Alfawise v7 TWS wireless IPX5 Bluetooth earbuds: Stylish sound bombarding $16.99 device


The Alfawise is expertise in creating wireless earbuds at reasonable costs. After the success of the V6 model, the company has now introduced the Alfawise TWS V7. The V7 TWS has an aesthetically appealing appearance. The sound quality is excellent with active noise cancellation.

The Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity enables you to pair up two devices. The Alfawise v7 TWS wireless IPX5 Bluetooth earbuds have an unexpected comfort level, and water-resistant certification becomes more advantageous for users. It will not cost more than 20 dollars.

Alfawise v7 TWS

Design of Alfawise v7

The company has a very different approach in this earbuds design rather than standard design as apple earbuds. Alfawise looks alike Jiofii. The overall body case appears circular and sturdy. The black color of earbuds gives the glossy and shiny feel.

It received the hook for easy carrying. The Alfawise v7 TWS earbuds are also glossy black. But the outer side of earbuds has some patterns in matte black color that look amazing. Most interestingly, the first panel of the earbud case describes the battery condition of both side earbuds. The front side has the micro-USB port to refill and three LED indicators.

Alfawise best earbuds


The audio quality is the most critical feature to buy the product. The company claims that ALFAWISE V7 can offer a 6D sound experience. Because it has adopted the graphene sound unit, which adds depth and makes more apparent to the music. The clear sound quality has a frequency range of 20 to 20000 and impedance of 32 ohms.

Alfawise v7 waterproof earbuds


Moreover, the earbuds are a vast compatible number of devices such as play stations, mobile, and computer etcetera. It has auto powering up and pairing up mode for convenience of the user. These earbuds are made for the sportsmen because it is water-resistant and certified with IPX5.


Alfawise v7 TWS


Battery and comfort level

Alfawise v7 TWS has the working 4 to 5 hours of battery life. It can charge 2 to 3 times more by the case. To refill the battery, the earbuds have the micro-USB interface on the front side.
Thanks to better design, the comfort level is best during listening things through ALFAWISE V7. It does not create a vacuum inside the ear. While running and racing, the earbuds do not come out of the listener’s ears because of the perfect fitting.


Alfawise v7 TWS bluetooth

Box contents

Alfawise v7 TWS packaging is a premium one that receives the IN-earbuds, case, cable, and the user manual guide.


The ALFAWISE V7 at the price point of $16.99 dollars is a worthwhile deal.

To buy follow the link below:-

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