Welcome to 2020 with New Product Arrivals at Geekmaxi up to 50% OFF!!!

In 2020 he came and brought with him new arrivals to our well known Geekmaxi store! Remember that all of Geekmaxi’s products come from its German warehouse, so they come instantly and naturally without any problems with customs that you may encounter elsewhere! But let’s see what new the store brought and your gift I have some coupons for even lower prices …! To make it easy for us, Geekmaxi has collected all the new arrivals in the store on one page so we don’t go left-right looking for what it brought. Keep in mind these offers are valid until the end of the month, that is until January 31st, so you don’t have much time, choose now!

So we start with the new arrivals, containing Tronsmart speakers, various Xiaomi robotic or wireless vacuum cleaners, or even the very powerful Xiaomi hairdryer, the Xiaomi Jimmy F6, which works with negative ions and if you use the qa66W6gY coupon, you will Make yours for 10 € cheaper than the offer price! And also the very good Xiaomi wireless vacuum cleaner, the Xiaomi JIMMY JV63 Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner, which also with the Q2ejEZtU coupon, you can get it cheaper than the price here! But also Xiaomi’s other very good wireless vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Dreame V10 22KPa Suction Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, wherewith therFx6suDW coupon, you will be charged 20 € under the price! These are discounts… ..!

We keep up with Hot Sales, products that are heavily sold and in high demand. So it makes sense to find something here that you like and that can be yours immediately without any fear of customs as we have said! So here you will find a wide variety of Xiaomi robotic vacuum cleaners, skates from the very good Kugoo company, a Vorke notebook that I recently showed you the mini pc I got, so we are talking about a very good company you can trust, but and Xiaomi’s pressing Xiaomi JIMMY JW31 Lightweight Cordless Pressure Washer.

Then we will find a large list of products that you can find at a great discount. So here we will find the Amazfit GTS, but also the Amazfit GTR at a very good price, the Xiaomi electric pump, Fiido electric bicycles, like the Fiido D2s.


Finally, we will find various products that are recommended for us, things that you will definitely like. So here you will find Xiaomi’s 32-inch TV, vacuum cleaners and radiators now that it is cold! As you can see GeekMaxi has given us many nice things to choose from, at very good prices and of course always without the fear of customs since they come from his German warehouse. Keep in mind, however, that the offers are valid until the end of the month, so don’t forget …!

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