Xiaomi Mi Gaming Headset Offered For Just $68.99(Coupon)

Chinese manufacturing giant Xiaomi always surprises us by launching good value for money products. The Xiaomi Mi Game Headset was launched weeks ago and was made available in China on the 27th April but is now on Gearbest for just $68.99. This was shortly after the launched of the much talk about Xiaomi gaming laptop and the new Gaming Smartphone called Xiaomi Black Shark. This is a gaming headset with great features such as 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Engine / Dual Microphones / USB and 3.5mm Audio Interface, what more can you ask for? and don’t feel this is all as it is also packed with other great features. Without wasting much of your time, lets quickly explore its features and specification in details. 

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Price without coupon: $72.8
Coupon code 1($65.79): AFfbG10 OR c5d300
Conpon code 2($67.70): aff7off

Xiaomi Mi Game Headset: The Perfect Gaming Headset.

Design & Appearance

The Xiaomi Mi Game Headset sports a minimalistic design with an all black color which makes it look classy. It sports an LED strip on both sides, and the user also has the ability to configure the color of the LED strip as well as the lighting effects through a software. The device is quite light with a total with of 810grams and it also sports an ergonomic headband design that conveniently fit the head shape, soft and comfortable in contact with the top of the head. It was crafted from soundproof materials, this means that the ear can collect sound effectively from this headset ensuring no disturbance from external noise. It comes with ear muffs which are rotated using an elastic shaft without the noise and vibration of the mechanical fit.  Everything was created for an excellent experience while you enjoy video games or listening to music.

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Hardware & Features

The Xiaomi Gaming Headset comes with 7.1 Virtual Surround Stereo Engine, 40mm Graphene Composite Diaphragm, and Dual Microphone ENC Ambient Noise Reduction Technology. This 7.1 Virtual Surround Stereo Engine crate an immersive gaming experience with the stereo surround sound in the game. Accurate sound positioning, easy identification of enemy position, to avoid surprise attack, so you can defect the enemy easily and become champion in the gaming world.

The Headset is also designed with two MEMS microphones coupled with the call noise reduction technology which provides a cancellation of external noise. The Dual Microphone ENC Ambient Noise Reduction Technology meets the needs of every game. It is used to suppress outside noise and concentrate only on the player’s voice. Even in noisy online games or in tournaments, teammates can clearly hear their instructions and voice commands. Both microphones are located in the housing of the headphones, without protruding parts or cables.

The Headset comes with two types of connectors with the headset — one with 3.5mm connector and another for USB-Type C port. It is compatible with PC devices, also supporting multiple mobile devices. plug and play, providing more choices and making the scenes of sound more diversified.

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Where To Buy The Xiaomi Mi Game Headset?

The Xiaomi Mi Game Headset is currently available on Banggood for $65.79

Price without coupon: $72.8
Coupon code 1($65.79): AFfbG10 OR c5d300
Conpon code 2($67.70): aff7off

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