Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro vs Roborock S50: Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Which is the better option between the two?

Are you somebody who absolutely hates cleaning? How would you feel if someone is there to finish all the chores for you? Well, you’re in luck because we live in an era of emerging technology. While there may be some downsides, there are still a lot of pros and that can make your life so much better. With Robot Vacuums, you don’t have to fret anymore whenever it’s time for cleaning. We have two great vacuums that come into play – Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro vs Roborock S50. Also, let’s find out which is the Best Chinese Robot Vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro is the successor of Xiaomi Viomi V2 with many upgrades and improvements. So today we decided to put this brilliant vacuum cleaner against one of the other best robot vacuums – the Roborock S50. Along with the robot vacuum option, you get them all in one feature which comprises tools for sweeping and cleaning. So, which one would be appropriate for you between the Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro vs Roborock S50? Well, that’s what you’re about to find out in our comparison article of Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro vs Roborock S50. Scroll on to find out the differences between these two budget robot vacuum cleaner.

So what is that one disadvantage with a Chinese Vacuum Cleaner?

The only disadvantage I see with these Chinese vacuum cleaners is the number of integrations it offers. Unlike the Samsung robot vacuum cleaners these don’t include google home or the amazon echo. Although with the help of some raspberry and IFTT app companion, this integration can be made possible. Other than that, the hardware it offers is stunningly good for the price it plays at. With Xiaomi Leading the industry!

Comparison of Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro vs Roborock S50 – Budget Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro vs Roborock S50: The Specs

Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro Roborock S50
Highest Variant Price:
Wind Pressure:
2100 Pa
2000 Pa
Battery Life:
60-130 mins
150 mins

Which vacuum cleaner looks good?

The Robot Vacuum takes on the traditional circular shape in both the models-Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro vs Roborock S50. I was truly impressed when I first took a look at the Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro, which comes in a beautiful combination of dark grey and black giving it a sleek look. There is a lustrous circular top with an LDS laser in both the models. A logo is present in the middle of the body. There’s a mechanical button near the edge of the body. The button acts as both a power and a home button. Once you open the lid, you’ll find a dust container, a water tank and a small cleaning brush. Thus, I thought that it had a glamorous look which made it stand out.

The Roborock S50 has a completely different look as opposed to Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro. It has a mono-color throughout the body. My first impression was that I thought it had a minimalist look with its white body. The Roborock S50 also has a circular top in the center and a logo at the bottom. It has three physical buttons inclusive of a power button. Inside, it comes with a dust bin and there is a detachable water tank which you can just slide in. There is a cleaning tool beside it which is used to clean the vacuum.


In the rear side of the vacuum, there are two side wheels, a central wheel, the main cleaning brush and a side brush in both the models-Roborock S50 vs Viomi V2 Pro. With an elegant design, the Roborock S50 blends right in with your home decor. In the end, when it comes to choosing between the Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro vs Roborock S50 based on the design, it depends on whether you need a glamorous or a simple robot vacuum.

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Cleaning performance

There lies a difference in the suction power between the Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro vs Roborock S50. Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro has a high suction power of 2100 Pa, which is impressive. Roborock S50, on the other hand, has a suction power of 2000 Pa. So, what does a higher suction power indicate? A higher suction power usually means that the device can pick up more dirt, and it does a better job at it. I decided to test out that theory. As a result, both the vacuums did a great job. However, the Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro has a different path planning, which, in turn, lead to it to taking a slightly longer time to complete cleaning in the comparison of Roborock S50 vs Viomi V2 Pro.

The important difference to note between the Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro vs Roborock S50 is that the former can sweep and mop simultaneously whereas the latter can vacuum and mop at the same time. With a 300 ml dust box+200 ml water tank, the Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro can be beneficial for hardwood flooring. The Viomi V2 Pro has three cleaning modes: sweep, mop and sweep+mop. It comes with a three-level smart water control system which can control the water output.

An amazing feature is that the robot vacuum can climb up to 2 cm if there are obstacles in both the models-Roborock S50 vs Viomi V2 Pro. Roborock S50, in contrast, can sweep, mop and vacuum as well. Although it can’t sweep and mop at the same time, it can vacuum and mop simultaneously. Therefore, when it comes to choosing between the Roborock S50 vs Viomi V2 Pro, it depends on whether mopping or vacuuming is your priority.

APP Integration

roborock s50 vs viomi v2 pro

It’s astonishing how both the robot vacuums have integration with Alexa and Google Home allowing you to control them with voice commands. They also have Wi-Fi connectivity and app integration as well. The Mi app acts as a remote control to manage the robot vacuum in both the models-Roborock S50 vs Viomi V2 Pro. It provides you with a lot of functions and data such as a live map, area cleaning, position cleaning, and schedule cleaning. You can set a virtual software wall or a frame selection restricted area in Viomi V2 Pro, which means that those areas remain untouched.

It is easy to choose the areas that you want the robot vacuum to clean and what’s even more amazing is with scheduled timing, it’ll automatically start cleaning at the chosen time allowing you to monitor from anywhere. Hence, with the app integration it’s very easy to control your robot vacuum.

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What’s spectacular is that Viomi V2 Pro comes with 12 sensors. The sensors include LSD laser ranging, water tank-in position, dust box-in position, gyro, accelerometer, collision, recharge, cliff, electronic compass, odometer, mop in-position, and fan-speed sensor. The Roborock S50, on the other hand, has several sensors as well, including a 10 mm laser edge, 360 degree LDS pressure, 4 anti-drop stairs, and an automatic self-recharging sensor. With these sensors, the robot vacuum is prevented from crashing into objects and it does not fall either. With the LDS sensor, the robot vacuum can learn the layout of your house in both the models-Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro vs Roborock S50. This feature ensures that you don’t have to keep selecting the cleaning area again. The robot vacuum also divides your house into rooms making it easier to choose a specific room or area. Therefore, both vacuums offer great features.

Battery Life

Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro has a 3200 mAh battery which provides a battery life of 60-130 minutes. The Roborock S50 contrariwise has a 5200 mAh battery, which has 2.5 hours of power, which could clean a house of 250 sq m. The amazing fact is that the robot vacuum automatically returns to recharge again once it completes cleaning or if the battery is drained in both the models. If the battery of either robot vacuum drains before it completes a task, it resumes cleaning once it is fully charged. Thus, in terms of battery life, the Roborock S50 is the best option between the Viomi V2 Pro vs Roborock S50.

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Advantage: Roborock S50

Which budget vacuum cleaner should you buy? – Viomi V2 Pro vs Roborock S50

In the comparison of Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro vs Roborock S50, the Roborock S50 is the winner. Although it is slightly higher in price, it has incredible battery life. That’s not all, but it has an elegant design and it simultaneously vacuums and mops at the same time. However, if the price difference matters and you want a glamorous looking vacuum that can sweep and mop at the same time instead of vacuuming, then the Viomi V2 Pro is the best option. All in all, they’re both great vacuums to own with spectacular features that make our lives easy.

The Xiaomi Mijia ROBOROCK S50 is the glorious winner of the best chinese robot vacuum cleaner. Also, its 10 dollars less than the VIOMI V2 PRO!

Buy Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50

SALE Price: $369.99

Buy Xiaomi VIOMI V2 PRO

SALE Price: $379.99

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