I100000 TWS review: A Perfect Clone of Apple Airpods Pro

Internet is flooded with clones and copies of original devices such as Iphone 11 pro max and Ipad pro. As, it is hard to differentiate original products from thousands of copies. Also, I have tested several clones of airpod pro,for example tws is one of the best copy of airpod in the market. In the first glance, it is not easy task to tell the difference between clones and originals. There is a copy of airpod pro called i100000 TWS which have best sound quality in the market.

Today, I will discuss the build quality, design, touch feeling of the product and expected sound quality  at reasonable price of clones.

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I100000 tws

Most importantly, it will hardly cost you $49 so, does the quality appears from outer looks and there is no need to expect to much from such product.

The I100000 TWS I perfectly copies the originals ones in every form  such in connectivity and charging. Firstly, a pop-up window opens in Iphone when the case of Airpod pro clone so, it is quite simple to pair up the the iphone with earpods. According to the specifications of product, it has a infrared sensor in sound channel  , which pauses the music  or calls instantaneously when earpods are pulled out from ear canal.

Nextly, it can work 4 hour on music playing and 2 hours are needed to charge the earpods fully. The product have wireless charging which is a great thing  In $45.

Packing  and things that are included in box

Box is painted in white color and earpods are printed on front side of package . Feature and functionality is written on back side of box

When you will open the box, there will a case of earpod and manual guides inside.  Also, the lightning port cable is given by the company to charge the products.

I100000 tws

The chinese companies are prefect in copying the original products so, does this products cloned the Airpod pro. However, I100000 TWS is failed to copy properly because company  has not given extra sillicone earpads. No additional earpads has become big disadvantage of this products, because everyone does not have prefect fitting of earpod tips which are given by company in box.


Looks of the I100000TWS are similar to Airpods pro as nobody can tell originality of the product at first sight except professionals and reviewers. To get the clause of product, you need to use I1000000 TWS for three to four days.

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I100000 tws

Moving further, a person can generalise  geniune and fake product by the weight of  earpods. These earpods are lighter than actual one . I100000 TWS weights around 35.5 gramms and AIRPOD pro have wieght of 42 gramms. The sillicone noozles are working as miracle because you can wear earpods not only on working days  but also on sporty days such as in running task etcetra.

I100000 TWS Features:

Personally, I lovethe wireless charging because  it works fastly than cable charging, also the infrared sensor . size of earpod is prefect for the my ear so, I don’t have any kind of problem with fitting. Many users argued that earpods are not fitting properly in their ear. Everyone wants extra earpad cushion pack in box.

I100000 tws

Fitting really matters in this product because it can affect the level of comfort as well as music listening experience . The Airpod pro clones have short leg which really mimics the originality. As, touch pad on sides are working same as original product single tap hlps to pause/play and double tap changes the track.

Build quality

I100000TWS looks very pleasant and shiny, but it appears more of mate rather than shiny. High quality of plastic makes product more glossy. Fingerprints are not noticeable on white color of earpods as compare black ones. On the botttom side of the earpod, there are holes to charge the product and for microphhone.

I100000 tws

Touch response is very great on single tap and nobody can say it bad. However, the earpods are not tightly fitting in thre case so, dust can easily enter the case . Altough, there is not a protective layer in the casing of earpods.

Connectivity and control

The mechanical button on back side casing of earpods  gives it more realistic feel . also, it works finely to connect/pair with the device or to reset the setting. These earpods are connecting with the iphone  same as original Airpod pro for example  a window pop-ups in Iphones which describes battery charge of earpods and case.  Bluetooth version and range is not defined on box  but range of connectivity is 25 meters maximum.

I100000 tws


Sound quality is great at low and medium frequency .For instance, you can enjoy the sound at low frequency of music even on medium frequency. Sound might crack after certain frequency but I didn’t got any problem after using this product for 2-3 days at 80% volume. In short calls, you can get best of the best sound . Eventually,  I1000000 TWS does not consist active noise cancelling.

I100000 tws


Power of battery is not described on packaging in form MAH. When I used earpods personally ,  it worked for  2 hour on calling and 3 hours on music playing. You can charge earpods it 2-3 times more from case . Earpods case takes 4 hours to get charged fully.

I100000 tws

Our verdict

I100000 TWS is value for money product. You can get best deal at $45 with lightining port cable. If you are looking for great product in less  price so, this product is made for you.

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