Zeblaze THOR 5 Pro 3G+32G Face Identify Dual Camera Smart Watch Phone Offered for $125.99(Coupon)

It was expected that a new Zeblaze smartphone would arrive soon, but it was less than expected to cost $125 for an Android-based smartphone with 3GB RAM, two cameras and a large display. But that’s the case with the Zeblaze THOR 5 PRO.

coupon code($125.99): UVFL8JXHBB use the coupon on Gearbest


The manufacturer simply describes the exterior of the THOR 5 PRO as a premium design, which has a real basis as it is quite clear but also spectacular thanks to its ceramic front. The strap has two layers, silicone on the inside, leather on the outside and two at once: black and brown. As a result, the belt is interchangeable.

You can observe the sides and front of the camera. It weighs 65g, which is light compared to the usual, thanks to the glass-fiber-reinforced polycarbonate.


If it’s Android, then obviously the hardware needs to be able to serve, which in this case means that a cheap smartphone would be OK with the hardware you received:

  • a quad-core processor, the MTK6739 (up to 1.5GHz). This is essentially a mobile device, e.g. a phone chip.
  • 3GB memory (RAM)
  • 32GB storage (ROM)
  • GPU: IMG GE8100

Use as phone

It is a 4G capable phone that can be used with nano-SIM. This way calls can be made directly from the watch and of course, there is 4G mobile internet, so there is Skype, Viber, etc. Of course, it has a built-in BlueTooth, so you can use a headset, a wireless headset.


Initially, not-so-good cameras seem to be being replaced nicely, though not outstanding, but still better cameras in smartwatches. In this case, there are not one but two cameras, one for normal photography (5MP) and one as a selfie camera (5MP) for photography or video calling.

GPS & Play music

It has its own built-in GPS (GPS / GLONASS), which in itself is a solution for distance measurement and navigation. You obviously have your own loudspeaker and internal storage so you can play music, video on your own or with a Bluetooth headset.

Display, Battery & Software

The display is a large 1.6 ? LTPS touchscreen with 320 * 320 pixels resolution. Of course, the watch face can be changed and new ones can be downloaded. It has an increased battery capacity of 800mAh, so it will last longer, but still charge every 1-2 days when in active use. Powered by Android 7.1.1 based software, there is Google Play, and applications can be installed. He also knows Hungarian, of course.

Sports modes

It supports 9 sports including regular running, cycling, etc. Where it makes sense, it utilizes its own built-in GPS.

Where To Buy The Zeblaze THOR 5 Pro smartwatch phone

The Zeblaze THOR 5 Pro is currently available on Gearbest for $125.99 using coupon code: UVFL8JXHBB  and $129.99 on Banggood using coupon code: BGT5P

coupon code($125.99): UVFL8JXHBB use the coupon on Gearbest

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