SONOFF Mini Two-Way DIY Mode Smart Switch with Amazon Alexa Google Home Assistant now for just $9.35

SONOFF has come in the market with automatic DIY Mini smart switch to handle your home appliances wirelessly and effortlessly. It can be used with various types of switch boxes to be universally applicable. Today, we will know about the SONOFF DIY Mini Smart Switch features and how it works in collaboration with varied switch modules.

The SONOFF DIY Mini Smart Switch is built of PC V0 material and configurable with worldwide switch patterns swiftly. Now, you can control your home appliances just by voice orders. For the purpose, it uses the rocker light switch to manage the devices intelligently.

Furthermore, it needs only a little storage space while installing into various types of switch boxes. As per the connectivity, the SONOFF Mini Smart Switch supports App control, voice control, LAN control etc.

Features and Specifications

Design and Construction

Well, the SONOFF has assembled the Mini Smart Switch with PC V0 material to ensure sturdiness and durability. It further adds ergonomic and compact design to feel you comfortable while operating the functionalities.

Further, the Smart Switch comes in two pieces to ease the controlling features. On the front, it crafts the brand logo, whereas you will get a wire on the right side. The whole body is well saturated in the white colour shade. Physically, it measures 42.6 x 42.6 x 20 mm.

SONOFF DIY Mini smart

Intelligent Controlling

The DIY Mini Smart Switch is principally designed to assist you in handling your home appliances smartly. It is equipped with the WIFI IEEE 802.11 b/g/n as well as LAN network to ensure strong connectivity.

Moreover, it also works with external switchboard through a wire. You can connect it with the rocker light switch to turn off/on your appliances connected with this smart switch.

DIY Mode

The DIY mode is also there with the SONOFF DIY Mini Smart Switch. Using the REST API, users can connect the smart switch with their existing home automation mechanism.

SONOFF DIY Mini smart


Notably, the Mini Smart Switch allows you to schedule the on-off time for the devices you want to control. Ultimately, it will save needless power consumption.

App and Voice Assistant

Now, controlling your home appliances will be fun as the SONOFF DIY Mini Smart Switch sports mobile app and Alexa Voice Assistant programs. Sync the switch with eWeLink app and control your home anytime anywhere.

Similarly, you can also connect it with the Alexa Voice assistant to turn on/off the devices in a hands-free way.


The SONOFF DIY Mini Smart Switch will cost you $9.35 on Banggood. Click to buy now:


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