Tronsmart Force SoundPulse™ 40W Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker Review

One of the greatest pleasures that exist in life, is music, to be able to enjoy a great audio quality listening to what we like most, this achieves that we reach a high level of satisfaction. Many have been the devices that have sought perfection in regard to this section, and very few have achieved it since working with the sound tends to be problematic and, sometimes, expensive. Now, there is a pretty good alternative that not only combines great quality and little space, but it is also the Force SoundPulse™ 40W Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker from Tronsmart (experts in the manufacture of audio gadgets). This is a speaker that not only stands out for its particular design, it also has a high resistance to both shocks and depths; And of course, an impressive high and low quality.

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As we can read, this is a portable speaker that can be used wirelessly thanks to its Bluetooth 5.0 function (one of the most advanced connections we can find today), through its port for microSDs or through its wired function thanks to its port jack 3.5 mm. Its battery lasts an average of 15 hours of playback, always depending on the volume level and the type of music we are listening to, requiring up to 3 hours to fully charge it.

In total, we have 40 W of maximum power, distributed in two speakers with three equalization levels. The pack is completed by a protection for IPX7 water , which will allow us to have it submerged up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes, voice assistant since it has a microphone with which to answer calls and make requests and True Wireless Stereo technology, which allows us to connect two speakers of the same type for stereo sound.


Tronsmart Force SoundPulse 40W Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker offers us a fairly simple and effective packaging, fitting in one hand. The main color of the box is white, on whose front we can see an image of the speaker while, on the back, we have another image of the device, this time accompanied by the technical information of the device. Once we open the box we see that everything is perfectly stored, with a plastic bag to protect the speaker from dust and foam on the sides to avoid deterioration during transport where they can suffer blows.

Once we have everything on the table, its operation is very simple, like all wireless speakers of this type, pairing and starting to enjoy. As for what is included in the box we can see that it comes with a user manual, a 3.5 mm jack cable. to be able to use it in a wired way, and a USB Type-C for recharging.

As we can see in the images, the Tronsmart Force SoundPulse™ 40W Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker does not stand out too much and is that it is designed to be discreet and effective, with black as the main and almost unique color. In its upper part, we find the necessary buttons to be able to use it, although we must recognize that if we do not have a good light on them sometimes it is a bit difficult for us to read them since they are black, on a black background and without too much relief. In its lower part, we find four small sticker legs that give it a little more stability and grip, so that it is not easy to slip and fall.

In its back we find everything you need to use it as you want, being able to use its wired function thanks to the 3.5 mm Jack. (cable included), or to the microSD card slot, with which we can ask the speaker itself to be in charge of playing the music we have recorded. Here we also find the USB Type-C to be able to charge it and enjoy it as much as possible, needing up to 3 hours to charge it and lasting up to 15 hours (depending on the volume and type of music heard).

Sound Quality

Tronsmart Force SoundPulse 40W Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker Equipped with two 53 mm passive drivers, the speaker reaches a total power of 40 W within a frequency range 80Hz-18KHz. It’s sound impact is such that it can reach up to 100 dB, you better test it in open spaces. It is compatible with the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) interconnection, which allows two Force speakers to be paired to play music simultaneously providing a stereo surround experience.

This model is equipped with SoundPulse technology. A solution to counteract harmonic distortion and with an improved bass effect. As indicated, the Element Force has an equalizer that activates 3 operating modes: Standard, Extra Bass and 3D audio. The bass boost mode provides greater sound depth, while 3D audio offers a well-balanced surround effect.

Tronsmart Force SoundPulse still saves another feature and is the voice assistant. Thanks to the built-in microphone we can communicate with the voice assistant corresponding to the operating system of the linked device. It also allows you to answer phone calls with its hands-free function.



Inside the Tronsmart Force SoundPulse, there is room for a large 6,600 mAh battery. As expected, its autonomy can be triggered until 15 hours of music reproduction. A figure that will always depend on the type of connection and volume level. In our tests, we have reached about 13.5 hours per BT connection. Charging time slightly exceeds 3 hours. In addition, it incorporates a USB-C connector that improves performance and avoids the typical nuisance of orientation.


In conclusion, we are facing a speaker designed to leave home with its IPX7 waterproof certification. Its robust construction makes this model a versatile product. Its connection section is very complete by incorporating an NFC chip and MicroSD card slot. And most importantly, Tronsmart Force SoundPulse sounds great given its physical characteristics and low selling price. The only serious inconvenience is the weight, something that future buyers will have to value.

  • Robust construction with rubber protection (IPX7)
  • Equalizers with bass boost and surround sound
  • TWS compatible
  • The autonomy of up to 15 hours
  • Built-in microphone
  • Extensive connectivity with NFC
  • Quality-price ratio
  • The controls are not completely polished
  • Size and weight may be inconvenient for some users.

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