP DLP
DIsplay Chip 0.47-inch DMD RGB-LED core 0.47-inch DMD Chip
Brightness 3000 Lumens 1900 ANSI Lumens
Keystone correction Level, 45 degrees Vertical 40 degrees
CPU Mstar  6A838 Cortex-A53 quad-core 64- bit Mstar  6A838 quad-core 64- bit
GPU Mali-T820 Mali-G51
Storage 8GB 16GB
Operating System GMUI GMUI
Noise Level 30db 28db
Power 120W 180W
Product Size 173*206*126 mm 205*215*143.5  mm
Product Weight  2.1 KG 2.75 KG

First, brightness and chip

In terms of brightness, XGIMI N20 is 3000 lumens, which is basically about 800-1000ASNI lumens; while XGIMI H3 is 1900ANSI lumens, which means that in terms of viewing experience, XGIMI H3 will be even better. More suitable for everyone’s viewing needs;

In terms of chips, XGIMI N20 and H3 both carry 0.47-inch DMD chips, which is not much different.

Keystone correction

In terms of keystone correction, XGIMI N20 uses horizontal: ± 45 degrees, vertical: ± 45 degrees, does not support automatic correction;

XGIMI H3 uses horizontal: ± 40 degrees, vertical: ± 40 degrees, supports automatic correction

III. CPU, GPU and storage capacity

XGIMI N20 is equipped with Mstar 6A838 CPU, its GPU is Mail-T820, and its storage capacity is 2G + 8G;

H3 uses Mstar 6A848 as the CPU, Mail-G51 as the GPU, and 3G + 16G as the storage capacity.

We can clearly see that no matter the CPU, GPU or memory, H3 is a higher level. In addition, familiar friends should know that, for the T820, the G51 is the latest entry-level, with its own motion compensation function, and the T820 also needs Other chips will do. In terms of operating memory, H3 is 1G higher than N20, which means it will run faster.

Product noise and power

The noise of XGIMI N20 is controlled at 30dB and H3 is controlled at 28dB. According to the actual feedback from users, the heat dissipation noise of H3 will be better than N20, and its noise reduction processing or daily light and shadow are more pro-people. In addition, the power of XGIMI N20 is 120W, and the power of XGIMI H3 is 180W, both are equipped with XGIMI GMUI system.

Five, product size and weight

The product size of XGIMI N20 is 173 * 206 * 126mm, and the weight is 2.1kg; the product size of XGIMI H3 is 205 * 215 * 143.5mm, and the weight is 2.75kg. In contrast, XGIMI N20 is slightly smaller than H3 in volume and lighter in weight.

From the comparison of the above parameters, XGIMI H3 will be slightly better than N20, so why is XGIMI H3 more expensive than N20 by nearly $400? The official flagship store of the show understands that because of the huge customer demand for XGIMI H3, there are often activities, which will be more cost-effective than the N20.

Where to buy XGIMI H3 and XGIMI N20?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

[yasr_overall_rating] 4.5/5

[yasr_overall_rating] 4.7/5

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