VORKE Notebook 15 Laptop Hands-On Review – Best Notebook at Cheapest Price

Today technology is everywhere, it is an indisputable fact since we have completely immersed ourselves in a world full of intelligent devices, such as gadgets, smartphones, and other devices that help us have a better lifestyle, in this article we will talk about a new VORKE Notebook 15 laptop. VORKE Notebook 15 is the brand’s first laptop with a 15.6-inch Full HD display, an Intel Core i5 / i7 processor, 8 / 256GB of memory, and good battery life.

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VORKE Notebook i7-4500U (8GB + 256GB) $379.99 VorkeBookL CN Stock
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Already well established in the Mini PC and Android TV Box market, VORKE has decided to launch its own line of notebooks: VORKE Notebook 15. This is obviously not a high-end range, but a family of cheap laptops with an “interesting” configuration and a modern design featuring a metal frame with a thin frame display. The VORKE Notebook 15 has 2 versions, the most interesting with an Intel Core i5-8250U Quad-Core processor manufactured in 14nm and a second with a cheaper Intel Core i7-4500 processor. At the level of memory and storage, both models come with 8 GB of DDR3 RAM and a 256GB SSD capacity. A more than enough configuration for office automation and all kinds of office applications including simple games. let’s see how they behave in our review!

Vorke focuses on Mini PC, HTPC, IXT mini, Android TV Box, etc, Vorke Stands between users and the new practical technology. Vorke was founded in 2015 by a professional and innovative team of individuals who made up their minds to make better products at affordable prices. With the 2 years development, Vorke has got a good reputation overseas and more and more buyers love this brand. So we do not only develop our own VORKE Brand, but we also engine in the OEM & ODM Project. 


As usual, the VORKE Notebook 15 comes in a premium black color cardboard box, It has dimensions of 415 x 285 x 83mm and a weight of 3kg, being a light for this type of product, so the shipping cost should not be very high, although we cannot ignore that this will be subject to a greater extent to the destination and agency of our preference.

Once we open our package we will find the computer perfectly protected, The hard-shell plastic is fixed in the inverted mold, apart we can find a series of basic accessories to enjoy this laptop:

  • Vorke Notebook – 1x
  • Power Adapter – 1x
  • Plug Adapter(Depending On Your Shipping Country) – 1x
  • HDD Stand – 1x
  • User Manual – 1x


The Vorke Notebook 15 impresses us with its elegant design that borders on the minimalist; presenting elegance and distinction, attracting all the eyes of the users. It is available in a beautiful metallic gray color as you would expect. Vorke Notebook is the first laptop of the new Vorke brand; the design resembles that already seen with the RedmiBook. Actually, it must be said that the similarity is due to the fact that both want to be inspired by MacBook a few years ago. Nevertheless, I must say that aesthetics is very pleasant thanks to an aluminum body with no particular frills; medium-sized frames, and a beautiful black keyboard that contrasts with the gray color of the notebook.

This Vorke Notebook 15 is smaller than other conventional laptops since it has dimensions of 370 x 245 x 19mm and has a weight of 1.78kg, this makes it very light and compact equipment, this allows us to move it to anywhere is easier because it does not take up much space, something important to emphasize, is its backlit keyboard, with soft and less noisy keys, which makes its quality and reliability one of the highest in the market.

Another thing that should be mentioned of this product is that it has rigorous manufacturing, due to having a manufactured surface alloy of aluminum of high hardness that makes up the fuselage, coupled with this, the structure has a shape with edges Curves that give it a premium appearance. Visually, the laptop looks pretty elegant and the design has an independent touch, although you can still find a trace of MacBook DNA. Striking are the large rubber strips on the bottom, which give the Vorke Notebook 15 a very secure footing and also ensure a neat distance to the ground. This is not only beneficial for cooling, but it also avoids scratches on the subfloor.

If you turn the laptop over, we will see 4 silicone legs that prevent the ultra beech from sliding on the table and of course high-quality cooling of the computer itself, that is, between them, there are ventilation grilles for air intake and further cooling of the laptop. Onboard the Vorke 15 there are two speakers that provide stereo sound with a volume enabling presentation in the conference room for 6-8 people and quality for watching movies.

On the left side we have: a port for powering the Notebook, a 3.5mm Headphone Jack, 1x SD Reader, and two USB 2.0 connectors. On the right side, there are two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI connector, and a 1x Type-C port.

