XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier MJXFJ-300-G1 Intelligent Household Filter At $1040

Air purification, ventilation, oxygen supply, disinfection, deodorizing, preventing allergens are the effects that the fresh air suction and deodorizing XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier brings. This promises to be the device that delivers a clean atmosphere and health protection for all modern user spaces.

Why is it necessary to equip XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier?

Unlike the conventional air purifier on the market, which only provides air conditioning function, XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier MJXFJ-300-G1  draws fresh air outside and quickly solve four major air problems. However, the current concern is the concentration of CO2, PM2.5 particles, formaldehyde, dust mites. Besides, the ventilation, oxygen enrichment mechanism removes polluted air from space quickly.
XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier

Mijia MJXFJ-300-G1 Detailed Information:

  • Model: MJXFJ-300-G1
  • Size: 970 x 365 x 230mm
  • Volume: about 16kg
  • Rated air volume: 300m3 / h
  • Applicable area: ?105m2
  • Rated voltage: 220V
  • Rated frequency: 50Hz
  • Rated power: 35W
  • Auxiliary thermal power: 800W
  • Noise level: 36dB (A)
  • Wireless connection: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b / g / n 2.4G

Quickly solve 4 major air pollution

XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier cum detoxifier Mijia MJXFJ-300-G1 works to bring an oxygen-rich air inside. And then undergo a high-efficiency filtration process and is continuously transferred into space with a flow of 300m3 /h. At the same time, the polluted air will be discharged.

XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier

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Reduce CO2 quickly

Ability to quickly reduce 70.3% of CO2 in the air in just 60 minutes. Specifically, in lousy weather or users who often close their doors at night will increase the amount of CO2 in the air, causing nausea and affect sleep. Mijia filters help improve oxygen content, maintain a stable CO2 concentration below 500ppm to bring a cleaner atmosphere.
XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier

Remove PM2.5

The ability to remove 92.5% of PM2.5 in the air with only 60 minutes of operation. XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier not only effectively purifies the air in the space, but also eliminates invasive air pollution, preventing secondary infection.

XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier

Remove formaldehyde

The Mijia air purifier helps to continuously pump a large amount of fresh air into the house. Thereby diluting the air and helping to release 90.9% of harmful gases such as formaldehyde and TVOC.

XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier

Prevent dust intrusion, allergens

Also, during the operation of the filter will help increase the volume of indoor air, thereby effectively preventing outdoor pollutants such as dust mites, pollen, bacteria, bacteria from animals invasion. To ensure health for all family members, especially the elderly and children.

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Equipped with independent 3-layer filter

XIAOMI Air Purifier Mijia MJXFJ-300-G1 is integrated with a 3-layer filter to increase purification efficiency. This makes it completely eliminate all harmful substances in the air. Specifically, H13 filter paper provides 99.98% filtration efficiency of PM0.3, PM2.5, sterilization, removal of harmful substances, bacteria. The middle filter helps prevent dust, pollen. The allergen with the primary function is to reduce the burden on the main filter, extend the life and save more energy. The ultra-high capacity filter is designed to prevent mosquitoes, dust from entering, reducing the risk of clogging. It can be easily disassembled and reused.
XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier
XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier

Sensitive sensor technology, intelligent

The duct structure design with the inverter fan helps the air pressure more evenly. Allowing the filter to generate more energy and diffuse the air evenly to avoid putting pressure and discomfort on users. In addition, the device is equipped with a high sensitivity laser sensor for sufficient resolution of particles with a diameter of only 0.3 microns. Sense air CO2 sensor is imported from Sweden for long life, high-frequency detection every 2 seconds, helping to control the change of indoor CO2 concentration in real-time.

XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier

XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier

In particular, the Xiaomi air purifier is also equipped with an auxiliary heat mode of 800W power. When the air temperature is detected lower than the set value, the auxiliary heating mode will start automatically, warm the air, avoiding cold air from affecting the room.

XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier

Smart control, smooth operation

XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier MJXFJ-300-G1 offers three intelligent control modes such as direct control, voice control, and remote control via the Smart App. The OLED screen equipped to display PM2.5, CO2 concentration indoors in real-time, and users can also directly control by touch.

XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier

Centrifugal fan with 100% dynamic balance adjustment technology reduces noise when the rotor rotates. At maximum air mode only emits noise level of 36dB, in sleep mode is 20.4dB. This makes the device extremely quiet and almost does not affect user life.

XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier

Flexible design, easy to install

Mijia Air Purifier MJXFJ-300-G1 is designed with a quite compact structure with dimensions of 970 x 365 x 230mm and elegant white color. So you can easily arrange it in any space. Its durable ABS plastic cover, not easy to stain, easy to disassemble the door structure from screen contact. The special design of 3 inlets helps users easily choose different installation directions: flexible wall design, simple installation, and no need to set up pipes.

XIAOMI Mijia Air Purifier

How to buy?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggod, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!


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