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Xiaomi Move It Intelligent Fitness Set is a compact set of sports equipment for functional training with your own weight at home. The device is a joint development of MIJIA and Move It. The modular home exercise machine Move It Fitness Set, assembled, has a compact design, and when disassembled, it represents 4 separate modules for training. The simulator kit includes: a jump rope, stops for push-ups from the floor, a roller for stretching and pumping the press, as well as functional elastic bands for various exercises.

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The design of the Xiaomi Move It Intelligent Fitness Set was developed jointly with BMW Design Studio and renowned athlete George Hood. George Hood is known as the oldest athlete to set a record at almost 60 years old – he stood in the exercise “bar” for 5 hours 15 minutes and 15 seconds. The components of the simulator have a form in which when assembled, the device takes up a minimum of space so that it can be placed even in a small apartment. The total weight of the simulator is 3.5 kg.


Move It Fitness Set has several types of built-in sensors to get information about your workouts. Data can be tracked in real-time from your smartphone. Instead of equipping each simulator module with a set of sensors, the developers created interchangeable pens equipped with 7 different sensors. So, in the handles, there is a 6-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, capacitive touch sensor, pressure and tension sensor, infrared alignment and distance measurement sensor, as well as a radio module operating at 2.4 GHz. The simulator is synchronized with the application on the smartphone via Bluetooth and can display a graph of your progress, transmitting 41 types of data on movements and their intensity.

A smart charger is used to charge smartpens. The handles are equipped with a charging saving mechanism so that they can work for a long time without recharging. All this information is transferred to the Move It application, which supports the training team mode. This function allows you to program subprograms so that the client can execute them at home in a competitive mode. Such training turned into small competitions, allows you to not only visualize information in real-time but also significantly improve your training performance. In addition, the application displays the calories spent during training. The simulator comes with a special training program for the TV. It allows beginners to improve the technique of doing exercises with the help of a video trainer in the initial stages of training.

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