Huami Amazfit GTS vs Amazfit Nexo (Verge 2): Which is the best?

Which is worth your money?

The Amazfit Nexo is the International version of the long-awaited Amazfit Verge 2. So today we present you a complete comparison on the Huami Amazfit GTS vs Amazfit Nexo (Verge 2). Owning a smartwatch isn’t just trendy, but it allows us to utilize its entire feature. The Amazfit Verge was an immense success among the fitness-focused smartwatch market. Its sequel, Amazfit Verge 2, is nothing less. It is an upgrade over its predecessor.

Amazfit GTS is another great smartwatch from the same brand. It resembles the Apple Watch with its design. We’re going to be comparing both these models – Amazfit GTS vs Verge 2. In the comparison of Amazfit GTS vs Amazfit Verge, we’ll get into all the details of the smartwatches. Between the Huami Amazfit GTS vs Amazfit Nexo (Verge 2), which one do you think would be the winner? Let’s find out.

Comparison of Amazfit GTS vs Verge 2 (Amazfit Nexo 2019)

Amazfit GTS vs Verge 2: Specs Comparison

Amazfit GTS Verge 2
24.8 grams
49 grams
1.65 inch AMOLED display 348 x 442 pixels
1.39 inch AMOLED display 454 x 454 pixels
Battery(Basic Mode):
46 days
20 days

Amazfit GTS vs Amazfit Nexo (Verge 2): Which looks stylish on hand?

Amazfit GTS has an aluminum-alloy body with a square dial which is available in 6 colors. It weighs around 24.8 grams, excluding the silicone strap. The body has a thickness of 9.4 mm, making it compact with its weight and size, as well.

Verge 2, on the other hand, has a circular dial made of polycarbonate stainless steel and microcrystalline zirconium ceramic. It is, however, approximately twice the weight of GTS weighing around 49 grams. The thickness of the watch is 13.7 mm, which is thick compared to GTS. There are two versions of the smartwatch, one inclusive of ECG and the other one without it. With the ECG version, you get a strap, which is a mix of leather and silicone, whereas the regular one has a silicone strap. There are two crowns present on the right side to navigate in both the models – Huami Amazfit GTS vs Amazfit Nexo (Verge 2).

In terms of design, it comes down to your preference of whether you prefer an apple inspired design or a classic circular design. Apart from that, Amazfit GTS is light and thin with various color options made of aluminum-alloy, whereas Verge 2 is made of stainless steel, but it is heavier and thick.

Which Amazfit has a better display?

amazfit gts vs amazfit nexo

Amazfit GTS sports a 1.65 inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 348 x 442 pixels. It doesn’t just provide you with a large display, but you also get a 100% NTSC color gamut and a pixel density of 341 pixels per inch. Similarly, Verge 2 features an AMOLED display as well. However, it comes with a smaller screen size of 1.39 inches. On the contrary, it has a high resolution of 454 x 454 pixels providing you with sharp and clear images. With Gorilla Glass 3 protection and anti-fingerprint coating, you don’t have to worry about damaging the screen or leaving fingerprints on the screen in both models – Amazfit GTS vs Verge 2. You get a 2.5D glass as well in both models-Amazfit GTS vs Amazfit Verge.

The Amazfit GTS undeniably has the best Display in the market!

When it comes to the display, Amazfit GTS has a bigger screen with great color gamut and high PPI in the comparison of Amazfit GTS vs Amazfit Verge. However, Amazfit Verge 2 has a higher resolution between the Amazfit GTS vs Amazfit Verge.

Advantage: Amazfit GTS

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Let’s talk fitness and features!

The Amazfit smartwatches are known for offering amazing fitness features at a budget price-tag!

Amazfit GTS supports 12 sports modes in which the calories you burn are calculated for each sport. The built-in dual navigation system GPS+Glonass assists by providing you with real-time routes, distance, etc. in both the models- Amazfit GTS vs Verge 2. Additionally, Amazfit GTS also supports the BDS system. Verge 2, on the other hand, supports 11 sports modes. It features Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 2500 processor. The quad-core processor has a frequency of 1.1 GHz with 512 MB RAM and 4GB storage. However, only around 1 GB of space is allocated for the users. Between the Amazfit GTS vs Amazfit Verge, Amazfit GTS has an extra sports mode and navigation system. However, Verge 2 does have a powerful processor.

