Xiaomi 2019 Linptech G6L-SW Wireless Doorbell Now Available For $19.99

If you are fed up with regular visitors or your household often has a problem of burgling, who have sophisticated tricks to infiltrate your home, the Xiaomi Linptech G6L-SW Wireless Doorbell can provide adequate and reasonable protection.

Xiaomi Linptech G6L-SW Wireless Doorbell

Xiaomi Linptech G6L-SW Wireless Doorbell : Beautiful design, Higher quality materials

Linptech-G6L-SW wireless doorbell comprises one bell and one sound alert system made to synchronize with one another. Especially, both of these have a circular layout with compact dimensions. In any case, white colour additionally contributes to improving the exquisite elegance of the product.

Xiaomi Linptech G6L-SW Wireless Doorbell

The Xiaomi Wireless Doorbell is made of premium high-strength flame-resistant polycarbonate material. Its outer surface has matt covering, anti-fouling and excellent fingerprint resistance. The audible alarm component has a thorough structure such as the self-created module, Faraday’s new electromagnetic induction detector and an outer cap. There’s also a useful backplane.

No need of batteries:

Xiaomi Linptech G6L-SW Wireless Doorbell

One of the key features of Xiaomi Linptech G6L-SW Wireless Doorbell definitely includes its no use of batteries system. The latest device uses kinetic energy force from the hand to convert it into electrical energy to ring the bell. It means that you will never have to worry about charging or replacing the battery of the Wireless Doorbell. Its newly-built Faraday electromagnetic induction inside the bell makes the product more environmentally friendly while increasing the life span of the goods.

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Simple installation, customized as you like

Xiaomi Linptech G6L-SW Wireless Doorbell

Compared to other wireless doorbells available online Linptech G6L-SW Wireless Doorbell setup is quite straightforward. Simply set the bell with 3M glue on the rear of the doorway in the doorway that you would like to ring. In case your door surface isn’t flat, you may use the backplane to correct the bell into the wall. With wireless connectivity, you don’t have to go through the cumbersome process of wiring as with other bells in the marketplace.

Xiaomi Linptech G6L-SW Wireless Doorbell

Moreover, the Xiaomi 2019 Wireless Doorbell also comes equipped with 36 different ringtones, so you can customize it as you like, to meet your taste. The latest device also features a smart processor, that enables the device to store ringtones before it’s switched off. Besides, the bell also supports 5 volume levels that allow you to customize the elderly to hear the bell.

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Support pairing multiple devices, connect via App

Being a Xiaomi ecosystem product, the Xiaomi Linptech G6L-SW Wireless Doorbell also sports the ability to pair freely with any smart device. It can be paired with many different push buttons and vice versa. If you have quite ample space, you can also use a bell button to connect the pot with many alarm and put it in many different places such as office, bedroom, living room to effortlessly receive notifications. And also to distinguish you can fix unique ringtones for each doorway.

Xiaomi Linptech G6L-SW Wireless Doorbell

Just like the other doorbells from Xiaomi, the Linptech G6L-SW Wireless Doorbell can also connect and controlled by the Mijia App, and other smart devices.

How to buy?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Gearbest, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!


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