Opening the cover like on a Mac Book does not work. So far, manufacturers can make the hinges of the laptop and its weight distribution so that you can open it with just one finger. As for the quality of the loops and holding the display in the desired degrees of disclosure, then everything is in order. The hinges hold well, everything is fixed in the right plane and without the owner’s need, nothing goes anywhere or staggers.

The use of narrow screen frames has resulted in the need to find a better place for the camera than the upper edge of the display. Vorke 15 designers found them at the base of the screen, on a hinge running along with the entire connection between the computer and the display cover. The users of several other notebook models, including Lenovo and Huawei costing 3-4 times as many devices, have already been convinced that this is not the optimal location of the camera, so you cannot blame Vorke for that. Oh, it is worth remembering that while talking on Skype we will be more visible from below.


The keyboards in the China laptops repeatedly prove to be one of their biggest weaknesses – and sometimes even in the higher price range. So it’s nice to see that this is with the Vorke Notebook 15 is exactly the opposite. We see these as one of the greatest strengths of the laptop. After two weeks of daily use and a lot of paperwork on the Vorke Notebook 15, we can say that we even prefer the keyboard to the keyboard that we used in our MacBook Pro from mid-2014. The Vorke Notebook 15 is very comfortable and above all write quickly.

The Vorke Notebook 15 does not have annoying problems such as double-recognized keystrokes or skipped characters. Compared to other China laptops, the key travel is significantly higher, which suits us very well – but that is certainly also a matter of taste. In addition, the keys spring back the fingers comfortably, which increases comfort when typing quickly. The haptic feedback of the keys is clear, but the pressure resistance is not too high.

The keys are very stable and do not wobble. So there is no cheap-looking rattling when typing. In addition, the keyboard or the housing does not bend when the keys are firmly attached. So far, no keys got stuck in the entire test period. In addition, we find it good that Vorke Notebook 15 also offers keyboard shortcuts to regulate the display brightness, volume, and the WLAN module.


In the Vorke Notebook 15, a precision touchpad with a comfortable size is installed. The manufacturer of the touchpad is unfortunately not visible, but you can say with almost certainty that it is not a Synaptics touchpad. As is common today, the touchpad comes in a clickpad version. The mouse buttons are hidden under the touch surface. The touch surface feels valuable and has almost the same color as the housing. A subtle metallic glitter appears under sunlight. The surface feels minimally rough and has very pleasant gliding properties after some use. However, it is a bit annoying that the touch surface is slightly loose. When you tap it, it rattles and even with fine movements, you can feel the touch surface moving slightly.

We are very satisfied with the precision of the touchpad. It is definitely one of the better touchpads in China’s laptops. Multi-touch detection also works perfectly. Two-finger scrolling is never recognized as pinch to zoom. The feeling of an Apple trackpad, of course, cannot be matched. Anyone who comes from a MacBook will still feel comfortable after a short familiarization phase. The touchpad in the Vorke Notebook 15 supports all Windows 10 gestures.


This Notebook incorporates a 15.6-inch with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 FHD, as well as a 16: 9 format.  a density of 166 dpi and a brightness of 300 nits. In addition to having a fairly large screen, the quality of it is very good, with an excellent representation of colors that will surely leave you very pleased. It has Full HD resolution with IPS technology, which makes it very bright indoors, but also outdoors. You can enjoy the visual quality offered without too much commitment. The new Vorke Notebook received thin frames around the screen – only 5 mm Bezels. The screen-to-body ratio is 81.2%. This is not to say that the display is completely frameless, which covers approximately 89.5% of the available surface thanks to the adoption of reduced frames on the sides and at the bottom.

IPS technology offers a surprisingly good image. The screen has no visible parallax effect, viewing angles are good, both vertically and horizontally, and color reproduction gives no reason to complain. The backlight also looks good, as it provides maximum brightness without any problem for working in bright rooms. In a word, the image is sharp, bright, and with clear colors, and also strongly and evenly highlighted. The screen uses a matte finish that prevents glare in the sun.

The technology it has is IPS Full Laminated, resulting in excellent color reproduction, well-calibrated, and really rewarding thanks to the 600: 1 contrasts. The blacks are deep and the colors, in general, are not altered, even when we tilt the screen at a maximum angle of 130 degrees, supported by the hinge that guarantees stability to the laptop. The visual experience is optimal, especially for the size of your screen. Sunlight is not annoying on the monitor. As for the resistance, we have not tested it thoroughly to check it, but we can say that during the use of the laptop, it was carried in a backpack, and at the time of taking it out we saw no damage, also confirming the good portability due to Its low weight of only 1.78kg.