Amazfit GTS equips the latest version of Bluetooth (BT 5.0), whereas Verge 2 has Bluetooth 4.2, which is an older version. Amazfit GTS has a 6-axis acceleration sensor, air pressure sensor, and three-axis geomagnetic sensor. You also get an optical sensor in the Amazfit GTS smartwatch. Verge 2, on the other hand, has an acceleration and geomagnetic sensor as well. There is an ambient light sensor in both the models-Amazfit GTS vs Verge 2.

Other Features

With the heart sensor, your heart rate is monitored at all times in both the models-Amazfit GTS vs Verge 2. Checking notifications has never been this easy and convenient. That’s right with your smartwatch you can now check them by just lifting your wrist in both the smartwatches-Amazfit GTS vs Amazfit Nexo (Verge 2). Amazfit GTS comes with a water resistance rating of 5ATM, which means that it is water-resistant up to 50 meters in depth making it perfect for activities such as swimming. With a custom modular dial, you get to prioritize as to what appears on the screen in Amazfit GTS.

You can use the Amazfit Verge 2/ Amazfit Nexo as a standalone smartwatch!

Amazfit Verge 2 has an e sim, which allows you to place calls without having to use a SIM card. With the ECG version in Verge 2, you will have access to check your ECG anywhere at any time. You will get NFC access with both the models-Amazfit GTS vs Verge 2.

Advantage: Amazfit Verge 2

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Battery Life

Amazfit GTS packs a 220 mAh battery. In basic watch mode, you get up to 46 days of battery life, which is incredible, but it also means that you can only check the screen for the time without using other functions. With regular usage, battery life can sustain for only 14 days, but of course, that also means that you can utilize all the functions. However, with the continuous use of GPS, you just get 25 hours of power. It requires around 2 hours for a full charge.

Amazfit Verge 2, contrariwise, has a battery size of 420mAh. It provides a battery life of 28 hours including the usage of 4G services. You can prolong the battery life if you switch off e-SIM services. In standby mode, it can last for 20 days. Within around 1.5 hours, the battery will be fully charged. Although it might seem like Amazfit GTS has a better battery life between the Amazfit GTS vs Verge 2, it is a little more complicated than that. Since Verge 2 gives you access to an e-SIM, the battery will, of course, drain faster with its usage. However, the Amazfit GTS remains for 46 days in basic watch mode, which is way more than what you get with Verge 2. Therefore, Amazfit GTS does have an advantage over Verge 2 in the comparison of Amazfit GTS vs Amazfit Nexo (Verge 2).

Once again the Amazfit GTS takes the lead by offering better battery life!

Advantage: Amazfit GTS

Verdict: Amazfit GTS vs Amazfit Nexo (Verge 2)

amazfit gts vs amazfit nexo

The Amazfit GTS is the winner here between Amazfit GTS vs Verge 2. It doesn’t just have a great design that is inspired by the Apple Watch series, but it is also light and thin as well with various color options. That’s not all, but it has a large display with a 100% NTSC color gamut. When it comes to fitness, it supports 12 sports modes and has three navigation systems. It equips the latest version of Bluetooth and has numerous sensors. With the 5ATM water resistance rating, it can be a companion for certain water sports. You get an incredible battery life as well, even though the battery size is small. All in all, Amazfit GTS is a great option.

So its all left to whether you want to make calls with your standalone smartwatch! If yes then it’s the Amazfit Nexo otherwise the Amazfit GTS is a far better smartwatch!

However, there are a few reasons why you should pick Verge 2 between the Amazfit GTS vs Verge 2. If you prefer the classic circular design and a screen with higher resolution, then Verge 2 is for you. It doesn’t end there; you get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2500 processor and an e-sim, which allows you to make calls. Let’s not forget the ECG version, which tracks your ECG. If all that sounds more appealing to you, Verge 2 is the best option for you. At last, it all depends on the features you require and the design that is more appealing to you. Overall, they’re both great smartwatches to own.

Huami Amazfit GTS (FLASH SALE)

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