Buy Xiaomi XMYX05YM Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Portable Speakers For Just $27.99 (Coupon Deal)

Bringing an interesting Stereo 2.0 sound effect on a small speaker set, make sure that the new Xiaomi XMYX05YM Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Portable Speakers will not be a bad choice for you. Listen to better music, experience more enjoyable, in an extremely mobile body. Built-in independent quality Bluetooth 5.0 chip, comprehensively improve data transmission stability and transmission distance, sound synchronization and continuous sound.

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Just like professional stereo systems. Xiaomi XMYX05YM Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Portable Speakers will help you get to experience amazing 2.0 surround sound, which we will not be able to find when listening to music on speakers only 1 single channel. The most impressive thing when holding this special Xiaomi XMYX05YM wireless speaker is the extremely compact size. Each speaker in the device set is only 52mm in diameter. Although not too big … however, Xiaomi still optimizes the internal space very well and equips each side of the speaker, a driver up to 40mm in size. With a rated power of 3W, the speaker is quite warm and full of sound, although the tone is slightly thin, due to the tradeoff of its compact appearance.

Although there are no subwoofers like professional speakers, each mini speaker is still equipped with a Bass resonance screen. The main purpose is to make the bass deeper and more solid, thereby making the listening experience more engaging and vibrant. The Xiaomi XMYX05YM speaker has two physical buttons, responsible for most of the main functions such as power on, Play / Pause, receive calls, … Interestingly, these keys are arranged hidden inside or below each speaker. Looking at the overall appearance, these mini speakers look quite seamless and simple.

In terms of connectivity, like many wireless audio devices in 2019. Xiaomi’s wireless stereo speakers are also equipped with modern wireless connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0. Not only does it make the speakers work more smoothly and smoothly, but Bluetooth 5.0 also helps the device to save energy very well. With a wireless connection, this mini speaker can connect to a variety of sources from smartphones to tablets and even laptops if you need it.

According to the specifications, each Xiaomi XMYX05YM mini speaker in the kit will have a battery capacity of up to 720mAh. Not too impressive, but with its quite compact body, according to the test, this mini speaker 2.0 can play music continuously for up to 7 hours at a volume of 70%. (Of course, this is only a reference number, depending on actual usage conditions will be different)…

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Coupon Code: 43BYIQ7D

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