Hardware Performance

The Vorke Notebook 15 version we tested is equipped with a very old low-voltage Core i7-4500U processor, integrated Intel HD4400 graphics card, and 8 GB of RAM. The SSD hard disk has a nominal capacity of 256 GB of which about 180 GB is available to the user, divided into two partitions. A power that in everyday use allows us to take advantage of the laptop without any commitment, and without obtaining any deceleration or delay of any kind.

In tests, PC Mark 10 Vorke 15 obtained a score of 2998 points, which can be considered comparable to what the Core i3 CPU offered two years ago. This is just a decent result for a computer, which will be used to browse Facebook and news portals, enable work in the Office suite, and provide entertainment in the form of watching the latest episodes of series from Netflix or HBO Go. In its price category, Vorke competes with notebooks equipped with Pentium and Celeron class central units, against which it performs really well.

For cooling, the Vorke Notebook 15 uses a small heat sink with a heat pipe and a fan, which sucks in cold air from below through an opening in the floor and blows it out again at the display hinge. The cooling system was implemented well and reliably keeps the processor temperatures well below 80 degrees even under continuous full load. The case becomes maximally lukewarm. In view of the low temperatures, it is a shame that Vorke has set the power limit for the continuous load to 15 watts. Here, the power limit could have been set 5 watts higher, which would enable higher clock speeds and would also make the Vorke Notebook 15 a whole lot faster. The UEFI (BIOS) is unfortunately completely blocked so that no changes can be made in this regard.

What bothers us a bit is the aggressive fan curve, which you cannot change either. The fan is not excessively loud but generates a whir that is clearly audible. The fan starts at 50 degrees, which is covered. A fan starts at the lowest speed at 70 degrees would have been sufficient. Instead, the fan already reaches the maximum speed at 70 degrees. Here it would be if Vorke would change the fan curve with a BIOS update or give the user the opportunity to screw on it themselves.

The main memory can be upgraded, but unfortunately, only single-channel RAM is supported here, because the Vorke Notebook 15 only offers one RAM slot for space reasons. An 8GB DDR4 SO-DIMM module is installed here, which clocks with 2400MHz. If you want to upgrade the RAM you can install modules with up to 16GB and a 2666MHz clock.

The factory-installed SSD comes from SKIHOTAR and offers 256GB of storage. It is a SATA SSD in M.2 2280 format and delivers good values in the benchmark. The M.2 SSD can be exchanged for any model and an upgrade to a much faster NVMe SSD is possible, as this is a hybrid slot that supports both SATA and PCIe NVMe SSDs. We successfully tested an NVMe SSD. This was connected with four PCI Express lanes and has reached the expected speed beyond 2GB / s when reading.

In addition, you can equip the Vorke Notebook 15 with a second SSD or hard drive in a 2.5-inch format. For this, there is a corresponding slot inside the laptop and a suitable mounting frame including screws are included in the scope of delivery. In the test, we installed a 2.5 inch SSD from Intenso, which was easy to use and was used for the installation of macOS.

The four USB Type-A ports on the Vorke Notebook 15 work without any problems and are at a sufficient distance from each other. Two of the USB-A ports offer USB 3.1 Gen 1 support and achieve the expected speeds here. There are no problems with the power supply. Smartphones can be charged easily and external 2.5 inch hard drives can also be operated without a power supply. In addition, the Vorke Notebook 15 offers a USB Type-C port, which, however, only offers USB 3.1 Gen 1 and can neither be used for video output nor for charging the notebook.

External screens can only be operated via the HDMI output in a standard size. This supports HDMI 1.4 and thus a maximum resolution of 1600p with 60Hz. 4k screens can also be operated, but then only with 24Hz. It would have been nice here if Vorke had installed an internal converter from DisplayPort to HDMI 2.0 in order to be able to operate 4k displays with 60Hz. Alternatively, a DisplayPort would also have been available.

Windows OS

On the software side, the Vorke Notebook 15 amazes once again. The notebook is delivered with Windows 10 Pro instead of the usual home version. And no, this is not an unlicensed version but a fully activated copy. The license key is stored in the UEFI firmware and thus allows a new installation with automatic activation. It is also commendable that the system works without additional bloatware. Vorke does not install any demo software or any more or less useful tools. Even scans for malware were unsuccessful. By default, the Vorke Notebook 15 starts in English.

