Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Negative ion Hair Dryer (1800W) Hands-On Review

There are many people who are always looking for an ergonomic hairdryer that they can easily carry in their suitcase when they travel. To whom this happens, they would normally like to dry and fix their hair before going to any occasion when they are traveling. It is no secret to anyone that not all hotels have good hairdryers, usually, it is just a simple dryer whose function is to give hot air and little else; So they don’t help much for the beautification process. To avoid so many headaches we recommend the Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Negative ion Hair Dryer, which has all those features that I was looking for but with quality and certified safety.

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And if they are not traveling people, they will no longer have to skimp on expenses to look dazzling every morning. Nowhere will you get a better hair dryer that helps you keep your hair fluid; bulky and shiny every time you prepare to start the day. If you spend much time and money trying your hair in the shower or in the living room, why not invest in an incredible Ecuador folding hair? This has an output at 1800W of power and The 17-leaf high-speed turbofan digital hair dryer produces a powerful airflow of up to 18L/s; which blows hair 30% faster than other digital hair dryers; ensuring quick drying of the hair and avoiding excessive heat damage.


Let’s start by the beginning. Before you can try this excellent hairdryer it is necessary to get the package that will bring it inside. At first, glance, looking at its box, the outer packaging is indeed takeout. The packaging is paired with two colors of black and gold, simple and textured, and it feels very good at first glance. The box uses a gift box design, full of rituals.

As a high-end hair dryer, the Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Negative ion Hair Dryer reflects the high-end image from the outside to the inside; the outer layer is a protective packaging, black color, the middle is the hot gold hairdryer pattern and the JIMMY logo, and the outer layer is extracted, The front of the box is also printed with the hot gold JIMMY logo, and the entire outer packaging also shows high-end temperament.

When I opened the box, we can see first this guide and it has many details. we also said it is a manual for a hairdryer. It explains the keys, installation methods, and usage methods of each part of the hairdryer. Here are the entire contents of the package. The hard-shell plastic is fixed in the inverted mold; which fits the storage of various accessories, including Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Negative ion Hair Dryer; 1x Quick-dry Air Nozzle, 1 x Styling Air Nozzle, 1 x Diffuser Air Nozzle and 1 x User Manual…


The design is minimalist and truly unique. the appearance of the Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Negative ion Hair Dryer is different from most hair dryers on the market. It uses a very special shape design, with thick and thin design elements on both sides, which is low-key and noble. In addition, the Ruby Red color looks very atmospheric and fashionable. If you have to say anything to describe such a color combination, then you can only use the word “graceful and luxurious” to describe the Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Negative ion Hair Dryer.

In addition, there are built-in golden buttons and decorative circles for embellishment. At the same time, the place of air grill is also has a golden color, which is particularly beautiful. For most little fairies and young ladies, this design is absolutely stunning and beautiful.

Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Negative ion Hair Dryer not small, it is not too light to hold in your hand, when viewed from a distance, it is a bit like holding a reduced version of Thor’s hammer. The surface of the hairdryer uses a matte spray coating process, but it is very delicate and smooth to the touch and does not have a “real” matte jerky feel. The round shape design can not see the trace of a screw on the surface, and the combination of a golden coil at the end enhances the beauty of the product. In terms of product matching, there are two color choices: Ruby Red, and Starlight Purple. however, I prefer Ruby Red because this color has a more beautiful characteristic.

Features and Performance

Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Negative ion Hair Dryer adopts 3 + 1 mode for control. Three strip-shaped wind control buttons independently control the wind speed, hot air, cold air/shape. The push-type power switch with large particles is different from the strip buttons for the convenience of users. Quick identification during operation. The clear classification makes the daily care of the user easier, without having to adjust the various gears as frequently as a traditional hairdryer.

The shape of the air outlet of the Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Negative ion Hair Dryer is very special. It uses a 17-blade high-speed turbofan digital motor, which can produce a powerful airflow of 18L / S in an instant. With the design of the concentrated wind booster air outlet, the wind is tightened. The channel makes the wind more concentrated, and it is ejected through the outer annular aperture to quickly remove the residual moisture on the surface of the hair.

Of course, quick-drying is one of the purposes, but not the end. There is also a small circular hole in the middle of the annular tuyere, which is where the Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Negative ion Hair Dryer ” PID intelligent heat control technology ” is located. It adopts semiconductor refrigeration technology inside, by condensing the water molecules in the air and releasing a large amount of nano-water ions under high-pressure electrolysis, it evenly covers the surface of the hair layer when the user blows hair, and penetrates the gap between the hair scales to supplement the moisture and nourish the hair core purpose.

The air inlet shell on the back of the hairdryer uses a metal plating process. The petal-shaped air inlet design looks really beautiful, and it also hides the black dense dust filter inside. Since the filter is set inside the body, it naturally needs to be cleaned. There are two lock marks printed around the handle of the hairdryer, and the back cover can be opened or locked by rotating the dot to the position shown.

