XGIMI Z8X DLP 4K Projector is now available for $985.95

The Z series from the Chinese player XGIMI is quite popular, especially among the youngsters. Its sleek and ergonomic design woo them to cast their imaginaries on the wall through this special device. In addition, the company adds another projection device named XGIMI Z8X 4K DLP projector in this series.

The XGIMI Z8X DLP projector has revolutionized the Z series and offering major upgradations for future customers. Further, it comes with 1200 ANSI lumens brightness and takes innovative colour breakthrough to design the personality.

Xgimi Z8X

As per the spec-sheet, the Z8X DLP projector carries 1920×1080 pixels of standard resolution, DLP picture quality, LED projection light, Mstar 6A848 processor, 16:9 projection ratio, 30-300 inches display size and lots of other useful features in the pack.

Features and Specifications XGIMI Z8X

Design and Build

At first glance, the XGIMI Z8X DLP projector looks gorgeous with an outstanding compact design. The ink-coloured metal body unveils different shades under light effects and a circle of the golden pen around the lens.

Moreover, the projector also ensures unique gold and ink design crafted by the design team on a plateau four kilometers above sea level.

XGIMI Z8X Display

This is essential to consider what the Z8X projector is able to portrait on the wall. Creating a full HD resolution display with nanoscale gold ring lens is the ultimate goal of the device.

Furthermore, the projection product provides 1200 ANSI lumens of brightness and 1920x1080p of screen resolution and LED light source. The DLP technology work well with 4K physical resolution, 2D and 3D picture quality.

Xgimi Z8X

In the same way, you will get 30-300 inches of screen size, 1000:1 contrast, 16:9 projection ratio, automatic focus and manual keystone correction.

Other Technical Aspects

Additionally, the XGIMI Z8X DLP projector binds up multiple core techniques to electrify the movie experience at home. It uses X-VUE image quality engine and the new GMUI 3.6 to manage the things effectively.

The projector installs the Mstar 6A848 processor to make sure the smooth functionality over all the circumstances. Further, the four-way picture correction, full-screen autofocus, HDR10 decoding, and global MEMC appear on the flagship projector.

The XGIMI Z8X uses the new XGIMI AI technology to receive the orders in voice format. Similarly, the content is richer with 20,000 of 4K content, 600,000 K songs, and over 300 knowledge courses.

The projector also features 2 GB and 16 GB memory spaces and 98% illuminance uniformity.

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