Haylou GT1 Pro Vs QCY T1 Pro : Detailed comparison

haylou gt1 pro vs qcy t1 pro haylou gt1 pro vs qcy t1 pro

Airpods are becoming more and more popular with youngsters these days. This is because of their compact size, their attractive designs, and the ease in charging them. If you want to buy airpods but are not keen on spending on expensive Apple products, you can try out the Haylou GT1 Pro and QCY T1 Pro. Here’s a comparison between the Haylou GT1 Pro and QCY T1 Pro to help you decide which one to pick.


The Xiaomi Haylou GT1 Pro has a plastic body and features a minimalistic design. It comes with four LED lights that show you the battery charge status. The case of the air pods has a smart, compact oval design. It is smaller as compared to the QCY T1 Pro. The compact and lightweight design of the Xiaomi Haylou GT1 Pro allows you to carry with you easily. The sleek design of the earbuds makes them fit into your ear comfortably, which ensures that they do not fall out during usage.

haylou gt1 pro vs qcy t1 pro

In comparison, the QCY T1 Pro has a metallic case. The ear pods are square-shaped. They are provided with an ear fin to help you fit them comfortably into your ears. Each earbud of the QCY T1 Pro weighs just 4.7g. They come in a smart, rectangular case. The square body of the ear pods has a touch panel to help you activate the device. These ear pods are available in white and black colors.

haylou gt1 pro vs qcy t1 pro

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QCY T1 Pro-


Haylou GT1 Pro-


Ease of Use

The soft panel on the surface of the Haylou ear pod allows you to receive and make calls with a touch. The device is sensitive to different types of touches and associates it with different commands. For instance, a double touch means to answer or end the call. A triple touch activates voice assistant. If you linger the touch for a second, it ignores an incoming call. A double touch on the left earbud allows you to skip a music track backward. A double touch on the right earbud makes fast forward to the next track. Just touching the panel will play music.

haylou gt1 pro vs qcy t1 pro

The QCY T1 Pro has similar controls. You can touch the panel to receive/end calls, switch songs, play and pause a video or music file and switch the device on or off. 


The Haylou GT1 Pro comes with a Bluetooth 5.0. Compared to the older version, it offers faster connectivity and reduces lags in 3D gaming and HD videos. The new chipset also ensures better compatibility and reduces interference from WiFi and 4G.

haylou gt1 pro vs qcy t1 pro

The QCY T1 Pro has advanced BluetoothV5.0 technology. Moreover, It is compatible with V4.1 and other Bluetooth devices. Futher, noise reduction technology ensures clear voice transmission for calls and music. The V5.0 technology on this device allows CVC Noise Reduction, Low Radiation Calling, 10-meter operation range, and low power transmission.

haylou gt1 pro vs qcy t1 pro

Battery Life

The Haylou GT1 Pro offers 26 hours of battery life. Its 800mAh battery is built in the carry case. You can quickly charge your earbuds while on the go. The long battery life ensures you unlimited entertainment on the fly. The earbuds have built-in batteries of 43 mAh.

haylou gt1 pro vs qcy t1 pro

The QCY T1 Pro has a built-in 40 mAh Li-ion battery that offers a music time of 2.5 hours, standby time of 20 hours and talks time of 2.5 hours. The charging box is fitted with a 750 mAh battery. With this, you can fully charge your earbuds at least 5 times.

haylou gt1 pro vs qcy t1 pro

Waterproof & Sweatproof

The industrial level IPX5 waterproof of the Haylou GT1 Pro protects it from water and sweat. This gives you the freedom to exercise or use these earbuds outside without worrying about damage.

The QCY T1 Pro comes with IPX4 waterproofing. 

haylou gt1 pro vs qcy t1 pro

Usage Mode

Both the earbuds support the mono/TWS mode. This means that in both the air pods, you can use each earbud individually or together. The mono mode is helpful when making calls or when you are charging the other earbud.

However, the Haylou GT1 Pro has a better noise cancellation system. This is because of its DSP Smart Digital NC Module.

haylou gt1 pro vs qcy t1 pro

Sound Quality

The TWS technology in QCY T1 Pro helps you connect to your mobile phone easily. You can enjoy the 3D stereo sound without using any cable.

haylou gt1 pro vs qcy t1 pro

The Haylou GT1 Pro gives you the freedom to connect to your phone easily. All you need to do is double touch either of the earbuds to wake up the Voice Assistant on your phone. The air pods are compatible with Mi phones, Android devices, and Apple phones.

These ear pods have a 7.2 mm high polymer resin diaphragm. This helps you get the best sound quality. Amplified with HiFi stereo, the earbuds offer you dynamic sound that accompanies you at all times.

Other Specifications


Specifications Haylou GT1 Pro QCY T1 Pro
Material ABS ABS
Frequency Response 20-20000Hz 20-20000Hz
Impedance 32ohms 16ohms
Sensitivity 110 dB 93dB ± 3dB
Music Time 3.5h 2.5h
Standby time 300h 20h
Battery Capacity(mAh): Battery capacity earphone 43mAh, charging bin 800mAh 40mAh Li-ion Battery
Product weight: 0.0350 kg 0.0800 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 6.20 x 4.00 x 2.72 cm / 2.44 x 1.57 x 1.07 inches 2.50 x 2.90 x 1.94 cm / 0.98 x 1.14 x 0.76 inches

Haylou GT1 Pro Vs QCY T1 Pro in price

The Haylou GT1 Pro is available for $22.99 , and the QCY T1 Pro is priced at $32.99

Our Verdict on best TWS earbuds

Both devices offer a host of features. The ergonomic design of the QCY T1 Pro gives you a comfortable fit. It fits in perfectly into your ear and will not fall out.

The Haylou, on the other hand, is excellent in terms of functionality. Its ability to connect with Voice Assistants across devices, battery life, and sound quality makes it superior to QCY T1 Pro.

haylou gt1 pro vs qcy t1 pro

So for those looking for an earbud that is functional in terms of making calls and portable, the QCY T1 Pro is a great fit. For those who are more into gaming and music, the Haylou is a perfect choice!


QCY T1 Pro-


Haylou GT1 Pro-


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