BMAX MaxBook S15 Laptop Review: An Affordable Notebook

Do you look for a travel-companion laptop notebook at budget? Consider the following text review of BMAX MaxBook S15 laptop carefully to add another lucrative suggestion to the list. With lots of performance-oriented specifications at the core and delicate physical craftsmanship, the laptop computer sounds impressive at budget-friendly price figure. Today, we will inquest the full features and other inbuilt qualities of the device to help you out in clicking the right option.

BMAX is, though not as popular as Xiaomi or Teclast, a well-established computer laptop manufacturer in the industry. It perpetuates the right policies for its fan base to conquer the audience at massive. Laptop industry is looming incessantly with ever-growing demand across the globe. During recent years, we have seen a significant user-shift from desktop to laptop vicinity. People now tend to have portable and carriable notebooks to remain in touch with office work even while travelling. This is the central ideology working behind the concept of why people need wireless and lightweight portable prospects.

Best Bmax Laptop
Bmax S15 Laptop unboxing

Anyway, holding the main topic, the BMAX MaxBook S15 laptop too furnishes advanced tools and modules to cater to user’s needs professionally. The company has materialized the laptop PC in a way to scale up the productivity besides enjoying favourite games and other multimedia content. This is the effort to shape out BMAX S15’s features and specs in the text format to let you understand the deal comprehensively. Hopefully, it will help you in stabilizing your final purchase decision, whether it fits your budget or not. So, let’s start.

BMAX S15 Review: full Features and Specifications Under the Scanner

I personally feel it is of utmost importance for you to know about pricing before we move ahead. Well, the BMAX MaxBook S15 sounds to comply with your budget limits with only 315.99 US dollars price tag on the Gearbest store. This is the reduced amount after applying an impressive 22% discount on the $404.86 original price. It is also to note that the ongoing ‘Flash Sale’ offer is only valid for another 2 days from now (January 17).

Design and Build

When it comes to inspecting the BMAX MaxBook S15 laptop physically, we get a glossy and exquisite design with portable physical aesthetics. It applies the high-grade ABS plus PC materials to gain lightweight body and slim stature.

BMAX Maxbook S15 Notebook
BMAX Maxbook S15 Notebook

Furthermore, the notebook PC is assembled fantastically under the supervision of experts. It hosts ergonomic creativity externally to woo the eyes at the prima facia. The back cover is made of plastic, hosting the brand logo right in the middle. While opening the lid, the wider 15.6” IPS panel will win your attention with 15mm ultra-narrow bezels across the frame. The upper and lower bezels are relatively thicker.

The upper bezel tags the front camera, whereas the bottom one prints nothing, unlike other brand models. The adjoining plate offers a full-sized keyboard with ultra-narrow 3mm bezels. You will also get the fully independent numeric keypad to enhance typing experience to the next level. Nearby, it has a 4.7” large touchpad with multi-touch sensitive assistance. You can use the pad using multi-finger approaches to obtain quicker and smarter results.

On both sides, the BMAX S15 notebook equips multiple physical ports like HDMI, DC, Power, USB, and a 3.5mm jack etc. Moreover, the Black colour painting is nice to see to build up an industrial outlook overall. It weighs 1.8 KG with 37.50×24.30×2 cm physical measurement.


BMAX shows the spirit to serve its users with more at a compact spreadsheet. It observances the ideology to broadcast high-end picture quality on the 15.6” IPS FHD panel. It is nothing but a superb bind up of modern-age technicalities to draw excellent gaming experience and video playback. The 178-degree larger viewing angle makes it possible to enjoy magnificent visuality from all angles in connection with the in-plane switching technology.

BMAX Maxbook S15

Moreover, the BMAX MaxBook S15 embeds ultra-narrow 3mm bezels on the left and right side. It throws an exceptional outlook, which is enough the current generation buyers as a whole. The 1920×1080 pixels resolution adds more sense of technology to obtain professional, superior, brighter and delicate picture performance.

Software and Processor

Who is behind the whole productivity? This is the time to know. Undoubtedly, BMAX will acknowledge the latest Windows 10 platform for the integral association. It realizes the traditional Start Menu button what we have seen in the Windows 7. Further, it adjoins the Edge Browser and other key updated software.

BMAX Maxbook S15
BMAX Maxbook S15 Software

Additionally, the most crucial CPU department of the BMAX MaxBook S15 configures the Intel Gemini Lake N4100 processor chip. It is a quad-core module with 4-thread, up to 2.4 GHz clock speed and 14nm techniques. To enhance the gaming experience, the chipset works brilliantly in connection with the 9th generation Intel UHD Graphics 600 chip in the GPU apartment.


As per the storage slots, BMAX enshrines the laptop with 8GB memory in the DDR4 RAM slot to ensure hassle-free multitasking. Along with that, the internal storage is limited to 128 GB in the SSD format. However, you can expand it further via another 128 GB eMMC drive externally.

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BMAX Maxbook S15 RAM

Camera and Battery

Need a lens to capture photos or video chat? Here the MaxBook S15 notebook is coming with. The front panel loads a 0.3 MP camera to deal with the respective requirements.

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BMAX Maxbook S15 battery

The power station, on the other hand, also features the highly-competent Li-Po battery to assist you for around 6 to 8 hours (on normal use) per charge.

Other Specifications

In others, let’s have a look at connectivity options first. The BMAX MaxBook S15 Ultrabook provides Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-band 2.4G/5G WIFI 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac for wireless connection and several ports around for physical connection.

Moreover, it supports multiple multimedia files formats support, multiple language support, inbuilt speakers, and lots of other inbuilt utilities, internally.

Combining all, the BMAX MaxBook S15 notebook laptop is a worth-considering suggestion when it comes to the sub-$350 price bracket.

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  1. Can you please tell me how to get a new battery for the BMAX S15. Mine fully charges but it will not run the laptop unless it’s plugged in. Thanks.

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