Chuwi Black Friday Sale offers Up To 20% OFF Discount and UBook Pro in Giveaway

We are now close to Black Friday and Chuwi is also preparing to celebrate the event with discounts dedicated to its customers. In fact, the Chinese company has created a promotional page on its official website to make room for the offers that, starting from November 25th, will cover all the products currently sold on Amazon. Chuwi will participate in Amazon’s Black Friday with discounts of over 20% on all its products and a giveaway dedicated to UBook Pro, detachable 2-in-1 similar to Surface and with long autonomy. We explain how to take advantage of all the best opportunities. The activity will be held from Nov 28 PST to Dec 02 PST. The highest coupon can be $76. The list is the simple introduction of coupon products.

Activity project

product Activity price/Original price Date

Black Friday

Hi9 Pro 111.99/139.99 Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST
Black Friday HiPad LTE 127.99/159.99

Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST

Black Friday

HeroBook (4+256) 183.99/229.99 Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST

Black Friday

Gbox Pro 151.99/189.99

Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST

Black Friday LapBook Pro 303.2/379

Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST


Black Friday

Hi9  Pro 111.99/139.99 Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST
Black Friday GTBOX 239.99/299.99

Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST

Black Friday

HI10 AIR 135.99/169.99 Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST

Black Friday

Herobook 159.99/199.99

Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST

Black Friday HI9 PLUS set 175.99/219.99

Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST

Black Friday HIPAD LTEset 143.99/179.99

Nov 28 PST-Dec 02 PST

The discounts will be over 20% and on the same page you will find the buttons to directly access the Amazon channels of Chuwi (Spanish, American, Italian, French, German and Japanese) and the four sections: Deal, Best Seller, Newly Released Product and Giveaway. In the first two, you can take a look at the offers on the most successful devices and by clicking on the one of your interest you can access the corresponding Amazon page to complete the purchase.

Activity: Participate with a Simple Recommendation

Wish list activity, users choose the product they want and then we will send coupon code to their email. They will get the product at the lowest price.

Black Friday wish list

Date?Nov 15 PST – Nov 29 PST

1. Choose the product you want

Laptop             Tablet

2. Choose the laptop you want

HeroBook       AeroBook      LapBook Pro     LapBook Plus


2. Choose the tablet you want

HiPad LTE       Hi10 Air        Hi9 Plus      Hi9 Pro


3. Choose your country

Spain  US   Italy    Germany      France


4. Thanks for your participation, please leave your email, we will send coupon code to your email before the activity goes online!


Another saving opportunity is the Wish List, through which you can get the discount code of the product you want before the start of the promotion. All you have to do is click on Join, choose one of the devices belonging to the Laptop and Tablet macro-categories, select your country, enter the email address in the appropriate box and click on Sign Up. Among the available products, we can only recommend Chuwi LapBook Pro which can be purchased for less than $270. In Newly Released, instead, you find the new detachable 2-in-1, UBook and UBook Pro, which at the moment you can buy only on Indiegogo.

Finally, in the fourth and last section of the site, there is the Giveaway that will allow you to win one of the three UBook Pro offered by Chuwi by registering on the company’s social pages, sharing the initiative and accumulating the so-called ” entries “. The more you earn, the greater the chance of getting a fantastic device with excellent performance and extraordinary autonomy as a gift. Find all the details about the Chuwi’s Black Friday activity here.

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