Black Friday deals 2019: all the dates and predictions you need

Black Friday, a festival which is the best festival to get the best deals. This year the black Friday deals are beginning at the end of the November. If you are one who is unaware of the Black Friday 2019 dates, then you are at the right place to get all the details of the dates and the deals of the day.

The black Friday 2019 is going to be a bit later this year but the Thanksgiving Day is going to begin earlier than first. As compared to the past, people are now shopping more on the internet. To get the best price and better deals you will need a clear guide on which deals you need to check. And how to get the best bargain yet, so all you need to do is bookmark this page as we are going to be rounding up all the great options for you.

Many online stores have already started the sales and deals. Also, our Black Friday prediction list is starting to coalesce already. It is the rumor that the best deals will be on the 4K TV, or it might be the 4k laser projectors which might be on the best purchased items.

We have not even checked the best price which will be out for the smartwatches that are released by Xiaomi. The smartwatches like the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR, amazfit GTS, or the Amazfit verge 2 that are best sold watches of this year are expected to drop the price on this black Friday.

When is Black Friday 2019?

The Black Friday is the Friday which comes next to the Thanksgiving Day. This is the time when the retailers begin the holiday shopping season. The festival is based on the aforementioned “doorbuster”, the discounts are so great that the bargain customers will even try to break down the doors before the sale begins.

The date of the Black Friday changes Every day. But it is always after the Thanksgiving Day. This year the official Black Friday is on 29th November. So means the customers will get the great offers next month, and best of this Black Friday 2019, is that it is too close to the Christmas. So you will even get more discounts till the new year.

Black friday 2019 Gearbest

Black Friday Deal; when you can check and buy the lowest price products?

Gearbest, and Banggood are the most favorite online stores on the black Friday. And both the stores try to stretch the saving across the multiple days. So, for that four-day event, these stores start revealing the price of the product in the last week on October, so that you get ready for the big day.

In all, you can trust us that we will monitor the black Friday sales hard, and will try to provide you all the information that will be useful for the customers.

When will be the Black Friday 2019 Deals on air?

If you are a frequent user or a surfer of internet and usually buy the products online, you must have noticed that the discounts on the products changes every month. There are several websites which offer the great price on new products. From all the websites, Gearbest and the Banggood are the mostly used websites. These online stores provide the best price and the coupons for the customers. And now before the Black Friday, we will provide you with the best price on many products. We again recommend you to bookmark this page, so that you come back at the time and avail the best offers. In this article we have provide you all the best products that will be sold most and will available at high cost.


The new Projector from Xiaomi, Wemax A300, the projector with 9000 lumens brightness will be on the great sale on this Black Friday 2019. There is no doubt, as the product is already on the sale. The Xiaomi Wemax A300 was launched this year and went on the sale just after the launch. The customers got great benefits buying the product for even $2399.99. And on this Black Friday, it is expected that the projector will be available at the lowest price ever since the launch. The projector will be 7-month-old on this Black Friday, and it is still on the di discount of $300 on Gearbest.

Wemax one pro

Another projector that will be mostly checked by the customers will be Xiaomi Wemax One pro. The Xiaomi projector with 7000 lumens brightness.  After the launch of the projector last year, the projector is one of the mostly bought projector since the launch. About thousand of projectors were sold and still the product is the hot one. This projector is also expected to go on more sale on this Black Friday 2019. The expected price will be $1399. Now also, you can buy the Xiaomi Wemax One pro on gearbest at just $1699.

Mi 4k laser Projector

4k projectors have changed the game of viewing the movies and series at the home and doing the office work. Now after the launch of these 4k projectors, it has made easy to view the picture. In this 4k projector race, Xiaomi has also come ahead and the 4k projector was launched in the start of this year. If you are looking to buy the 4k projector for your office or your home, now is the best time to get one. Black Friday 2019 is going to bring the best price discount on this product.


