Geekmaxi’s Black Friday Sale Up To 70% OFF and Also Get a Free Gifts

These days all the shops have great deals on why Black Friday. So the Geekmaxi, shows and its own bids are why the days, but with something extra! First, remember that your purchases from there come from the German warehouse store, so come quickly and 100% free office! Second-year except for very low prices has prepared us, you will have an extra gift! Also because I saw the prices, some are incredibly good that the coupons gained for you from the shop, they become unbeatable! So see what you find on Black Friday Sales of Geekmaxi!

The offers are divided into 6 categories to more easily find what they are looking for. So have Flash Deals, Laptop & Tablet, Wearable, Audio, Sports & Outdoors and finally €0.99! In all classes, you will actually find very good prices to see and choose.

Starting with Flash Deals, point out that Jimmy products for over 28 – November 30 have a 50% discount! If you don’t remember what products they contain, you probably haven’t seen the pressure I’ve always had in the trunk of my car that you’ve shown in the past. Now you get a 50% discount!

In the same period, ie 28 to 30 November if you buy Kugoo products, you will find an incredibly low price of € 169.99! And if you don’t remember what it is, then check out the best electric scooters. To the point here that the best class, the KUGOO S1 Pro Foldable Electric Scooter will find it at €289.99, a very good price! Even if you buy some Jimmy or Kugoo product this time you will have the extra free gift!

On the other bids, they really deserve is Amazfit GTR 47mm to €128.99, When starting here from 140 to €150, so with the money, you get you can get screen protector, other bracelets. A very good Xiaomi blender from Jimmy’s family is the B32, with 22000rpm rotatable, 700W motor, low noise and safe BPA-free pitcher who is shuffling. You will find the special price of €59.99!

Another very good and necessary gift for yourself, because the weather is rainy and the media “likes” a Tv Box I saw that they have to Geekmaxi. I’m talking about A95XR3 Android 9.0 TV BOX RK3318 2G / 2.4G 16G 5G WIFI 100M LAN USB3.0, you will get the €39.99 with coupon: yUnBC96S, from €49.99, for watching movies and series on TV comfortably and economically.

Do not miss these unique opportunities GeekMaxi. Put one reminder for the 28-30 / 11 period, to see how you have fallen Jimmy & Kugoo and buy early because you are expecting to disappear at these prices!

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