QCY T5 vs QCY T3 TWS Earbuds: Is it worth upgrading?

Which True Wireless Earbuds should you buy?

The QCY T5 is finally here, so let’s compare the QCY T5 vs QCY T3 and find which is a better TWS. Wireless earphones are the most trending ones right now which is why certain companies have gone as far as excluding a headphone jack in laptops and smartphones. Smartwatches also require wireless ones as well leaving us with no other choice but to get a wireless pair of earphones.

The QCY series provides us with a range of affordable wireless earphones that come with a lot of features and good audio quality for the price. Of course, it isn’t the best audio quality you’ll hear and they do have some flaws but it is better than most earphones that you get at such a low price. Although there are some flaws, they’re corrected in the newer versions with improvements as well. QCY T5 is the latest addition to the series which is a successor to QCY T3. In the comparison of QCY T5 vs QCY T3, we’ll let you know what continues to be the same and what has changed. It will help you choose one between the QCY T5 vs T3. Do you think it’s worth the upgrade? Well, keep reading to know more.

Comparison of QCY T5 vs QCY T3 TWS Earbuds

QCY T5 vs QCY T3 TWS: Which offers better Audio and Call Quality?

When it comes to the bass in QCY T3, there is a hint of it, but it’s mostly treble dominance. Listening at a high volume won’t be such a pleasant experience with these earphones. It also doesn’t perform that well in noisy environments. If you prefer ballads then the QCY T3 would be suitable for you. Although the audio quality is decent in QCY T3, there could be improvements.

That’s where QCY T5 TWS steps in providing you with better audio quality. The bass, alto, and treble are well balanced and the alto is where it shines particularly. That’s not all, but with improvement in noise isolation, you can listen to music even in noisy places with QCY T5 TWS. However, if you’re a bass lover, you might not like these earphones since it’s more for audiophiles. With crisp and clear vocals, you can listen to almost every instrument being played. Thus, between the QCY T5 vs QCY T3, QCY T5 TWS has better audio quality. There is a dual-mic to improve the call quality in both the models – QCY T5 vs T3. When it comes to making calls, you get clear call quality in both the earphones.

Advantage: QCY T5

Which QCY TWS looks stylish?

The EarBuds have a black body with a stem design in both models-QCY T5 vs QCY T3. Apart from the color and stem design, they look very different. Although the QCY T5 resembles AirPods with the stem, they are designed in such a way that it is secure in your ear with a rubber tip. With a matte black finish, the EarBuds, as well as the case, look simple yet elegant. The case is rectangular with rounded edges and a QCY logo on the lid of the case. At the front of the case, there are two LED lights to indicate the charging status of both models – QCY T5 vs T3.


QCY T3, in contrast, has EarBuds with a glossy finish and a wider rubber tip compared to QCY T5 TWS. However, the case comes in matte black similar to QCY T5 TWS but it is in the shape of a pill instead. In the rear, there is a Micro-USB port to charge the case in both models – QCY T5 vs T3.

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Are they convenient?

QCY T5 vs QCY T3 Comfort Test

There’s a water resistance rating of IPX5 in both the models-QCY T5 vs QCY T3. They’re convenient to use even on rainy days and during workout sessions as well. Between the QCY T5 vs T3, there is no difference in terms of convenience.

Touch gestures

To control the music player in your earphones, all you have to do is tap the EarBuds in both models-QCY T5 vs QCY T3. The following are the controls for QCY T3. Double-tapping takes care of call management while tapping thrice will turn the voice assistant on/off. To increase the volume, you have to slide up and slide down to decrease it. The left side is responsible for advancing a track by holding for 2 s, whereas the right one skips back a track. You can use the EarBuds in stereo or mono mode in both models – QCY T3 vs T5. When it comes to touch gestures, it’s easy to operate in both models – QCY T5 vs QCY T3.

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With Bluetooth 5.0, connectivity is great in both models-QCY T5 vs QCY T3. However, there is a lag in the audio while watching videos in QCY T3. Thankfully, QCY T5 TWS rectifies this problem by providing us with a game mode. There is a lower latency with the game mode, but it does consume more power, which could drain the battery life soon. You get a transmission range of 10 meters in QCY T3. The pairing process is simple in both the models – QCY T3 vs T5. All you have to do to connect them is pick them up from the case. Turning them off is simple as well, which is done by just placing them back in the case. QCY T5 has a benefit over QCY T3 with the game mode in the comparison of QCY T3 vs T5.

Advantage: QCY T5

Battery Life

In terms of battery life, QCY T5 TWS has a better battery life between QCY T5 vs QCY T3. Although there is a difference in the battery size of the EarBuds, you still get a similar music playback time in both models – QCY T3 vs QCY T5. There is a playback time of around 4- 5 hours in QCY T5, whereas, in QCY T3, you get 5 hours. QCY T5 has a 40 mAh battery, while QCY T3 has a 60 mAh battery. However, when we include the case, they both differ in battery life. The case of QCY T5 TWS comes with a 380 mAh battery. On the contrary, the QCY T3 case packs a 600 mAh battery, which can charge the EarBuds 4 times, giving you a total of 25 hours of playback time. You will get a standby time of 150 hours in QCY T3.

Advantage: QCY T3

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Verdict: QCY T5 vs QCY T3 TWS Earbuds

QCY T5 is our winner here in the comparison of QCY T5 vs QCY T3. All the complaints we had with QCY T3 have been resolved in the QCY T5 TWS. It doesn’t just fix the lag in audio while watching videos, but it also provides us with better sound quality and bass. What the QCY T3 has over the QCY T5 is, arguably, a better battery life, which is a massive deal-breaker for most of us.

Cut-to-chase the QCY T5 offers major improvement over the QCY T3 and stands tall in this comparison.

With an IPX5 rating, the EarBuds are convenient to use in both the models – QCY T3 vs T5. In terms of design, it comes down to your preference and of course, determining which one is a perfect fit for you. Only with a perfect fit, you’ll get a complete experience with the wireless earphones.

QCY T5 TWS Earbuds

Sale Price: $24.99 (Flash Sale)

QCY T3 TWS Earbuds

Sale Price: $26.99 (Flash Sale)

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