2020 XGIMI MoGo (XJ03W): A 900g personal theater with the blessing of Harman Kardon for just $399.99

When it comes to young people’s favorite entertainment, I believe that many people will choose to watch movies to spend time. Someone once said that film is a work of art, which carries not only humanities but also soul.Although watching a movie is pleasant, for busy office workers, it is difficult to take the time to go to the cinema to enjoy a pleasant movie watching time. If you are a movie lover and do n’t have much time to go to the theater, then it ’s better to buy XGIMI MoGo XJ03W. With it, you can enjoy comfortable cinema-level viewing as long as a few square meters of space. effect.

xgimi Mogo

XGIMI MoGo Design:

The appearance of XGIMI MoGo is designed in a compact style, with a body size of only 14.6 * 10.55 * 9.45cm, which is about the same height as an iPhone XS Max and weighs only 900 grams. The minimalist style is very convenient to carry, It doesn’t take up much space anywhere in the house.

Harman Kardon Speakers:

xgimi Mogo

In terms of value, it uses white as the main color, and the top of the fuselage is equipped with a projection lens. The horizontal stripe style looks like a pair of dazzling robot eyes from the front. Beneath the lens is a mesh-designed harman / kardon 40mm dual-speaker combination unit. Thanks to the Harman Kardon laboratory debugging, it can release a powerful and dynamic surging sound field, restore sound details at a higher level, and make high, middle and low. Tri-band sound quality is more distinct.


xgimi Mogo

As a movie master, XGIMI MoGo has built-in rich movie viewing resources. It also supports most of the current mainstream content platforms, including Mango TV,Netflix, and XGIMIPlay. So users do not need to worry about issues such as insufficient content resources.

xgimi Mogo

In terms of control, XGIMI MoGo is very modern. It is equipped with XGIMI intelligent language interaction technology. Users can use the voice buttons on the remote control to implement voice interaction technology. Only simple language can be used to watch the desired content resources, without manual manipulation, it is more scientific and technological.

xgimi Mogo

If you don’t know about XGIMI MoGo , you will inevitably be worried about its viewing effect, thinking that it is too small and will not experience well. In fact, XGIMI MoGo  is equipped with LED optical components using DLP technology, so that XGIMI Play can achieve high-definition projection while having a compact body, and can cast 60-80 inches of HD effects at will.

xgimi Mogo

Coupled with its HDR10 decoding technology, the XGIMI MoGo picture quality is clearer and the image details are captured more realistically. And it also supports keystone correction around ± 40 °, even when placed on the bedside or side table, it can freely adjust the clearest image quality effect.

Where to buy XGIMI MoGo XJ03W projector?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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