Buy ESTRELLA USB Flash Disk (64GB) For Just $7.99 (Coupon Deal)

The ESTRELLA USB Flash Disk is a portable flash memory storage device equipped with a USB interface. It has a capless design, durable metal casing, and a convenient ring for attachment to a keychain. The drive is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP, as well as Mac OS X v10.6.x or later and Linux v2.6.x or later. Lets you easily access and organize your stored files, versus passive storage that only permits you to store and retrieve data. Benefit from a built-in Photo Viewer, Web browser, single- and multi-player games, and a music player, as well.

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With its sleek design and durable metal casing, the ESTRELLA USB Flash Disk offers secure storage for your files. You’ll be able to reliably store photos, videos, music, and other personal files, so you can share them wherever you go. This drive makes it simple to store, back up or transport your most important files. A small hole in the drive’s metal casing lets you connect it to a key ring or lanyard, so you’ll always have it on hand.

The ESTRELLA USB Flash Disk offers up to 64GB storage capacity, making it easy to carry your most important files with you. Whether you want to transport and share high-resolution images, HD3 video or other large files, this drive can hold them all. The ESTRELLA USB Flash Disk moves your files fast. Spend less time waiting to transfer files and enjoy high-speed USB 2.0 performance of up to 15MB/s.

Choosing the right capacity very much depends on the type of file you want to store. Full HD3 videos, for instance, take up much more room than a simple snapshot. Music files vary in size depending on the format they’re saved in. To help you make the right selection, this matrix uses typical file sizes to illustrate how much each capacity is likely to store.

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Coupon Code: 3ZJILDBQ

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