WEMAX ONE Pro Review: A network-wide first test of a true-quality laser Projector

Laser technology is a relatively new concept for users. The diverse and disorderly market is not friendly to users. I want to distinguish the quality of a laser TV. It’s not easy. Recently, we were fortunate to start a WEMAX ONE Pro projector launched by the laser display industry giant-Xiaomi. Let ’s take a look at this. Can Laser TVs Replace TVs? What’s the difference from general smart projection? Laser technology is also a relatively new concept for users. The diverse and disorderly market is not friendly to users. I want to distinguish the quality of a laser TV. It’s not easy. WEMAX ONE Pro


The size of the whole machine is similar to that of a 15-inch notebook computer. It uses obsidian black as the main color, and the shell is made of sandblasted PC. The corners are rounded, which is in line with the public home aesthetics. WEMAX ONE Pro The WEMAX ONE Pro laser TV uses a conventional groove design, and the “WEMAX” logo is placed commensurate with the projection lens. There is also a more implicitly designed power indicator on the border on this central axis. WEMAX ONE Pro laser TV only has one power cable, plug it in and turn it on, or switch on the remote control. The indicator light shows the current power-on status. WEMAX ONE Pro The upper groove is a long glass lens protection cover, the projection lens is in the middle, and the two sides are the built-in infrared sensor of the WEMAX ONE Pro laser TV. The front of the fuselage can detect 55 °, and the sides of the fuselage can sense. To 70 °, when adjusting the displacement of the body or the child is curious to approach, the brightness of the device will be minimized, and the text “Please don’t look directly at the light source, you can press any button on the remote control to exit” is displayed as a warning. WEMAX ONE Pro Moving your eyes to the front, the entire front of the WEMAXONE Pro laser TV is the sound hole of the speaker, and all the speakers are covered by a metal mesh. Built-in two full-range speakers and two high-frequency speakers, the total power is about 30W. It can be directly connected to Bluetooth when it is turned on. It can be used as a Bluetooth speaker without standby. The speakers are front-facing, which is very sensational in the actual experience, especially when playing games. WEMAX ONE Pro Turn the laser TV to the right, there is a large area of ??ventilation holes on the right, and you can still see the two fans inside. In the lower position, there is an adjustment wheel to adjust the height of the right, and a USB2. 0 interface. The height adjustment wheel doesn’t feel very useful. The fuselage weighs 6.9kg. From the perspective of stability, it can’t support it. USB2.0 is placed on the side, which is convenient for game connection or external power amplifier. WEMAX ONE Pro The structure on the left is similar, with a large area of ??heat dissipation holes, and an adjustment wheel to adjust the height on the left. WEMAX ONE Pro The rear terminal interface is integrated in one area. From left to right are HDMI input1, HDMI input2, HDMI 3ARC sound return terminal, USB3.0 interface, Audio Output audio output terminal, AV Input, S / PDIF optical digital audio signal output. Terminal, Ethernet, and the bottom is the power socket. The interface is very complete, game controllers, subwoofers, etc. can be connected to create a home theater in minutes. WEMAX ONE Pro Turning to the bottom of the fuselage, the net weight of 6.9kg is still very heavy, but because it can be placed on the TV cabinet like a TV, it does not need to move often, and stability is guaranteed. There are screw holes on the bottom to support the brackets. The product tabs and cooling holes are located in the middle. The non-slip pads are supported by triangles. The non-slip pads on the upper two corners can be adjusted in height by the left and right wheels. WEMAX ONE Pro The remote control of WEMAX ONE Pro laser TV matches the color tone of the host computer. It is a Bluetooth remote control and supports intelligent voice input. WEMAX ONE Pro

UI content

Plug in the power and turn it on. Let’s take a look at the built-in system and its contents. The WEMAX ONE Pro laser TV has a built-in MIUI operating system, which is consistent with the system of the Xiaomi series TV. Here we will briefly talk about it. Horizontally, TV series, movies, variety shows, sports and other categories are used as tab pages. WEMAX ONE Pro In addition to the built-in massive resources, WEMAX ONE Pro laser TV also supports download and installation of third-party applications, such as games, Dangbei market, etc. The installed third-party applications will be presented on the homepage. WEMAX ONE Pro WEMAX ONE Pro laser TV has the same simple UI operation as Xiaomi TV, the same massive content resources, and the freedom to install third-party applications is open. The key is that there is no boot advertisement. Although the laser TV is novel in technology, it is also useful for watching content. In general, the built-in MIUI system and content can meet daily use without pressure. WEMAX ONE Pro

