Xiaomi Pocophone F2 Launch May Happen Soon As Per the Recent Patent Leaks

Xiaomi-certified smartphone developer Pocophone is going to unveil its new handset soon in 2020. It will be the Pocophone F2, the successor to the previously revealed Pocophone F1. For the past few months, we have come across various rumours about the same device’s launch. Last month, we came to know from the company’s global head Alvin Tse, who teased that the Xiaomi Pocophone F2 smartphone will become a reality soon this year. But now, we receive a solid proof to confirm the news thanks to the leaked trademark application by the company.

Features of Xiaomi Pocophone F2:

As per the reports, Xiaomi Pocophone has applied for the trademark for the Xiaomi Pocophone F2 phone reportedly. The documents shared by the tipster; the company has filed an application to lock the trademark for the Poco F2 phone. Hence, we can assume that the Poco F1’s successor is under development or on the way to the launchpad.

Furthermore, Xiaomi Pocophone trademark was published right before the official launch of the handset. It apparently indicates that the company may announce the phone launch anytime this year, as per reports by the GSMArena platform.

The Pocophone F1 was among the most successful handsets launched in past years. Since then, users were keenly waiting for the successor of the same with some improved specs altogether. Now, the Pocophone F2 is being rumored to come in the picture soon, and the recent trademark application leaks fortify the news of handset’s arrival.

If everything happens as per plans, we will soon have our hands on the Pocophone F2 smartphone. The name Xioami Pocophone F2 is globally except India. As it will be the Poco F2 here. The Pocophone F1 is known as Poco F1 in India, so we can assume the same pattern to be followed again this time as well.

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