Open the protective back cover to see the dense black filter. Through the filter, you can also see the 17-leaf fan inside. Why use such a fine filter! In fact, the original is very simple. There is a lot of dust or hair in the air that is hard to find by human eyes. It is easy to be attracted to high wind pressure. Because the internal parts of Xiaomi JIMMY F6 Negative ion Hair Dryer are many and fine, if you don’t Its filtering is easy to cause damage to the machine and shorten the life of the equipment. This is also the difference between those hair dryers that only rely on a motor + heating plate.

Air Nozzles

As an Air Nozzle, Three different air nozzles are provided for the function of the hairdryer. Among the two flat nozzles, the smaller one is the Styling Nozzle, and the larger one is the Quick-dry Nozzle. The third one is a round perforated fluffy wind mouth Diffuser Nozzle is suitable for people with long hair.

As a high-end product, the Jimmy F6 Hair Dryer uses a magnetic suction design between the fan interface and the air nozzle. The magnetic powder is incorporated into the product’s plastic casing by using a complex production process, and the user does not need to tediously lock it when receiving the product, Just put the two lightly close to the magnetic force will automatically attract and complete the docking. Users can realize 360° no dead angle selection of mouthpiece, and they won’t worry about falling when shaking down.

The same is true for large Diffuser Nozzles. I don’t know if it works. It seems that the large air nozzles are easier to align during the installation process. Compared with the traditional expansion-type extrusion fixing method, the Jimmy F6 Hair Dryer can realize quick and non-inductive air nozzle replacement.

The Jimmy F6 Hair Dryer distinguishes between the product’s wind speed, heat, and mode switching. The distance between the upper and lower activities exactly matches the range of the thumb. After a simple memory, the “blind press” operation can be realized. However, because the keys are all designed on the right side, the overall operation is biased towards right-handed users, which makes backhand operation very inconvenient for left-handers. In addition, the hairdryer is initialized to the second-speed wind speed and hot wind uniformly each time the machine is turned on, and there is no need to leave the previous user setting problem.

As there is no professional equipment to test and compare the air output effect of different interfaces; the next test will be analyzed by blowing my head under different wind nozzles. And I don’t consider making any hairstyle, so the following content only gives the corresponding analysis on the wind speed; blowing sensation, and the functions that the mouthpiece may achieve.

First, I used the without-nozzle mode to experience the blowing feeling. Because the Jimmy F6 Hair Dryer uses a concentrated air pressure outlet design; the narrower air duct will focus on the stronger and more concentrated wind, and then accelerate the ejection through the annular aperture. The air is sprayed directly to the roots. If you want to simply dry your hair; it can be air-dried in about 4-5 minutes according to my current hair volume


The Styling Nozzle experience, as introduced in the official data; launches a wind source for a certain area under a smaller air outlet. Because the point is strong, the coverage area is too small when blowing hair. If you plan to use it to dry your hair, it will take much longer than naked hair. There is no special need for daily use of The wind mouth. However, because it is very similar to the appearance of the quick-drying air nozzle; the user needs to carefully observe the size of the air nozzle in the selection.

The experience of a Quick-dry Nozzle is actually not difficult to see through two sets of picture demonstrations. The quick-drying air nozzles here are significantly larger than the picture above. The wider flat mouth air nozzle makes the original circular airflow more concentrated. The air comb effect is achieved through the air mouth. The washing of water ions gives the hair sufficient moisture and keeps the silk texture. According to actual tests, at 27° ambient temperature; my current hair volume can be completely dried in 3 and a half minutes, greatly compressing the user’s time.

The Diffuser Nozzle experience, in fact, it was quite awkward to test this mouthpiece. Since there was no long-haired crowd at home, I had to enter the battle again. Because the wind is weakened and evenly distributed in each brush post inside the mouthpiece; this mouthpiece is not for you to dry your hair, but for the hairstyle of long-haired women. People can easily plasticize without hurting their hair.


Compared with other daily necessities, the hairdryer may not be as popular as electric toothbrushes and other products. Before using the product, including me and most people; the function of the hairdryer stayed on the function of drying the hair. After using the Jimmy F6 Hair Dryer for a while; I realized that the difference between the hairdryer and the hairdryer is still very large; not only the price but also the function can be withdrawn. Compared to traditional hairdryers, Jimmy F6 Hair Dryer provides stable wind and temperature. Water ion and anion hair care technology are also added to ensure; that the hair will not be dehydrated due to constant temperature hair blowing. It can be true during use. Feel it.

As for storage, I think the product really lacks a storage bag. Although the gift box in the original packaging is very beautiful; I don’t think many people will insist on using it and put it back. In addition, people who have seen the price may say that it is expensive; but just like the current market is a penny and a lot of goods; many people would rather spend hundreds to go to the salon to do hair once or buy a variety of different hair care products; the total price is far higher than this hairdryer; but cannot accept a product that can be used with family for many years. Perhaps this is exactly what the Jimmy F6 Hair Dryer is going to challenge.

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