Xiaomi Walkingpad A1 Foldable Fitness Walking Machine at sale price of $399.99 only


Are you planning to buy a treadmill or are you tired of finding places outside for working out? Then Xiaomi is having a perfect solution for your need Xiaomi A1 Foldable Fitness Walking Machine. It is a perfect match if you are a fitness freak. This machine is lightweight as the structure is made of lightweight aluminum which means it is easy to use and store. It has got multiple protection systems including child lock protection, overload protection, 10- minute automatic standby, and novice speed limit protection. This product is best suitable for doing exercise at home, office, garden, etc.


Walking machine panel adopts IML technology which adopts sandblasting texture cladding technology, and style is simple and full of technology sense. It is a remote-controlled device which allows hassle-free use of the machine. Moreover, the machine has got LED display under low light transmittance ABS Panel. When you are standing, the panel is neat and clean and the exercise data will be shown below.

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It is designed using lightweight aluminum alloy structure. The material used in the walking machine improves the stability, load-carrying capacity and service life of the machine. Moreover, the lightweight of the entire machine helps in easy moving and storing the machine. The thin platform design has a distance of 57mm between the walking platform and the ground. It is less ground difference avoids any type of accident and also reduce the noise generated during the movement.

Folding Design

The platform folding method offers ease of storing the walking machine. Now forget finding or booking a special corner for your exercise machine. This lightweight walking machine is foldable from its rear end to 180 degrees to half. So this machine occupies less space. It comes with two rollers at the bottom of the machine for making it easier to move.

Speed Modes

The Walking Machine has two kinds of movement modes. M mode is a fixed and remote operated and controlled mode. This most is suitable for beginners. The A-mode means automatic mode which automatically controls the speed through an adaptive speed control system. This advanced mode of operation is suitable for experienced athletes.

Furthermore, Xiaomi A1 Foldable Fitness Walking Machine platform is like a plastic runway. With a strong grip, comfort, and elasticity for comfortable walking.

Where to buy?

If you have an interest in owning this walking machine in your home. So, to buy on a discount click on the link below: –

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