Smartphones have changed the lives of people how they live. The great camera quality of the phones these days are amazing. The smartphones from Xiaomi which are capable to compete with the great iphones and Samsung smartphones which cost about $2000. The Redmi note 8 and Redmi note 8 Pro, the smartphone with quad camera are great smartphones and in race to compete with Samsung S10. The Redmi Note 8 will be available at the best price on this Black Friday 2019.

The expected price is $179.99. So, stay tuned for the updates. And if you are in required of 64MP camera or 64MP dual camera then, you must go with the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. The phone brings the latest processor and great camera quality as compared to the Apple and Samsung. The price of the phone is expected to drop down by $300 on this eve.

Wireless earphones:

The apple airpods are the first product in the market which has changed the world of listening and answering to the calls. But it is obvious that the apple is as always, the expensive company and the apple airpods cost around $150. But the middle-class people don’t like to spend too much on these things. So Xiaomi again has come up with the best products for people like us.

The Xiaomi airdots 1 and Xiaomi airdots 2 pro are the airpod clones. And also gives the more features as compared to the apple airpods. The mi airdots will bring the noise cancellation for you and the great battery backup. Along with these the i200 tws and i2000 tws are also the cheapest and the mostly bought airdots this year. And now this is the Black Friday 2019 eve and the price of all these products are going to be very less. It is expected the price of all the products will decrease by $10 and you can easily buy one airdots for just $20-$50.

Will Black Friday 2019 be different this year?

The black Friday 2019, will continue the last year’s trend of not just offering the great discounts. But also offering the great discounts on the products that you would like to buy. There is the great competition in the great online stores like Gearbest, Banggood and Geekbuying. So, all in all this is the good sign for the customers heading into the Black Friday 2019.

Specifically, we are expecting to see the big-ticket items like 4k tv projectors like wemax A300 and Xiaomi 4k laser projector to go on great sale. Also Xiaomi to offer cheap Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE Drone which was a big hit last year.

New products like Xiaomi airdots 2 pro may see the older model on sale for the better price. While the laptops and the tablets should be at the lowest price levels in 2019.

After the launch of 360 S7 vacuum cleaner in August, company will bring the lowest price of the vacuum cleaners. Also, along with this the Roborock and Xiaomi will try to compete with other brands so that they attract customers for their vacuum cleaners.

Black friday 2019 Banggood

Xiaomi Today’s Black Friday Predictions:

The sales period has fallen into a rhythm, so here are some Black Friday predictions that we fee are safe bets:

Here at Xiaomi Today, we have spent hours and hours to get through the best sales on every major product. Last year we notice the major trend of buying the things online, and this trend is going influence this year’s discount.

Wireless earphones are going to be big winners, with the Xiaomi airdots, Also i200 tws will be emerging to the top.

As mobile companies were offering hundred dollars off last year on various smartphones like Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, Redmi note 6 and note 6 pro. So, now the latest Xiaomi smartphones will again receive a great discount on this Black Friday 2019.

We’re not expecting the Black Friday to slow down in any way this year, with retailers extending their deals even further than before to entice the buying public.

We have really put our efforts to get you all the information related to the Black Friday 2019. Xiaomi Today will be one place for you to keep an eye on to get the first update on all brands products.

(Bookmark this page and it’ll be populated with all the best Black Friday deals come November – you won’t even need to search it out!)

Where you will find the best Black Friday Deals?

As we have mentioned above, after the hours and hours of the research for hundreds of products we always try to find the best deal and coupons to get you the best price for the product you like. And from the beginning of November, we will start bringing you the best of them.

How to check the best deals for you on Black Friday 2019:

There are many websites and stores which up their prices in August to October so that they can give the best discount on this big eve. So, don’t fool yourself and get confused.

The products such as projectors and Laptops see the major drop in this time and these websites simply fool us. You must remember that you check all the features of the product and price of the product.

In all, we make it easy for you so that you don’t get fooled by any such website. Here we will provide you all the best price on the products. The best price on internet, as always we have helped our customers from last few years.

So, in last again to get the great discounts on your favorite products, do bookmark this page and comeback to check the best deals.

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