CHUWI GT Box Mini PC Review: Hi Game Successor

Chuwi is known to produce cheap tablets and laptops. With the long product chain, it is dominating the market and making efforts to design more for the customers.The computer industry is at the core of some of the major manufacturers who offer reliable products with excellent specs and even at affordable prices. That is what Chuwi is going to offer now. Computer systems are the need of every household. With the globalization of technical education, people are now more centred to impart quality and innovative IT knowledge to their children.The Chuwi GT Box Mini PC is the next hit by Chuwi launched in June 2018 with ultimate features accumulated in a box. You can attach the mini PC box to any monitor or projection to broadcast it on a larger screen.

The system is configured with the Windows 10 operating system home version and the latest Intel i3-5005U processor.

The body of the Mini PC finishes with the Grey colour to provide an astonishing outlook. The clean design carries the Chuwi brand logo and creates attraction at prima facie.

Chuwi Gt Box

When it comes to the storage rooms, the GT Box Mini PC offers vast memory slots to keep your media and document files safe and secure. It gives you an 8 GB RAM along with the 256 GB space in SSD drive. You can also further extend the memory up to 2 TB using external drives as well.

Interpreting the values and specifications of the GT Box Mini PC, it can be said that the users will be left with a productive product which will help them to finish their routine activities.

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Chuwi GT Box Mini PC: Features and Specifications

The GT Box Mini PC features a bundle of specifications which makes it the product of the current generation. Chuwi has focused on making it up to the standard to compete with its counterparts.

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Chuwi Gt Box

The Windows 10 operating system offers a reliable platform to place the software and drivers. Now is the time to get a detailed idea about the features of the Chuwi GT Box Mini PC.

Design of Chuwi GT Box Mini pc

At design, the GT Box Mini PC is tiny and glossy personality. The Grey colour of the piece provides a spectacular finish with a lightweight approach. It weighs only at 800g with the physical dimensions 17.30×15.80×7.30cm.

Moreover, the Chuwi GT Box Mini PC contributes enough to decorate your office or personal computer room. You can place it easily on your computer table and cultivate the benefits of a modern suite.

Additionally, it contains side stands in cover shape, which also adds value to its personality. The right-hand side is printed with the Chuwi brand logo and the front side has power on/off button.

Chuwi Gt Box

The body of the Chuwi GT Box Mini office and gaming PC is developed of the metal case that is further 13.7 times smaller than the traditional workstation.

Operating System 

The inside configuration of the GT Box PC consists of a reliable digital platform for surging performance and seamless computing. The mini PC is installed with the Windows 10 operating system home version to take responsibility against the durable course.

The Windows operating system is based on the 64-bit technology with prior activation mode. You are free to accomplish what you want to track through the latest Windows version.

Likewise, the Chuwi GT Box Mini PC is powered by the Intel Core i3-5005U Quad-Core processor. It will ensure to prevent delay and lag and confirms stability and reliability all the time.

Chuwi Gt Box

The inside house of any computer system takes on the challenges well if loaded with the modern assumptions. Therefore, the GT Box Mini PC fulfils the needs of the users as they can experience drastic speed at lower power consumption.

To make the operating system super-sonic, the mini PC is also equipped with Intel HD graphic 500 on the chip. Besides, the GPU supports DirectX 12 and clocks at 850 MHz. Cumulatively, the interior is full of strength to create smooth and reliable performance and fast desktop calculations.


If we examine closely, we will find that our smartphones have increased the need for larger storage spaces. Today, higher resolution cameras are capturing ultra-fine HD quality videos, which require larger space to store. Accordingly, the need for the larger capacity hard drives is on the increase.

The Chuwi GT Box Mini PC is truly capable of fulfilling your need for larger storage space. It comes with an 8 GB RAM slot of DDR3 type. The dual-channel RAM chip will improve user performance to enhance daily programming and ensuring responsive speed.