Audio Quality

In the Vorke Notebook 15, two loudspeakers for stereo sound are installed; which are fired by a Realtek ALC269VC audio codec. The speakers are on the underside, where they are unfortunately quickly hidden; when you use the laptop on your feet or stand on a soft surface where it sinks. Apart from that, the speaker’s score with a surprisingly good sound. They are certainly not high-end speakers; but they hardly ever scratch even at full volume and even offer a slight draft. There is also room for improvement through software such as increasing volume and bass boost. If you lend a hand here, the Vorke Notebook 15 is really fun when it comes to audio.

The output on the 3.5mm headphone jack is also convincing. The output is clear and shows neither excessive background noise nor other disturbances such as humming or whining. The maximum volume could be a little higher but is still in a good range. Of course, you can also get a little more out of this with software tweaks. For voice chats or sound recordings, the Vorke Notebook 15 offers a mono microphone. This is located on the right above the keyboard next to the power button and the status LEDs. Basically, the microphone offers very good audio quality and sounds much clearer than most other China laptops. Unfortunately, however, it generates quite a lot of background noise, so it is only useful for voice chats. An external microphone can connect to the 3.5mm port or via USB.


The 2MP webcam in the Vorke Notebook 15, unfortunately, offers only very poor quality. Unfortunately, this applies to both pictures and videos. In addition, the videos offer a very low frame rate and are therefore almost unusable. Basically, Vorke could have saved the camera, because there is no practical application.


The Vorke Notebook 15 comes without an Ethernet connection and can therefore only connect to the Internet via WLAN. For this purpose, an Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 M.2 A + E key card is installed. Two antennas are connected, one for WLAN and one for Bluetooth. The WiFi reception is very good and we were able to fully utilize our 200Mbit Internet connection right next to the router. On one floor below the router, the 5GHz connection remains with a stable and high bandwidth.

The Bluetooth range is somewhat weak and does not extend out of one room. However, there are no difficulties in the same room. However, this only applies to a 5GHz WLAN connection. If you use 2.4 GHz WLAN, Bluetooth becomes unusable; since both transmit in the same frequency range and thus interfere with each other due to the close proximity of the antennas. However, this is a common problem with which the Vorke Notebook 15 is not alone. The problem can observe in many notebooks from well-known manufacturers and also in many smartphones.

Incidentally, we swapped the network card for a macOS against a Dell Wireless DW1820A. The exchange went very smoothly. You only have to remove the antennas from the old card, remove the screw and then remove the card. The new card is reinstalled in reverse order and is then recognized immediately. The key combinations for activating and deactivating WLAN and Bluetooth remain usable; as they are executed at the ACPI level and are independent of the WLAN card installed.


In the Vorke Notebook 15, there is a 45.6 watt-hour lithium-polymer battery; that is not glued but fastened with screws and can thus be replaced, at least in theory. In practice, however, a replacement will not be possible due to the lack of replacement batteries. Vorke advertises the Notebook 15 with “battery life for the whole day”. We don’t want to sign that. Without a doubt, the battery life is good. Depending on the display brightness and area of use, runtimes between 4 and 8 hours are possible; whereby the typical runtime in office and entertainment use ranges from 6 to 7 hours. The battery life tends to be slightly better under macOS than under Windows. These are very solid values, but for most users, this is probably not enough for the whole day.

Unfortunately, the Vorke Notebook 15 is not charged via USB-C but only via the DC-In port. The included power supply delivers a voltage of 19V and a maximum current of 3.42A. The power is just under 65 watts, which is enough to charge the notebook and use it at the same time. The battery allows itself a maximum of 15 watts when charging. This results in a charging time of around 2.5 hours starting from 20%.


The Vorke Notebook 15 is a surprisingly good China laptop for a price of $400 and can be an alternative to the Xiaomi offer; depending on personal requirements – especially when it comes to upgrades. The RAM is soldered to the RedmiBooks, for example, which is not the case with the Vorke Notebook 15. And also in comparison with the big and established brands you get significantly more for your money. Similarly equipped devices are in most cases significantly more expensive and with cheaper offers; you have to do without a metal housing and often only get a TN display.

The biggest weaknesses of the Vorke Notebook 15 are the touchpad; which, apart from two-finger scrolling, does not support gestures, the overly aggressive fan control, and the webcam. Apart from that, the laptop does a lot right and is, therefore; worth a recommendation – also for use as a Hackintosh / hack book with macOS. However, the recommendation is expressly not aimed at the model with i7-4500U; because this processor is hopelessly out of date. The chip is not only slower than the i5-8250U / i5-8350U; it only supports DDR3 RAM and does not offer a GPU accelerated HEVC decoding and encoding.

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