QCY T5 Review: Should you buy these earbuds?

Is the QCY T5 earphones worth buying?

The QCY T5 TWS Earbud is finally here. So today we present you a complete QCY T5 review to help you make a purchase decision. Most of us use our earphones while traveling or while going for a run and they’re ideal to use while on calls too. Being convenient isn’t the only reason, but they also save us boredom. Picking a pair of wireless earphones is tough, especially when there are so many factors to consider and a lot of options out there. The QCY series strives to provide headsets that provide you with a great experience at a low budget.

QCY T5 is another budget earphone from their collection. QCY T3 was its predecessor, which was a hit. You might wonder what’s new with its successor. The problems we faced with the previous versions have been rectified in this. We’ll talk about it in detail in the QCY T5 Review. In the QCY T5 Review, you’ll know what a great pair of earphones it is under $25. Keep reading for the QCY T5 TWS Review.

QCY T5 Review

QCY T5 TWS: Is the Audio and Call Quality Good?

QCY T5 Audio Performance

In the QCY T5 review, the first thing we’ll talk about is the audio quality. Without any dominance, the bass, alto, and treble seem to be well balanced. If you look particularly at where it shines, that would be the alto. The vocals sound very clear and crisp. The fantastic thing is that you can hear the instruments that are being played clearly. If the bass is more important to you than the rest, this might not be the earphones for you. When it comes to audio quality in the QCY T5 TWS Review, I can say that these earphones would be more attractive to audiophiles, but don’t expect a lot as the price is something we’ve got to keep in mind.

With noise isolation in QCY T5 Earbuds, there is an assurance that background noise will be isolated, allowing you to listen to music peacefully without outside factors interrupting you. When it comes to the call quality in the QCY T5 review, it is excellent. The dual-microphone on QCY T5 Earbuds ensures that calls are clear.

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Does the QCY T5 look good and stylish?

QCY T5 TWS Earbuds Design and comfort

The design is another major factor to consider, which is why we’ve decided to talk about that second. While the QCY T5 Earbuds might look similar to the AirPods when you wear them, they are, in fact, different. The stem design is the only resemblance it has with Apple AirPods. The QCY T5 Earbuds takes the shape of an ear canal and has a silicone tip for better adjustment and fit. There are two magnetic pins on the inner part of the stem to ensure that it does not fall from its case.

Both the QCY T5 EarBuds and the case have a matte black finish, which makes them look elegant and stylish. Instead of the usual pill case design, the case takes on a rectangular shape with rounded edges. A QCY logo is present on the flip-top lid in the QCY T5 TWS. There are two LEDs at the front side of the case, which lights up when the case is charging. You have a micro-USB port at the rear to charge the case. In terms of design in the QCY T5 TWS Review, it is simple but looks elegant and fits well.

What about comfort?

Since the majority of us wear earphones for a long duration of time, it’s crucial that they feel comfortable. Touch controls are far more comfortable than buttons. They ensure that the EarBuds don’t get pushed in further, unlike buttons. The small ear tips of the QCY T5 also ensure excellent comfort. In the QCY T5 review, I can say that the EarBuds are very comfortable.


The connectivity is the most extraordinary feature in the QCY T5 TWS Review. The latest Bluetooth version 5.0 in QCY T5 TWS provides excellent speed and range. This ensures that the connectivity is smooth. Its predecessor had issues with lag in the audio while watching videos. The manufacturers offer us game mode to rectify the problem and ensure that it doesn’t happen with the QCY T5 TWS. The video and audio are entirely in sync while watching YouTube videos when you switch to game mode. However, there is a catch, which is that the game mode consumes a lot of power, which means that your battery life could drain faster than usual. If you’re worried about that, you don’t have to because even without the gaming mode on, the synchronization is excellent, just not perfect.

Pairing the QCY T5 EarBuds with a Bluetooth-Enabled device is simple; all you have to do is take the EarBud from the case. It isn’t just easy, but it doesn’t consume time as well. The Bluetooth distance is around 10 meters. In the QCY T5 TWS Review, in terms of connectivity, these earphones are fantastic.

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Similar to Apple’s AirPods, the QCY T5 EarBuds make use of touch gestures. When it comes to controls in the QCY T5 TWS Review, you can control most functions by just tapping. It takes two taps to play or pause the music. A long press on the right EarBud will skip a song while the same on the right would go back to the previous song. With three taps on the left EarBud, the voice assistant becomes active, whereas the same on the right would activate gaming mode.

The QCY T5 TWS offers better control and touch response.

You can switch the EarBuds to mono mode easily by placing one of the EarBuds back into the case. Once you take the QCY T5 EarBuds out of the case, they switch on and switch off once they’re back in the case. Therefore, in the QCY T5 Review, I can say that it’s easy to control functions with touch gestures.


If you’re someone who uses earphones while working out or when outdoors, it’s essential to own a pair of earphones that would be a companion for you instead of ones that stop working once a little water gets in. The QCY T5 TWS earphones are perfect for such occasions. The IPX5 water resistance rating makes sure that the EarBuds can withstand small water jets, which also means that they are sweat-resistant as well. It’s important to note that the case doesn’t have a water resistance rating, but that shouldn’t matter since the only time we’re going to need it is to either take out the EarBuds or put them back in to charge or turn them off. Thus, I can say that these earphones are convenient to use in the QCY T5 Review.

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Battery life

QCY T5 Charging Case

Since everyone prefers lightweight products nowadays, the EarBuds and case of QCY T5 TWS pack a smaller battery as opposed to its predecessor. With a 40 mAh battery, the EarBuds provide around 4-5 hours of playback time. The playback time could differ from person to person, depending on the volume level. On the other hand, the case of QCY T5 TWS packs a battery size of 380 mAh. The case can charge the EarBuds completely four times. It takes around 2 hours to charge. Thus, I can say that the battery life is good in the QCY T5 Review.

Verdict: So should you buy the QCY T5 TWS Earbuds

From the QCY T5 TWS Review, we can quickly sum up what the wireless earphones offer and what it lacks as well. Considering its price tag, the QCY T5 TWS provides you with great audio quality but of course, not the best out there. In the QCY T5 Review, we talked about how the design looks similar to the AirPods with a stem, but it’s more secure in your ears with its small ear tips and comfortable as well. Connectivity in QCY T5 TWS is excellent with the latest Bluetooth version and gaming mode.

The QCY T5 TWS shows lot of improvements in terms of comfort and audio quality when compared to the QCY T3. Thus making it a worthy purchase!

The IPX5 rating and touch gestures make them convenient to use. While the QCY T5 may not have the most extended battery life out there, it does provide you with good playback time while being lightweight as well. Overall, from the QCY T5 TWS Review, I can say that these earphones are a real catch, especially since they’re just under $25.


  • Comfortable
  • Great connectivity
  • Good battery life


  • The presence of bass is less but still better than the QCY T3.

QCY T5 TWS Earbuds

Sale Price: $22.99 (Flash Sale)

QCY T5 Specs Review:

Water Resistance Rating: IPX5
Battery Life: 4-5 hours of Playback
Touch Control: Yes
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0

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