Chuwi Gt Box

If we focus on the internal storage, then it features 256 GB SSD storage space with ultra-high speed data transfer. The data read and write speed is up to five times better than the previous HDD drive. Therefore, the GT Box Mini PC offers you enriched data storage options to save your giant files and other documents.

Not to stop here. The Chuwi GT Box Minicomputer CPU will also facilitate you with storage extensions. It supports up to 2TB external SATA storage HDD to go limitless.

Heat Dissipation System

To fight with the heat weather inside, the Chuwi GT Box Mini PC adapts inbuilt exceptional fan cooling mechanism. It will work wonder to dissipate extra heat and keep the system cool and fresh.

Electronic equipment always keeps a side-threat of gaining heat during the operations. The manufacturers sometimes give some remedies to eliminate the heat so as the machine could perform well in the hot weather. Heat can disturb the performance, which ultimately results in lower productivity and lag.


Notably, the Intel has worked better to control the heat and processor chips are developed with a TDP of 100 watts to ensure higher heat release.

The overall verdict is that the Chuwi GT Box Mini PC has furnished solution in the shape of fans. They will take the heat out and the cool processor chip will make drastic performance to achieve the results.

Media Formats Support

What types of files and which formats the Chuwi GT Box Mini PC is able to play? Well, this is the question which can distract you while going to buying your personal computer for home or office.

In the case of GT Box Mini PC, the users are free to run or play a collection of variant files or drivers. Usually, Windows 10 computer systems come with the required configurations to hit the play button for each file format.

Therefore, you can enjoy any media file format without converting them into another.

Kuljit Sandhu

The video formats it can run include, MKV, WMV, 1080P, ASF, 3GP, DAT, TP, FLV, ISO, M2TS, M4V, AVI, MOV, RMVB, MPEG, MPG, RM, TS, and VOB etc.

Furthermore, the audio formats are OGG, AAC, FLAC, MP2, MP3, ALAV, OGA, WAV, APE and WMA etc.

Similarly, the Chuwi GT Box Mini PC also supports picture formats like GIF, TIFF, BMP, JPEG, JPG, PNG, and XAML5 etc.

Hence, the mini PC provides an extensive approach to enjoy your favourite movies or videos without any hassle and inconvenience.


If your computer system has the right set of tools to get in touch with the external devices, it can be good enough for you. Usually, computer systems come with the inbuilt ports for specific connectivity.

Similarly, the Chuwi GT Box Mini PC also serves you with multiple connectivity options to boost up your work performance.

Chuwi Gt Box

To establish wireless connectivity, the GT Box PC concludes dual-band 5G WIFI 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4 GHz/5 GHz along with the dual-wireless antenna. Therefore, you are ready to enjoy wireless connectivity with external devices.

Chuwi Gt Box

Along with, the system has a Bluetooth 4.0 version as the 2nd option.

If we talk about the ports, then the GT Box Mini PC has an HDMI, LAN, 3.5 mm jack for speakers and headphones, SFP, SSD, SPK, SATA 3.0, dual-USB, and DC 12V etc.

The HDMI version 1.4 supports the functions like HEC, HDCP, and CEC etc.

Furthermore, the RJ45 port delivers 1000 Mbps speed and the system supports multiple languages.

Kuljit Sandhu

To provide the power to the system, an external power adapter with a power input value of 12V is there to attach.

Including all, the Chuwi GT Box Mini PC is a full-featured computer system best for 3D games, home or office use, 3D video, ISO files, DLNA, Miracast, NTSC, PAL and other functionality.


The price factor is making justice with the specifications of the Chuwi GT Box Mini PC. The company has put excellent efforts to equip all the necessaries on the chip to make it a reliable product for all users.

The Gearbest online store is offering the product on discounted rates. You can order the Chuwi GT Box Mini PC against $276.99 on Gearbest after a discount of 16%. You can hit the link below to place an order for the Chuwi GT Box Mini PC:


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