2020 XGIMI MoGo Pro (XK036): Personal theater with the blessing of Harman Kardon for just $399.99

At CES 2020, which recently came to an end, the leading smart projection brand Extreme Mi Technology won the CES Innovation Award again with its two products, MoGo and XGIMI MoGo Pro. It took about 2 weeks from order to arrival. xgimi MoGo Pro

For more information about XGIMI Mogo Pro, please visit Gearbest site here. What’s amazing about Mogo Pro is that it has a built-in Android TV. YouTube, Netflix and Prime Video can be installed on the main unit, so if you have the main unit and internet environment, you can enjoy the video with just that. I own the same XGIMI “H1” projector, but I can’t install the app here, so I’m connecting to Amazon’s “Fire TV Stick” and making it a video source.

xgimi MoGo Pro

Speaking of mobile projectors with built-in Android TV, there is Anker’s Nebula Capsule II, which can be delivered immediately after ordering from Amazon without having to send it from China. “Mobile projector with built-in Android TV”, “Mogo Pro” and “Nebula Capsule II” have very similar concepts. The Nebula Capsule ?, which could be easily bought and enjoyed, was quite intriguing, but when comparing the functional aspects, there were many points that Mogo Pro was better, so I decided to use Mogo Pro. did. Here are the specs of “Mogo Pro” that attracted me.

resolution 1920 × 1080
Keystone correction Vertical: ± 40 degrees, Horizontal: ± 40 degrees
Luminance 300 ANSI lumens
speaker Harman-Kardon dual 3W speaker unit

Although it is a mobile projector, it can output full HD video, has a brightness of 300 ANSI lumens, and the speaker is Harman-Kardon after all. “Nebula Capsule ?” has a resolution of 720P, keystone correction is vertical only, and luminance is 200 ANSI lumens, so the specifications around here are “Mogo Pro” higher.

xgimi MoGo Pro

It is hard to understand in the picture, but it is quite compact. The main body, remote control, adapter, and instructions were included. I put the power cable in the photo above, but to be exact, the power cable was not in the box, only the adapter. I tried to line it up with a nearby Nintendo Switch Lite, but it was shorter than the width of the Switch. It is surprising that full HD video can be output at this size.

xgimi MoGo Pro

The upper part looks like this. Since the protective sheet has not been peeled off yet, the characters appear slightly strange, but the volume and the play button? there is.

xgimi MoGo Pro

The back of the XGIMI Mogo Pro looks like this. At the top is the word harman / kardon, below which are the power button, headphone output, HDMI input, USB and power connection. MoGo Pro is the world’s first 1080P portable projector equipped with native Android TV, with a compact and exquisite appearance, built-in harman / kardon audio and large-capacity battery. The large screen can be cast anywhere, and music can be heard. MoGo and MoGo Pro are configured and Prices vary, giving young users an extra option.

Where to buy XGIMI MoGo Pro (XK03S ) projector?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!

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