Xiaomi Haylou GT1 Pro VS QCY QS2: Which budget TWS to buy?

Which is better QCY QS2 vs Xiaomi Haylou GT1 Pro!

The Haylou GT1 PRO is finally here and its time for us to compare the QCY QS2 vs Haylou GT1 PRO. Wireless earphones are now taking over the tech industry. It’s become a huge hit thanks to Apple Airpods, where it all started. Phone companies have even gone as far as eliminating the audio jack. The Haylou GT1 Pro and QCY QS2 are two great earphones that are cheap and come under your budget. That’s right, you can get them for under $25. Whenever people hear the word cheap, they tend to assume that they don’t offer you a great experience. That’s where you’re wrong! Cheap doesn’t always mean bad.

You’re going to find out exactly what I’m talking about in the comparison of QCY QS2 vs Haylou GT1 Pro. While these earphones may not be exceptional, they’re great at such a low price tag. If you’re in a dilemma of which budget earphones to pick between the Haylou GT1 Pro vs QCY QS2, then keep reading. We’ll provide you with a full in-depth review of the Haylou GT1 Pro vs QCY QS2.

Comparison of Haylou GT1 Pro vs QCY QS2

Haylou GT1 Pro VS QCY QS2: Which has a better design?

The EarBuds of Haylou GT1 Pro have rounded edges and corners surrounding its black body. The EarBuds weigh just 3.9 g, making them lightweight, and all the credit goes to its ABS plastic body. QCY QS2, on the contrary, has small EarBuds that take on the shape of a bean. There is a silicone tip for a better fit in both the models-Haylou GT1 Pro vs QCY QS2. The EarBuds of QCY QS2 come in two colors, letting you choose either black or the white one. There is a physical button with a QCY logo on the outer part of the EarBud in QCY QS2. An LED light is present to indicate when pairing takes place and while they are charging in both models – QCY QS2 vs Haylou GT1 Pro.

The case is in the shape of a pill with a flip-top lid and magnetic EarBud docks in both models-Haylou GT1 Pro vs QCY QS2. The only difference in the case between both is the battery charge indicator. With the Xiaomi Haylou GT1 Pro case, there are four LED lights to indicate the battery percentage. If all of them light up, it would indicate the case is fully charged, whereas if just one lights up, only 1/4th of the battery life remains. The great thing is that the Earbuds don’t look awkward when you wear them; it’s hardly noticeable in both the models.

Advantage: Haylou GT1 Pro

Can you get good audio quality in budget earphones?

Let’s be honest although wireless earphones are designed for convenience, the audio quality does matter. Considering the price of the Haylou GT1 Pro, the audio quality it offers is amazing. While there may be just some prominence in the bass performance, it still produces a vivacious yet serene sound. The vocals are engaging, and the low tones complement the experience. Highs are fine until you blast the volume up. The Xiaomi Haylou GT1 Pro has a DSP smart digital NC module to eliminate background noise.

Once again, for the price tag, the QCY QS2 provides fantastic audio quality as well. The bass doesn’t overpower, but its presence is noticeable. The vocals have great clarity, and the lower mids sound clear and precise. The highs sound good as well with a great amount of detail. With noise isolation, outdoor noise won’t be a problem while listening to music in both models. However, I did notice that the noise isolation doesn’t come into play while on calls in both the models – QCY QS2 vs Haylou GT1 Pro.

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There is a huge difference between the Xiaomi Haylou GT1 Pro vs QCY QS2 when it comes to controls. The Haylou GT1 Pro uses touch gestures to control functions. Tap once to play/pause music, tap twice on the left bud to skip a track, and the right bud for the previous song. To answer calls, just double-tap either earbud. Tap thrice to summon the voice assistant.

QCY QS2, on the contrary has a physical button. However, it is possible to control all the functions via the voice assistant in both models – QCY QS2 vs Haylou GT1 Pro. Long press activates the voice assistant in QCY QS2. Press the button once to answer a call or play/pause music. Whereas pressing it twice would skip or go back to the track. You cannot adjust the volume in both models-Haylou GT1 Pro vs QCY QS2. Turning the EarBuds on and off is a breeze. All you have to do is take them from the case and put them back in both the models.

Advantage: Haylou GT1 Pro

Which offers more comfort?

While both these earphones offer comfort when worn, there is a difference between QCY QS2 vs Haylou GT1 Pro while controlling functions. With touch gestures, Haylou GT1 Pro won’t cause any discomfort. Conversely, QCY QS2 will push the EarBud further when you press the button making it inconvenient for the user. You can use the EarBuds in mono mode in both the models-Haylou GT1 Pro vs QCY QS2. Haylou GT1 Pro has a water resistance rating of IPX5, which means that the EarBuds can survive small water jets. On the other hand, QCY QS2 has an IPX4 rating, making it resistant to water splashes from any direction. The EarBuds have a water resistance rating and not the case in both the models-Haylou GT1 Pro vs QCY QS2.

Advantage: Haylou GT1 Pro

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We have the latest Bluetooth Version 5.0 in both the models-QCY QS2 vs Haylou GT1 Pro. QCY QS2 has a Bluetooth distance of 10 meters without any obstacles. Pairing is done easily by taking the EarBuds out of the case in both earphones, allowing you to connect with any device that has a Bluetooth connection. These earphones are compatible with Android and IOS devices. Between the Haylou GT1 Pro vs QCY QS2, there is a delay in audio in QCY QS2. Although the audio delay has been reduced in Android devices, it is noticeable with IOS devices.

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Battery life

The Earbuds have a 43 mAh battery in both the models-Haylou GT1 Pro vs QCY QS2. Thus, you get around 3.5 hours of playback time in both earphones. Battery life could vary depending on the level of volume. When it comes to the case, there is an 800 mAh battery in both models – QCY QS2 vs Haylou GT1 Pro. You get the same battery life, including the case with both earphones. Instead of a type-c port like in the recent models, you get a micro-USB cable to charge the case.

Verdict: QCY QS2 vs Haylou GT1 PRO

The best budget earphones between the Haylou GT1 Pro vs QCY QS2 would be the Haylou GT1 Pro earphones. In terms of design, they both may look similar, leaving the choice up to you, but there is a battery charge indicator present in the case of the Haylou GT1 Pro, which the QCY QS2 fails to have. With touch gestures, the EarBuds of Haylou GT1 Pro are easy to control, and it offers more comfort. These earphones can accompany you during a workout and on rainy days as well with an IPX5 rating. All these factors make the Haylou GT1 Pro a better option.

If you want audiophile experience, then the Haylou GT1 PRO is an absolute winner!

In terms of audio quality and battery life, they’re both impressive. If the absence of battery charge indicator on the case and the physical button doesn’t bother you, then the QCY QS2 is for you. They’re both great budget earphones to own but if it comes to choosing one, you know what our first choice would be.

Xiaomi Haylou GT1 Pro

Sale Price: $20.99 (Flash Sale)


Sale Price: $20.99 (Flash Sale)

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