Tronsmart Element T6 Plus Speaker Hands-On Review

Bluetooth speakers have become very popular lately. They offer all the best and best sound quality, longer operating time, despite the fact that you can buy them for little money. One of the best innovations in portable audio is the Tronsmart Element T6 Plus Speaker, which I tested recently. The Tronsmart Element T6 Plus is a large and powerful speaker with impressive capabilities. It has Bluetooth 5.0, generates 40 W of power, has a built-in music player, power bank, and is water-resistant. Check if it is worth buying it.

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Tronsmart is a tech. a company that designs and manufactures world-class technology accessories and has grown rapidly in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and many Asian countries. Tronsmart’s core value is to make your life easier by providing you with high quality, high quality and high performance products. Tronsmart founder Eric Cheng, who is a fan of electronic products, created a small laboratory in 2008 from his first paycheck to disassemble the products to understand how they work. He purchased a few parts and assembled his own customized products in the Silicon Valley of Asia in Shenzhen, then, after setting up a competent team, created the Tronsmart brand in 2013. Tronsmart truly believes that if you sell a quality product at an affordable price, nothing can hinder development and expansion. Electron Smart + = Tronsmart.


The Tronsmart Element T6 Plus arrives in a cardboard box that shows its design on the front and its main features on the back, being very well protected the speaker inside by a plastic frame that leaves the accessories on a second level.

In addition to the user manual and the warranty card, a USB-A to USB-C cable is included to charge your battery and a TRS jack-jack cable for analog connection to almost any audio source.


Let’s start with the design, the Tronsmart Element T6 Plus weighs about 670 g and measures over 20 cm by 8.2 cm in diameter. , so it doesn’t feel like a bunch of stuff, but it won’t pull down the bag too much. The gadget has a maximum premium feel for the grip, the grille is made of aluminum and the rest is delicate, with a rubberized feel and you can see that it is very well assembled. To mention something negative, the rubberized part around the buttons gathers enough fingerprint and is not easy to clean. It’s gonna be smeared, you have to care.

One of the big innovations of the T6 Plus is the waterproof IPX6, which withstands light rain or splashes of water. All openings are well insulated, the connectors are protected by a rubber closure, and there is no gap between the buttons, they are fully flush with the side cover. Underwater is obviously not worth taking the speaker to, but let’s admit it wouldn’t make much sense.

Let’s take a closer look at the side panel, though. There are a total of six buttons here (backward, forward, TWS, EQ, mode and power). Below the last one is the status LED, which is very useful, followed by the cap, which has four connectors/sockets behind it. There is a 3.5mm jack, USB-C, standard USB, and a micro SD card slot.

If you are attentive, you may have noticed that some important features are missing from the list of side buttons, such as volume control. This is controlled by the scroll button on the top of the unit, where you can also stop or start playback (by pressing it). The hands-free and virtual assistants are also available here. By the way, this part of the gadget is of absolute quality, works very smoothly and accurately, it feels good to use. Yeah, and it glows blue around the button on, which is crappy…

Sound & Connectivity

Getting started couldn’t be easier, just turn on the device, which starts in pairing mode (blinking blue LED), then turn on Bluetooth on your device and search for your Tronsmart machine. By the way, the T6 Plus already supports the latest version 5.0, but of course, it is backward compatible, so no problem if your phone or tablet is equipped with an older BT modem. The range can be up to 20 meters in open terrain, but it is less indoors, but we can’t complain about it here either.

There are many ways to play music with your machine, whether it be a microSD card, USB storage, AUX cable from almost any device, and of course Bluetooth, which also has a lot of options (mobile, tablet, laptop, etc.). You can switch between them by pressing the Mode (M) button.

Two 20W speakers and two passive diaphragms are responsible for the sound. The total output is 40W, which gives you quite a lot of volume, and the quality is excellent. There is a built-in equalizer that can be adjusted with the EQ button. The default setting is Vocal, which provides nice, balanced sound (with bass strong enough), plus a 3D Deep Bass and Extra Bass options, the former for bass and the latter for high bass. And the LED indicates which one is active:

  • Vocal (no lighting)
  • 3D Deep Bass (white mark)
  • Extra Bass (green mark)

The Tronsmart Element T6 Plus really does sound great, beating the cheaper BT 10-15k BT speakers in sound quality, so a surcharge is definitely warranted. No mention of the TWS button, which is good for two things. On the one hand, you can end the currently active Bluetooth connection by holding it down for 3 seconds, but it also has an interesting feature. It activates TWS Mode to connect two Tronsmart Element T6 Plus, which in principle provides 3D stereo sound. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the opportunity to try it, but it can be amazing on its own if two of these machines sound at the same time.

The handsfree also works, of course, as there is a microphone on the device. This is not the main function, of course, but if it is paired with your phone, you can also answer the call by pressing the top scroll key. However, if you want the other party to understand you well, you should be relatively close to within 1 meter of the device.


The Tronsmart Element T6 Plus comes with a 6600 mAh battery, which, according to factory specifications, provides up to 15 hours of battery life. Of course, this is very much dependent on volume, but even with more serious use, over 10 hours can be taken out of it, and if you do not listen to it loudly for background music, the factory default value is also available. What’s even more useful is that the speaker works as an external battery, just plug in the USB port of a phone, for example, and start powering it with a maximum of 5W (5V / 1A).


The Tronsmart Element T6 Plus has become a great BT speaker and is sure to be one (if not the best) in its price range. Its quality is impeccable, premium material use, and water resistance is a very useful extra. The latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard is great news, with no extra features and connectors, and the sound is excellent, competing with more expensive, branded products.

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