Technical test

WEMAX ONE Pro The WEMAX ONE Pro laser TV is equipped with a 0.47 ? DMD chip. The core of the light source comes from the new third-generation ALPD®. ALPD® uses advanced laser display technology to overcome the shortcomings of past laser speckle and low green light efficiency. Color brightness has been greatly improved. The red light ratio is as high as 16.8%, and it has a cinema-like center contrast ratio of 4000: 1, and the center’s true brightness is 180nit. The laser TV industry standard is not clear, nit and lumens are random. Here, the reviewer directly compares the picture in bright and dark environments. Performance is enough to illustrate.

Brightness and contrast:

WEMAX ONE Pro Under low light conditions, there are some distortions that cannot be avoided when shooting with the camera. In terms of brightness, the visual performance of the naked eye is not worse than that of a TV, and this is still the case with a white wall. The contrast between light and dark is sharp, the details in the dark are preserved, the bright parts are not overexposed, the skin texture of the character is delicate, and the landscape light levels transition naturally. In general, the brightness is not good, and the screen brightness is really good.

Ultra-short throw projection:

WEMAX ONE Pro WEMAX ONE Pro laser TV adopts 18.08mm large depth of field ultra-short focus lens with a transmission ratio of 0.233: 1, and a 100-inch large screen effect can be obtained 25 cm away from the wall. It can be placed on a TV cabinet like a TV, which is longer than traditional telephoto Projection is much more convenient, wiring, blocking the picture, etc. can be avoided directly. Evaluation Jun put the camera about 4 meters away from the TV cabinet, and then adjusted the distance between the laser TV and the wall, one is 150 inches, one is 100 inches, and the 150-inch giant screen is almost occupying the entire wall, it feels quite Intuitive.

Power and temperature:

Based on ALPD® 3.0 laser display technology, the service life of the light source is up to 25000+ hours. According to 8 hours per day, it can be used for at least 8.5 years. If you turn on the TV often, you will worry about whether it will consume electricity and whether it will be hot for a long time.

Performance Testing

WEMAXONE Pro laser TV is equipped with T968 chip processor, using 2GB + 16GB memory combination, built-in MIUI TV operating system. The standard resolution is 1920 × 1080, the display refresh rate is 60 / 120Hz, compatible with 4K, and supports HDR technology. Supports Bluetooth and dual-band wifi. Supports active shutter 3D technology, which can enable multiple functions of one screen with one button. Support Dolby, DTS dual decoding, built-in high-fidelity speakers.The standby power was 0.3W, and the power during continuous playback for 2 hours was about 216W. This value is higher than the average smart projection, but it is still relatively small compared to the TV. The power of a 75-inch TV is generally 240W. WEMAX ONE Pro

Sound quality:

WEMAX ONE Pro laser TV has two built-in full-range speakers and two high-frequency speakers, with a total output power of about 30W, and supports Bluetooth audio mode when it is turned on. The speakers are all set forward, and the sound is directly transmitted to the human ear, which reduces unnecessary loss.

Game sound effects are indeed an important aid when playing games. The sound characteristics of this game are low stress and high pitched sound.


Laser TV is the first choice for large screen upgrade in the living room at this stage. WEMAX ONE Pro laser TV performs well. WEMAX ONE Pro laser TV adopts Fengmi’s exclusive use of A + grade optical machine products. ALPD® 3.0 laser display technology improves the picture color, contrast, and brightness. The red light ratio is greatly increased, the color gamut is widened, and 180nit is accurate and true brightness to achieve picture quality and brightness Highly unified. The ultra-short throw 0.233: 1 throw ratio, 80-150 inches can be easily realized, solving the inconvenience of wiring and blocking the screen.

The content UI uses Xiaomi’s mature MIUI system, which is easy to operate. It cooperates with multi-party video platforms and has extremely scalable content resources. The performance is 2GB + 16GB for daily downloads. It is equipped with a T968 chip to ensure smooth operation. 4K quality.

With the advent of the big screen era, the advantages of laser TV will become more and more obvious. If you want to see the true content of laser TV, instead of entangled with whether other brands are assembling and whether the light source is qualified, it is better to start directly with the products from the creator of the light source technology. ——WEMAX ONE Pro Projector.

Where to buy Xiaomi WEMAX ONE PRO projector?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!


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